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An afternoon playing

Girlfriend spendings an afternoon playing for boyfriend....
When my husband I were dating, he lived about two hours away. We only saw each other on the weekends. One weekend my roommate and her boyfriend were going to visit her parents. Her boyfriend was picking her up from work and they were leaving straight from work.I was only working half a day and then driving to see my boyfriend. At work that morning my boyfriend called and told me something came up and heneeded to come help his parents that Saturday afternoon. Instead of me driving up to see him, he would just drive down later that night.

I went straight home after work and had just walked in the door when my boyfriend called. He was at his apartment eating lunch and started talking about how he was going to miss having his way with me at five when he got off worked. We talked a little about sex but he had to go back to work. He made me promise to do something for him that afternoon. He then asked me where I was at in my apartment. I explained to him that I was sitting on my couch. He asked me to sit in the same spot and play with myself. Then he wanted me to find three things in my apartment to include in my playing.I laughed and told him I would, but honestly didn't see myself doing that.

After I got off the phone I was doing some things around my apartment when I started thinking about my boyfriend's request. My first thought had been to just say I had played, but the more I thought about it I knew he would be asking a lot of questions and wanting details. I decided to grab a beer, turned on some music and went back to my spot on the couch. I unfastened myjeans and slowly slid up my shirt. Starting slowly I was just squeezing my breast while my other hand slide in between my jeans and panties.I was thinking about how turned onmy boyfriend would be if he was sitting in the chair watching. I closed my eyes while sliding my hand underneath my panties feeling how wet I had become. Slowly starting rubbing my clit and sliding my fingers down my wet lips and back to my clit. Occasionally sliding a finger or two inside me. I moved up and started rubbing on my clit as I was pinching my nipples with my other hand. It didn’t take long before I started cumming. My body begun to shake as I had to fight from screaming out as my finger kept the pressure on m clit. Afterwards I was surprised how hard I came and how wet I was just thinking about my boyfriend watching me.

After a few minutes I got up and started searching the apartment for "toys" to play with. I ended up with a beer bottle, hairbrush with a long handle and this travel container of lotion my roommate had. The lotion bottle was about 5 to 6 inches long and a little thicker than a quarter. I went back to the couch and stripped. I started with the beer bottle but was only able to get the neck of the bottle in me. I switched to the hair brush handle. I slide it in with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other. I finally switched to the lotion bottle which took a little work to get in but felt so GREAT once it was in me. It didn't take long before I was really into sliding the lotion bottle in and out while rubbing my clit. Before I knew it I was cumming. I have to admit that up until that point that may be the hardest I have ever came. It was at that point that I realized someone was standing right in front of me rubbing himself. In one motion I was trying to get the lotion bottle out, still cumming, screaming and trying to run to my room. A few minutes later there was knocked on my bedroom door. It seems my roommate had asked him to stop by to fix a few things since we were both going to be out of the apartment for the afternoon. Later that night when my boyfriend asked about my afternoon I told him about what happened. I couldn't believe how turned on he was and how he was all over me. His favorite part was how when I finally did come out of my room I found the lotion bottle off the floor and on the coffee table beside the beer bottle and hair brush. Have to long was he standing there?

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