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An Etiquette Lesson, Chapter 1 [Rachel]

This chapter is told from Rachel's pov. Different chapters will follow different characters.
Rachel came home from school, tossed her bag on the counter, rushed upstairs to her room and slammed the door. She pushed the lock button on the handle, but it kept popping out. She didn't have time for this. When it stuck in a little she thought to herself "oh, good enough," and then flopped down on the bed. She had work to do. Rachel pulled off her tight skinny jeans, and pulled down her plain black panties. She lamented that these were the sexiest things her mother would let her buy. Rachel frequently referred to her mother as "the dinosaur," for although she was only 36, she had a sense of decency that would have felt right at home in old Salem. Her mother had had a very strict, authoritarian father, and was a devout Catholic, she would never have her daughter expressing her sexuality in any way. In fact, the skinny jeans that were now lying crumpled on the floor had gotten quite a lot of criticism from her, but her father had let them go. 

But none of this mattered to Rachel now. She was horny as hell and had to do something about it. So she reached down to her pussy and started rubbing furiously at her clit. She was already soaking wet, and getting wetter every minute. She closed her eyes, reaching into her deepest fantasies. As she relaxed and grew satisfied, she started to rub more slowly, rhythmically sliding her fingers around her clit, teasing it and caressing it. Then she felt the twitch of her pubic hair and grew angry. How she wished to shave it, but she knew if her mother even got a hint that she was, she'd be grounded for a month.

As her angry thoughts of her mother rose in her mind she redoubled her efforts. She began to rub aggressively, and thrust her fingers into her cunt. She began to bang herself, almost rape herself, venting all her anger on her poor, sensitive pussy. She grabbed a tissue and wiped away her natural lube, chafing at her clit, punishing it. The mix of pain and pleasure almost put her over the edge. 

Then she heard the front door open.

"Rachel!" She heard her mother's voice call out from the front door. 

"Shit!" she thought to herself. She looked down at her pussy, her bush was already sopping with juices again, she had to finish. Her jet black pubes matched her hair, dark and wavy. She hated her hairy monster, her secret pleasure that needed to be satisfied, that needed to be touched.

"I'll be there in a minute!" she called down. Then she turned again to her vagina. She stuck her finger in her mouth, making sure it was coated in protective lube, before she reached down again. She had to work fast. Sticking her juicy finger under her clitty hood, she worked her little pleasure button directly, barely daring to touch it, as uncontrollable waves of pleasure washed over her.

"Rachel! Come help me with the groceries!"

"Coming, mother!"

Rachel was indeed coming. Images of her mother waiting downstairs with the groceries, with her soft face and hard stare, mingled with the images of athletes and actors and the boys in chem class that she'd been dreaming of earlier, and she felt even more aroused. Her finger slipped and pressed down harder on her clit and she let out a gasp, and it was followed by a moan, and that was followed by a louder moan, until she was screaming "OH YES! OH YES!" at the top of her lungs on her bed. 

And then her mother came in.

And she was furious.

"OH SHIT!" Rachel said out loud, not knowing what she was thinking, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?"

Her mother stood, aghast and livid in the doorway. 

"RACHEL HATHAWAY, HOW DARE YOU TALK TO YOUR MOTHER THAT WAY!" Her mother slapped her across the cheek. "You are 16 years old, you are much too young to do those things to your...your lady parts! In fact, you should never do those things to your lady parts, ever! This...this disgusting behavior and this hideous language are completely out of hand. It's obvious what I have to do. DOWNSTAIRS, now!"

As they hurried down the stairs her mother was still ranting under her breath. She strode over to the refrigerator and pulled off a battered brochure.

"You know what THIS is, right?" She said, brandishing it like a weapon. 

Rachel almost rolled her eyes. She knew, all right. Christine Bradshaw's Etiquette Academy for Young Girls. 4 hours a day of tea ceremonies, handshakes, and how do you dos. The ultimate boredom, the ultimate punishment. Rachel had never been sent there before, but then again, Rachel had never been caught doing something this bad.

The next day Rachel found herself in the front seat of her mother's car. Her mother was sitting beside her, staring straight ahead, not looking at her daughter once. Rachel was miserable. She couldn't believe she had to spend her afternoons on stupid etiquette class.

Her mother pulled up at the roundabout and let her out.

"I hope this will teach you a lesson about being a lady," she said, and drove away without another word. Rachel cautiously entered the classroom. It was cold, air conditioned, and pink. Everything was pink, the walls, the floors, even the lamps. An attractive young woman approached her. She had wavy dark brunette hair with a few highlights that fell a little bit past her shoulders. She was thin, with a very narrow waist, but with voluptuous hips that swayed back and forth as she walked gracefully toward her on her high heeled shoes. She wore a navy business skirt that went down to just above the knee, below there, her long, legs showed, smooth and shiny, as if recently oiled and waxed. She clearly took good care of herself. Her face was pleasant but unreadable, as if she would only let someone know anything if she wanted them to know. Her lips were glossy and painted a light pink, and her brown eyes were deep but unreadable. Her bangs were neatly manicured, yet arranged very deliberately to appear slightly disorganized, they were flirtatious.

She exuded the essence of woman.

"Hello, my name's Christine," she said, in a voice that was high and clear, but somehow very warm. "You must be Rachel. Come with me." She took Rachel by the hand and led her to the back of the pink room, then turned to the right and led her down a hall and through a door. The room she led her into was totally different. Instead of pink and garish, this room was decorated like she was- clean, subtle and sexy. Four other girls, about Rachel's age or a bit older, stood nervously in a half circle in the middle of the floor. There was a large four-poster bed against the wall. Rachel wondered what it was for.

"Now that our last classmate has arrived, we can begin." Christine said. "You may have noticed that this room isn't exactly the place you'd expect to have class in. That's because it's not. This is my inner sanctuary. We will only spend an hour or so here every day, but the time we spend here will be the most important part of the class. The etiquette you will learn out there is garbage. It's outdated and insulting, but it will help you survive. Here you will learn the etiquette of being a woman. Not a girl, but a woman, a person who is mature both emotionally and sexually. If this is not something you want to learn, please leave now."

No one moved. Everyone had their eyes fixed on this mysterious woman. 

"In this room you will do exactly what I say. This isn't some sort of power for me, although it is a bit exciting," she pressed her fingers lightly against her lips after this remark, "it is for your own safety. But enough with all this mysterious talk. Let's break the ice. Everyone say their name, their age, and why they're here."

The first girl to speak was a stunning redhead, with radiant hair, blue eyes and full red lips. "Hi, my name's Florence, and I'm 17. I came here out of curiosity. A lot of my friends recommended it to me. I wouldn't ordinarily go to a class like this, but from what I've heard this is no ordinary class." Though her words were charged, she seemed innocent and sincere. 

Next to speak was a cute blonde girl. The shortest of the group, she exuded innocence. "My name's Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz. I just turned 16. I'm here because my parents sent me," she said, simply.

After her, a tall brunette stepped forward. She was thin and attractive, but she looked scared. "I'm Candace," she said, "and I'm here because my parents thought it would help me be a better person."

Finally, a stunning brunette spoke. Her tight, slender body, fantastic ass and smoking face radiated with a fiery sexuality. She seemed entirely out of place in the room filled with more innocent, timid girls. "I'm Cassie," she said, captivating the room as she spoke, "I'm 18, I'm a model, and I'm here to learn how to charm people. I'm participating in a beauty pageant, and I want to brush up on my manners. I have a lot to gain from the 'garbage' part of this class, but this seems fun too."

"I'm Rachel," Rachel said, timidly, "I'm 16 and I'm here because my mother is punishing me, I've been a bad girl and she says I need to learn my lesson. The thing is, I'm not sure if what I've done is really that bad."

"Alright." Christine said cheerfully. "Now that that's taken care of, everybody strip."

The girls stared around, waiting for someone to laugh.

"I'm serious," she said, "chop chop, I'm waiting. When I said this part of the class was gonna be simple, I wasn't kidding."

The five girls nervously undressed.

"Alright, stand in a line."

The lined up in the order they had introduced themselves. Christine assessed them from afar, then moved in. 
"Hello Florence," she said. She cupped Florence's C cup breasts and jiggled them in her hand. Florence looked uncomfortable at first, but an unmistakable look of pleasure appeared on her face. Christine jiggled them in her hands, sizing them up. "You have great tits," she said, honestly. It wasn't a joke, it was a genuine compliment. She ruffled her red bush. "Firecrotch," she teased.
Then she moved on to Liz. She was beginning to herself as she walked, moving more playfully, but still composed.
Liz was a B cup. Christine repeated the jiggling procedure she had done on Florence, and nodded in approval. "I think you're going to get much bigger," she said, knowingly, "be prepared to upgrade to something with more support. I see you're a real blonde too. You don't see many of those nowadays." 
Then she moved on to Candace. She was only A cup, but she had a great body. Christine repeated the breast procedure with her was best she could, and noted that she had a bush as well. 
Cassie was the only girl in the room who didn't have a bush. Her C cup breasts jutted out proudly. Christine grasped her boobs. "These had better not be fake, model girl," she said wryly, only half teasing, "I abhor fake boobs. They look unnatural and the texture's all wrong." As she continued feeling though, she smiled approvingly at their bouncing, supple texture. "Nothing fake here," she said, and moved toward Rachel. Rachel's heart jumped as Christine wrapped her hands around her firm B cup boobs, but she relaxed as soon as she felt her touch. Christine was warm and gentle as she fondled Rachel's chest, and Rachel found the situation rather pleasant. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply out, and Christine was gone all too soon. 

"Alright, good to meet you all, I'm sure we're going to have a lot of fun," Christine said, cheerily. "I'm glad to see your boobs are all natural, and you are all beautiful people. I noticed that of the five of you, only Cassie shaves her pussy bare. This doesn't surprise me, since Cassie is a model, and the rest of you seem rather innocent. However, for the first activity we're gonna do, I'm going to need you all to be shaved bare, and as I do not enjoy the sight of pubic hair, I'm going to require that when you are in this room you must be completely shaved. I don't care what you do otherwise, but there will be no pubes in this room."

Cassie raised her hand.

"Yes Cassie?"

"Well, you've seen us all naked, shouldn't we get to see you naked too?"

Christine hesitated for a moment, then gave a shrug. "Alright, what the hell?" she said. She threw off her blue top to reveal nothing underneath, and her ample C-tits bounced forth freely, then returned to a perky, almost erect position on her chest. Then she slid down her skirt, to reveal she was wearing a pair of thong panties with only a tiny patch of fabric covering the opening to her pussy itself. Her entire bare pubic area was in view. She stepped out of her panties and put her hands on her luscious hips.

"Alright, Cassie. Satisfied?"

Cassie was dumbstruck. Although they were both beautiful women, Christine clearly had a greater command of the nude, she seemed more comfortable without her clothes on.

"Good, now I can continue with my class."

Christine strode over to a large cabinet on the opposite side of the room. She opened it and the students gasped. Inside it were dildos of all shapes and sizes, vibrators, and all manner of other sex toys. However, Christine reached into a smaller drawer within the cabinet, and pulled out four razors, a can of shaving cream, a pair of scissors, a large bowl and four zip lock bags. 

"I see you've noticed my toys," she said, teasingly. "Don't worry, we'll get to use them all, eventually, but we have to start somewhere."

"Alright, I'm gonna do this once for you, and then I expect you to do it yourselves from then on."

She got down on her knees and went over to Florence.

"Florence, have you ever shaved your pubes before?"

"Nah, I thought about it though. I mean, all my friends do it, but I never really thought I'd do it myself. I mean, I'm a redhead, so having this is kinda like having proof."

Christine chuckled to herself, then got to work, trimming Florence's once ample red bush down to a thick stubble. She trimmed into the bag and then sealed it tightly. She filled the bowl with water, and wet down Florence's pussy.

"Oooh, cold," Florence said.

Then Christine took a generous portion of shaving cream and rubbed it into what was left of Florence's bush. She got to work, moving swiftly and efficiently, stroking deftly down Florence's ginger pussy. When she was done, she instructed Florence to put her panties on, and not to let anyone see what she looked like.

She then went over to Liz.

"How about you Liz? Ever tried shaving?"

"Once, when it first came in," she said, "but my parents found out and got mad at me, they said that the hair down there was natural, and that I shouldn't touch it."

Again, Christine couldn't help but laugh.

"Such a silly reason to rob yourself of such great benefits. I mean, seriously, body odor is natural, and so is leg hair, but we take care of that stuff for a reason."

She then repeated the shaving procedure on her, carefully saving her hair in a bag, and then instructing her to put her panties on and turn around.

"And you, Candace?"

"It never even occurred to me that I would do it. We're pretty tight-lipped about sex in my house. If mom and dad don't tell me about it, I don't know about it."

"Speaking of tight-lipped, look at you, I envy the man who gets inside that," Christine joked, and then repeated the process again.

Now it was Rachel's turn. She exhaled deeply.

"And Rachel, what about you? Ever shaved?"

"Never," Rachel said, "but I've always wanted to. I was just too afraid my mother would find out, and that she would get angry, and punish me."
"Well, you're safe here, Rachel. Today's your lucky day."

Rachel felt the scissors trimming away the black prison of hair, and she got shivers of pleasure and excitement as the hair fell away. She felt the water splashing on her skin, and then Christine's hand moving in with the shaving cream. She almost moaned out loud with pleasure as the shaving cream touched her skin, as Christine gently rubbed it in to her pubic mound, her inner thighs, and last of all her pussy lips. Then the razor fell on her skin, not as a blade but as a caress. As each patch of hair was shaved off, as the razor glided over her, she felt refreshed, reinvigorated, renewed. Once her pubic mound was completely bare, Christine moved down to her lips. She pulled them tight, a sensation that was new to Rachel, but very exciting, and meticulously removed every last hair. As Christine wiped her clean, Rachel closed her eyes and breathed in a deep breath of life. Christine then told her to put on her panties and wait with the others. A few moments later, Cassie arrived, also wearing her panties. They waited around, topless, for a while, trying not to feel awkward.

Christine arrived, carrying two bags of clothes.

"Look around you," she said, "this is the last time any of you will wear panties in this room. Every day you have to keep your vaginas cooped up, but here, you can let them breathe. These are your class uniforms, wear them whenever you come her. They consist of a skirt and a tight white button-up blouse. They can pass for etiquette class wear, but they can also be very naughty. Don't put them on yet, though. First, we have to do one more thing. On the count of three, I want you to partner up, take off your panties, and look at each other for a couple minutes. Your pussies are all naked now, they're on perfect display. Take a look at each one, see how it's different, see how it's beautiful. You can touch yourself if you want, but don't touch anyone yet. We'll get to that soon enough, but I want you all to get comfortable with yourselves first, and each other, and then we'll let the fun begin. Oh yeah, and since there's an odd number of you, I'll be joining in. Alright, one, two, three, go!"

Rachel slipped off her panties, noting their softness against her newly shaved skin, and partnered up with Florence. Florence had a fairly tall, narrow vulva that was very prominent. Her pink inner lips poked out flirtatiously. Almost instantly, Rachel felt her hand go to her pussy. She stopped herself and locked eyes with Florence, but Florence was rubbing too. They shared their moment in silence, matching each other touch themselves.

Then Rachel was partnered with Candace. True to Christine's joke, Candace's outer lips were pressed together very tightly, and they completely concealed her clit and inner lips.

"How do you masturbate like that?" Rachel asked timidly.

"Oh it's easy," she replied. She reached down to her cleft and parted the outer lips, and was then able to reach her clit. She was able to manipulate it skillfully, and got her juices flowing. Rachel joined in, rubbing her own more prominent inner lips. The two began to moan and were almost over the edge when Christine called switch. Rachel got partnered with Cassie next, and was so eager to cum that she unabashedly masturbated to Cassie's gorgeous body. She looked at her tight body, her impossibly symmetrical pussy and her perky big boobs and felt completely aroused. She began to masturbate more furiously, breathing deeply and moving her fingers in and out of her vagina. As Cassie watched, slightly confused, Rachel exploded and gasped and smiled and heaved and her soaking wet pussy felt amazing. Fresh off her orgasm, Rachel ended up with Liz. Liz looked confused. "So, you were really getting into it there?" she said nervously. 

"Yeah, join in if you want," Rachel said, completely confident now.

Rachel kept stroking her clit for a few moments before Liz admitted

"I've never done this before."

"Sure, neither have I." 

"No, not the class. Masturbating."

"Well, just follow my example."

Liz hesitantly began to rub her clit, experimenting, shocked by her own sensitivity. Then she started to really go wild. Rachel was insanely aroused by Liz's growing sensuality, and she reached her second orgasm of the day. Liz kept going, probing, exploring, until finally, with a shudder, she came for the very first time. Rachel saw the excitement in her eyes and felt a powerful feeling of satisfaction.

Finally, Rachel stood face to face with Christine.

"How do you like the class, Rachel?"

"It's amazing!"

"Well, wait till you see what I've got planned for tomorrow..."


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