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An Afternoon's Delight

He’d told me to make myself at home while he was away, and so I had, at first content to pick through his library and then his music collection. Both were an unexpected pleasure. He was quite well read, and on a wide variety of subjects and genres. What had caught my eye, however, was the shelf devoted to erotic literature and photography. I’d browsed through the titles, my brows raised with interest at some of the subjects. His tastes in smut were as varied as the rest of his library. I’d become engrossed in a book of tastefully photographed women tied in rather lurid positions. By the time he’d called, I’d become embarrassingly aroused.

“Keeping yourself entertained?” He’d asked, when I answered my phone.

“Yes.” I’d answered with a girlish giggle, the sight of a willowy blonde woman kneeling, her hands tied above her head, a velvet blindfold covering her eyes fresh in my mind. That could be me was what I’d been thinking just moments ago, vaguely aware that I’d been absently teasing the metal button of my jeans the entire time.

“Good. I’ll be home as soon as I can. In the meantime, enjoy yourself, Kitten.” He sounded amused and I couldn’t help but wonder if he’d guessed at how I’d been keeping myself busy.

I’d taken his words to heart, picking out a handful of mixed discs from his cd collection, and loading his cd player. Like me, he seemed to have a fondness for trance; Sasha and Digweed, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Sandra Collins… I put on enough music to last through the evening and into the night, and then, piling up a small stack of reading material on the coffee table, made myself right at home.

At first, I’d been content to look through the photo books. Sitting back on the love seat, my legs curled up under me, the music pulsing from the speakers to either side of me, I’d leafed through photos of women tied to in every imaginable way. Despite the fact that bondage had never been a particular kink of mine, I found it fascinating, as well as arousing. By the time I was half way through, I’d felt the warmth of arousal spreading slowly through my limbs and seeping into my breasts and loins.

Putting the book aside I’d pushed myself lazily off the cushions, taking a moment to stretch my legs and dance around the living room for a while to the hypnotic waves of sound filling the room. Taking Jacob’s words to heart, I’d done what I what I would have if I’d been in my own house; stripped off all my clothes and, dressed only in sheer pink bikini panties and matching bra, turned up the music and let myself go. For close to an hour I moved like liquid through the room, lost in my own little world, my thoughts turning to temptation as the ecstasy pills hidden away in my purse began to weave their siren’s song into the shimmering music with a call too powerful to resist. Before I could change my mind, I dug out a single pill and washed it down with a glass of tap water.

By the time I’d settled back down on the seat, my skin was aglow, my belly full of anticipation as one of the heart stamped pills slowly dissolved within it, my breasts rising and falling dramatically, each breath bringing me closer and closer to nirvana. Draping myself on the love seat, head propped upon a star-shaped pillow at one end, legs spread wide, one foot on the cushions, one on the floor, I’d chosen a new book of photos; photos of young women about my age masturbating. I’d become engrossed, lost in each photo, aware of the wet warmth spreading through the material of my sheer panties and the swollen points of my nipples pushing through my flimsy bra. That was how he discovered me, the sofa directly opposite the front door so that he could drink in the sight of me, my fingers just inside my waist band, my legs spread wide, my pussy dripping wet…

“Hello, Kitten.”

I froze, doing my best to focus on his face, ecstasy creeping slowly through me, the timing imperfectly perfect. I could feel a goofy smile spreading across my face as I did searched for something appropriate to say, wondering if I should be embarrassed at being caught almost naked and obviously playing with myself.

“You told me to enjoy myself...”

“Indeed, I did.”

His sensuous baritone sent shivers up and down my spine. I watched as he stepped into the room, leaving the door wide open behind him. God, he was beautiful in that rugged way that very few men could attain. A strong chin, his jaws shadowed with most of a day’s growth of beard. His shoulder length locks were dark, his eyes, beneath even amused brows, darker still. He moved with a confident grace, loosening his tie before setting down his laptop case. Once again, I found myself impressed at how he could look so dignified in a suit coat and button up shirt while wearing jeans and cowboy boots.

“The door…”

I motioned towards him, embarrassment paired with arousal heating my cheeks.

“We’ll leave it open for now, Kitten, so you can enjoy the breeze. It’s a lovely day.”

“Someone might...”

I was finding it hard to form full sentences, let alone thoughts, as my drug induced high began to take hold, nor did it help that his eyes, now that I could see them clearly, were glittering with a hungry desire.

“Yes, someone might. Don’t let that stop you.”

I nodded, hearing a hint of command in his voice, one that sent thrills through me. Taking a deep breath, I watched him as he watched me, slowly letting the music take me away again, the book slipping from my hands to fall to the thick carpeting with a muffled thump, open to a color photo of a woman with bright red hair and cherry red lips, her cunt filled with a translucent purple cock, her mouth shaped in a perfect O as she neared climax.

“How many orgasms have you had today?”

I shook my head, licking my lips slowly as I inched my hand inside of my panties, stroking the light gold of my pubes like I would a napping cat.



He sounded pleased. His lips curved up wickedly as he shrugged out of his coat, hanging it on the coat rack in the entry way, never once taking his eyes from me. I could feel it now, the intense warmth of the drug taking over me, filling me full of what I can only describe as liquid desire as the tip of my finger brushed against the golden barbell that pierced my hood, sending the lightest tremor through my clit like a promise. I sighed softly, relaxing, the worries of a moment ago, that someone might see me through the open door slipping away, almost forgotten. I was too high to care about anything but my own pleasure.

“Take your time. I want to watch.”

Rolling his shoulders, he moved closer, unbuttoning the top two buttons of his clean white shirt. I couldn’t help but admire his strong, slender fingers ending in carefully cut nails. Nor could I help imagining them inside the waist band of my panties, giving my piercing a playful flick. This time, I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a soft moan, one that seemed to carry on forever and became one with the trance music that filled the living room.

I turned, just enough so that he could see my better as I continued to play with myself, returning his smile as he pulled up a chair, settling in it, content to enjoy my show. I could see the bulge in his jeans as his cock strained against the denim.

“I want you in me.” I moaned, feeling the pulse of my heart beneath my fingers as I caressed my swollen clit.

“Perhaps later. For now, I’d rather just watch.”

He sounded amused. I nodded, returning his smile, my hand moving slowly beneath the sheer material of my panties, my fingers carefully parting my engorged lips, moisture clinging to my fingertips. I felt my self slipping away, consumed by the sensual pleasure of my own touch as I began caressing my nipple through my bra, my sighs of pleasure too soft to be heard over the thump of bass and drum.

“Have you ever let anyone watch you before, Kitten?”

“No. Never.” I answered, truthfully.

“How does it make you feel?”

“Mmm… good. So sexy.”

“Take them off.”

Smiling, watching him through my lashes, my lids slitted windows, I raised my hips and hooked my thumbs into my waistband so that I could wiggle my way out of my panties, exposing myself to him. With them wrapped around my right ankle, I spread my legs a little wider, opening myself to him, my fingers resuming their journey, teasing my inner folds open, tips disappearing inside of my slick cunt. Arching my back, I continued to tease my nipple, rolling it between my thumb and forefinger, my body undulating with pleasure.

“I am so high…”

He laughed at that, and I smiled in return, gulping down air as I curved my fingers inside of my tight, squishy cunt, sliding them in and out as he watched, trembling as the cool breeze from the still open door kissed my overheated skin.

“I’m going to cum soon…” I gasped, a tremor building deep inside of me, spreading through my core, my belly, my tits. I felt like a time bomb counting down towards an inevitable explosion of pure pleasure.

“Not yet, Kitten. Not until I tell you to.”

Groaning with frustration, gripping my lower lip between my teeth, I nodded, our gazes locked together, my eyes starting to roll back in my head, orgasmic waves threatening to carry me away.

“Nooo… please…”

“Do as I say.” There was an edge to his voice. It sent a thrill through me making it harder to hold on. All I could think about was cumming. To be denied like this was torturous.

“Fuck me!” I begged, pumping my hips towards him, impaling my fingers deep inside of me, my body undulating in waves as I finger fucked myself, each thrust jarring my metal piecing, igniting my throbbing clit with pleasure so intense I thought my heart my stop as I panted and moaned my way closer and closer towards the point of no return.

“Maybe later. If you please me. Or I might just let you suck my cock until I cum all over you. Which would you prefer?”

I felt a blossom of fire deep within me, one that I had to fight hard to push down.

“Oh, God…” I cried out, my body growing rigid as I fought the waves of pleasure that threatened to drown me.

“How bad do you want it, my slutty little kitten?”

“Bad.” I managed, writing and squirming on the couch, my cunt grasping at my fingers.

He rose than, and undid his jeans, his erect cock springing free. It was so beautiful, bouncing gently, swollen thick with lust, its mushroom shaped head glistening with precum.

“Keep yourself on edge, Kitten. I’ll tell you when.”

He began stroking himself, moving closer until the tip was inches away from my lips. I ran my tongue over them, wetting them, an obvious invitation, if he so chose to take it. I was hypnotized, the drugs, the music, my sexual frenzy all centered upon my cunt. I could feel steam pouring from it as I fucked myself for his pleasure, pulling and twisting my nipples, until I couldn’t stand it anymore, growing desperate, my moans drowning out the music as I felt myself peaking.

“I can’t!” I cried out, spasms rippling through me, my entire body lifting off the couch, my spine curving until I felt like I would break in half.

“Not. Until. I. do.”

He punctuated each word with a savage pull of his cock, gritting his teeth with fierce concentration, his hips thrusting outwards until it was close enough for me to clean the slick fluid from it with the tip of my tongue. I almost burst out in tears, fighting the need, knowing I would lose the battle, his cock filling my vision as he pumped savagely, slender fingers wrapped around it as it swelled impossibly huge, twitching in his grasp, its head turning purple read, another liquid pearl replacing the one I’d feasted upon.

“Oh, God.”

This time, it was him, not me, moaning the words. I watched in slow motion as he erupted, spewing ribbons of hot cum on me, splashing against my throat, dripping off my cheeks, seeping between my parted lips, unleashing a second load, this time on my chests, coating my hand and my still covered tits with hot, slick fluids. Unable to stop myself, I twisted my fingers inside of my overheated cunt, seeking out my g-spot. Moments later, I exploded with pleasure so intense I thought I might pass out, my orgasm spreading through my limbs, into the tips of my fingers and toes, the music matching my pulse, my clit, my nipples, throbbing in time to the beat of the bass, my ecstasy induced high doubling, tripling as I passed into another realm, leaving my thoughts behind, overcome by the fiercest climax I’d ever experience, my last memory, before being consumed by an endless orgasm, the sight of a pair of strangers watching from the open doorway….

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