Almost caught out

By xHollster

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I was home alone and bored, so I turned on my laptop. I went on to Lush, to read a few stories to get me in the mood but the battery was low and I had left the charger up stairs. Running up the stairs and I went into my bedroom. I soon realized that I would have to come up here soon anyway, so I sat on the bed and started reading. I went on my favorite section; Lesbian. I came across a story that took my interest and read. It wasn't long before I my hand found its way in my jeans.

Taking off the belt, I unbuttoned and let them fall. I left my thong on; my favorite red one.

Laying on the bed, I continued to read and rub my pussy sending tingles of pleasure through my body, but it wasn't enough. I got up and open my bottom draw and pulled out my vibrator, it was small but powerful.

Climbing back on the bed, I turned on the vibrator on. I glided it over my clit and circled it. My moans of pleasure echoed in the empty house. I forgot about the story and closed my eyes and fantasied.

I took my thong off, and placed it at the side of me, and continued. I could feel the pleasure building, but yet it wasn't enough! I got up and searched my bottom draw; the place where I keep all my toys. Something caught my eye, and made me wet just looking at it. It was a bright pink dildo about 8 inches long. I picked it up and made my way to my bed.

I removed the quilt and sat down I continued with the vibrator and turned the power up. This drove me crazy. I began to suck on the dildo, then placed it at the entrance on my pussy. I teased myself as I put about 1 inch of it in then I took it back out and sucked on it. I liked the taste of my own pussy juice.

I couldn't take it no more and thrusted all 8 inches in. I arched my back in pleasure, then began to slowly fuck myself with it. I placed the vibrator over my clit and switched it on; this made me fuck myself even harder and faster. I put my thong in my mouth to muffle my loud moans on pleasure.

I took it out and sucked it again before thrusting it back it every time I did that it was press against my G-spot and made me scream.

I was doing this for a good ten minutes, thinking I had plenty of time I was complete relaxed and in pure ecstasy. My orgasm was now building faster. I could feel that it was going to be my strongest one yet. I thrusted the dildo in faster.

I heard a sound, the sound of a door unlocking, Shit! they're home. I tried to stop but I couldn't; the pleasure was just too good. Thrusting faster, my back arched and my orgasm ripped through me. I pulled the dildo out and squirted all over the bed. I screamed in pure delight, my legs began to shake and I collapsed.

I turned the vibrator off, and laid there for a few seconds, unable to move from that powerful orgasm. Hearing footsteps coming up the stairs, I forced myself up. I shoved my toys in the draw, and put the thong under the bed and quickly shoved some shorts on. Just as I slipped them over my ass, the door open. I pulled the quilt over the massive wet patch.

''Hey Holly darling, are you okay?''

''Yes mum, why wouldn't I be?''

''Oh, it's just I heard screaming.''

''Probably the kids outside.''

''Yeah,'' and with that word she left.

I collapsed on the floor to try and regain myself. My legs felt like jelly and my pussy was still tingling. ''Thank god,'' I thought to myself. Soon I began chuckling to myself. I nearly got caught.

This was a true experience, and it gave me such a frill that I nearly got caught, thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed! ;)