Amber: My Shameful Fantasy

By AbigailThornton

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Starting the day with a filthy fantasy.
“I’ve got a present for you.” Amber’s eyes were sparkling with mischief. My heart was racing as she stood close enough for me to… “Hold out your hand.” I did as I was told; obeying her command made my cock bulge.

Amber’s balled hand opened over mine and something dropped onto my palm. Only as her hand retreated could I see what she’d left behind.

They were silk and black with gold-stitched detailing. “I’ve worn them,” she said. “For you.” I looked at the material anew… to know that what I was touching had once been in contact with Amber’s pussy. “I know what you’re going to do with them.”

“And you don’t mind?”

Amber smiled naughtily. “I want to watch.”

My eyes locked on hers as I thumbed the soft material, twisting it inside-out. I moved the knickers to my nose and breathed deeply, inhaling the sweet musk that lingered in the fabric of the crotch. I’d never felt so close to her; her scent inside me: filling my nostrils, my lungs.

My hand wrapped around my cock; it was achingly hard. Stroking, tugging my foreskin back and forth; keeping to a steady pace. Her eyes were on it, watching me masturbate. I worked my cock harder, my balls bouncing as I experienced the first cramp of sexual joy. I slowed the pace, let the heat subside and then went again. The pleasure built quickly to a new sexual high. I held my breath to further intensify the sensations and teased myself right to the very edge of orgasm, and stopped. My confused shaft pulsed but the stimulation was gone and the pleasure was forced to subside. Again, I quickened the pace.

“Taste them.” My breath caught; she understood my need perfectly. Holding them to my mouth, I touched my tongue to the very center of the material. The overriding taste was one of salt and I delighted in knowing that they were Amber’s most intimate flavors…sex juices, sweat, maybe even urine. “Come-on, you can do better than that.” Amber touched her fingers to the black silk and pushed, forcing them into my mouth.

I lay there with my eyes closed, stroking my cock to the picture of Amber standing in front of me, looking quizzical as I took her used underwear fully into my mouth. “You like them dirty?” I nodded. “You like the taste of my pussy?” I nodded more vigorously. Amber giggled. “You’re a little panty pervert.” I sighed - she knew my secret: my panty fetish. My hand moved faster. Her thumb pressed on my chin, closing my mouth with her used panties inside. “My little panty pervert.”

My orgasm exploded. Wave after dizzying wave of pleasure. Spunk erupted; the wet heat trapped by the silky material of the knickers wrapped around my cock. I could feel it escaping, oozing down the shaft, pooling messily in my pubic hair. The release was tremendous, the dirtiness of the fantasy combining perfectly with the guilt. Thank God Amber didn’t know what went on inside my head. Perhaps I should tell her. I laughed at the notion.

Drawing my knees up to protect the bed-sheets from the mess I had created, I looked across at the alarm clock. It was almost time - almost time to prepare for another day; another set of precious moments with Amber: my panty-princess, my sexy schoolgirl, my obsession.