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And the Award for Best Kitty Goes To...

Sometimes a story just writes itself and you have to run with it. I never planned on writing Kitty Girl stories. The first one just happened, and after that, well, it just felt right to share adventure after adventure, or at least the ones that I felt comfortable sharing. So, here we are again, a few days after the Academy Awards, sitting at the kitchen counter with a half full (notice I didn’t say half empty) glass of orange juice and a slice of toast with raspberry jam, typing furiously as I try to capture the moment, if not perfectly, at least adequately.


We like our award shows. Perhaps I should rephrase that. Kay loves the award shows and… well, I love Kay. Most of you know, by now, who Kay is. She’s been my best friend since I was seventeen, a friendship that has evolved over the past twelve years to lover, girlfriend, soul mate, and wife. Oh, and owner, or rather, Kitty Girl’s owner. I even have the collar to prove it, complete with a single silver tag inscribed with the words Property of Kay on it.

Sunday night was Oscar night and we’d decided to have a little fun with it, co-hosting a party with Cindy and Mike, our too wonderful to believe next door neighbors. They’ve been in our life for close to three years now, and have become my closest friends in Seattle, where I still feel like a visitor at times. Home is where the heart is, however, and my heart belongs to Kay above all.

The venue shifted back and forth during the week, from our kitten filled house, to their rather funky abode, perhaps more suited to a night of celebrating Hollywood excess. In the end, it came down to a game of Roshambo and yes, I went Zen with paper, rather than edgy with scissors or in your face with rock and… Cindy won. Oh, well. I was never all that good with competitive games. I just liked to play and the outcome never bothered me as much as it does most, something that bothers Kay more than a little when we’re playing board games.

‘You’re not taking this seriously, Rach.’ She’d admonish me from time to time, and I’d simply shrug and smile apologetically and go try a little harder, just to please her, still not caring about the outcome. After all, it was enough that I got to sit across the table from her and play footsies. In a way, I’d already won.

I spent the day baking, something I’d volunteered for. We were going to do dinner and snacks. Kay spent the day watching me slave away over a hot oven while she lounged around in pajamas and drank whiskey and smoked cigars while watching porn and masturbating furiously…


Oh, yes, I will suffer for that remark, but it was worth it and no, she doesn’t really smoke or drink whiskey. Nor was she masturbating to porn, much to my disappointment.


Ok, raise your hand if you think that watching the red carpet is the best part of the night! Really? If you do, you’re obviously watching with the wrong people! It was a small gathering as parties go, until you realize how shy I can actually be in social settings. Amongst the four of us, I can be outgoing and have been known to talk non-stop while saying very little of real substance, but when you start adding others to the equation I get skittish and have been known to spend hours holding Kay’s hand and saying little beyond the minimum amount necessary and no, I don’t expect any of you to actually believe that, but it’s true.


So, I’ll back this up a little. Before we left, I took a quick shower and got dressed. I was surprised to find clothes laid out for me on the bed as I exited the bathroom, a damp towel wrapped around me, covering my small but perky breasts. I visited Kay with a questioning look.

“I thought it would be fun for you to dress up.” She replied.

“Fun for whom?”

“For me.”

This last was delivered with a loving smirk, one that meant trouble. Not serious trouble, but certainly, she was up to no-good. My private thoughts were vindicated as I surveyed her picks. The first item that caught my attention was a pair of purple and pink striped stockings that I’ve dubb ‘my Cheshire Cat look’. If you’ve seen Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I had a pair of panties which matched them, by the way. Vertical stripes rather than horizontal. Those had been laid out as well. Added to that was a cute little pink dress with purple trim and accents. For those of you curious, I am small. Perhaps petite would be a better description, and I often do my shopping alongside young teens meaning I carry some less then mature (and way more fun) fashions in my wardrobe.

“You getting dressed up too?” I asked her, not wanting to stand out too much, knowing that it would be more then my tight knit family of her, Cindy, and Mike and already feeling a little self-conscious.

“Not really.”

“Then I don’t think…”

“Did I ask you what you thought, Rachel?”

She gave me that look, then. It was a simple cock of the eyebrow, pulling up one corner of her mouth as well, and her dark eyes boring into me with an intensity that meant ‘do you really want to argue with me?’ The answer wasn’t always ‘no’, but today, I backed down, not wanting to risk the paddle, the ‘nose pressed against the bedroom wall torture’, or worse. So I dressed, forgetting my objections as I stared at the girl in the mirror, thinking she was kind of cute. Ok, pretty. I don’t always feel pretty, so it was a gift, one that I took note of, sharing a bright smile with my always thoughtful lover.

“You look beautiful, sweetheart.”

That sealed the deal. I was committed. I would weather any and all sideways glances or teasing, knowing that I looked beautiful in her eyes. I felt like a princess, albeit a Disney one.

“You really think so?” I said, realizing with a start I’d been filling the silence with my purr.

“I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it, kitty.”

And so it was settled. I was her beautiful kitty today. Sans collar and ears, perhaps, but nonetheless, the seed had been planted. To further seal my fate, she stood behind me and careful pulled my dirty blonde hair to one side of my head and into a pig tail, soothing it out gently before tying a thick purple ribbon to hold it in place. Then, the other side got the same treatment.

“There. Now you’re my perfect little kitten.” I simply nodded, meeting her gaze in the mirror as she kissed the back of my head, awash in her love for me. As long as I was her kitty girl, everything would be fine, right? Right.


Cindy thought I looked adorable, kissing me on the nose as she greeted me, laughing at the pout on my lips, having puckered up to receive her kiss on my mouth, which grew to epic proportions when Kay received a lingering kiss on her mouth. I might have even mumbled something like ‘Fine. Be like that’ under my breath, for which I received a sharp slap on my bottom from Kay. Next time I’d remember to mumble softer, I vowed.

So… the crowd. Besides ourselves and our neighbors, there was Kay’s longtime friend, and sometimes lover, Ed, whom I adored beyond all reason, despite the fact that my wife spent a weekend at his place fucking his brains out. I had to wonder, as I greeted him with a hug, if she’d be going home with him or with me tonight. It wasn’t jealousy that fueled that thought, merely curiosity.

And, there were two other couples, whom I knew from the Clue Parties we sometimes attended as well as other social events with Mike and Cindy. For the purposes of this story I will refer to them as Mr. and Mrs. Peacock and Mr. and Mrs. Plum, mostly because it makes me giggle a little to do so.

So, I’d brought food. Fresh baked blondies with almond slivers and chocolate chips. Home-made Salsa, barrio style (complete with a warning that it was made to Kay’s taste meaning it was hot!). And cheese enchiladas. All in all, with what everyone else had brought, there was way too much food. That was kind of the point, however, wasn’t it? Oh, and yes, there was beer, wine, and champagne.

Like I said earlier, watching the red carpet was not the best part of the night. It was fun, however. We got to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over stars and starlets and chatter about movies and there was an Oscar bingo card passed around as well as friendly wagers on the night’s outcome; Everything from if Billy Crystal would still be funny to who would win best picture or if anyone would let slip the ‘F’ word (they did!). The three big films for the night were The Descendants and The Artist (both of which I’d seen) and The Help (which I haven’t, but have been meaning to). We chose sides, Kay placing herself in the camp of Clooney’s movie, and I taking a contradictory stance, honoring my French roots, and yes, there was friendly bickering between us for some time…

I’m not sure when it happened. It felt natural. My skittishness quickly wore off. I’d started out the evening staying within Kay’s shadow. Pleasant, yet subdued, my voice soft, those rare instances I talked at all. Sometimes I simply resorted to my own unique brand of sign language which she has (and Cindy is beginning to) learned to translate. The Plums and Peacocks were all theatre people, so they’d done semi-fancy dresses, making me feel less out of place in my Cheshire-wear, for which I was thankful. Still, I felt self-conscious at first which sometimes pushes me further into a kitty like state.

We settled down and watched and I found myself curled up on the couch next to Kay with my head on her thigh while she absently stroked my hair just as one would a favorite pet. I was in heaven, hardly even aware that I was purring, my eyes half closed as I paid as much attention to her touch as I did the broadcast. In fact, I am sure I zoned out for much of it, only taking note when it truly interested me (Kermit and Piggy and Emma Stone and Chris Rock!). My bingo card was forgotten, as was the tableful of snacks and my glass of white zinfandel. My world became centered on Kay. To add to that, Cindy had settled herself to my other side so that my toes brushed her bare thighs (she was wearing a soft knee length skirt the color of leaves. Kate, I should mention, was dressed in comfortably loose scarlet yoga pants).

Somewhere around the best supporting actress award, she’d started running her fingers absently over my stockinged ankle and calf, further lulling me into kitty dreamland. Not that I slept, mind you! I simply lost myself in the feeling of non-sexual ecstasy of their touch…

I felt so loved. Slowly, I came out of my shell, making small talk with Ed and Mike and the Plums and the Peacocks when it suited me, secure as long as I felt the touch of one or the other of my… well, my owner and my kitty-sitter, which was what Cindy had become at some point in our relationship. I became covertly playful too, caressing Cindy’s bare thighs with my feet teasingly, attempting to push the hem of her skirt higher, or slip my toes beneath it. I settled my head into Kay’s lap, rubbing my face between her thighs when I thought no one was looking, pleased that, at some point, I could smell the unmistakable scent of her arousal through her pants, wondering if, or when, the crotch would darken, letting me know I’d achieved my desired goal. As for me, my cute little purple and pink striped undies had become uncomfortably damp and it was impossible not to take note of the way my nipples poked through my thin cotton dress. Had I worn a bra, they might not have been quite so obvious, but I hadn’t. Not that I cared. Truthfully, when I caught Cindy gazing at them, a look of hunger in her eyes, I was suddenly quite pleased by the fact.

I’m not sure how aware of our little game the others were. Certainly Mike noticed and Ed, who knew us well, took note. I can only assume that the Plums and Peacocks were simply too polite to say anything. At least, for most of the evening. That changed shortly after the awards ended…

It had been a fun show. There had been a few surprises, but not many. I got to tease Kay about ‘my’ movie beating hers. Billy Crystal was, in my opinion, not as good as everyone thought he was going to be.

I got to watch the entire proceedings curled up between Kay and Cindy, only shifting or getting up during food and bathroom breaks. And then, the dynamic changed, or rather, the seating arrangement did. I should mention that Ed (leaving a secret smile on my face, knowing that Kay would be all mine tonight) left shortly after the show ended, as did Mr. and Mrs. Peacock. The Plums, however, remained behind.

I liked The Plums. They were the hosts of our last clue party. He was in his 40’s, well-educated and well read, so much so, that he taught High School English as well as being head of the Drama Department. Oh, and he was handsome and fit and quite outgoing, all of which made me shy around him whenever our paths crossed.

She was also in her 40’s, pretty, a little plump and quite witty and very… wicked would be the best way to describe her. Certainly flirtatious.

Shortly after the first wave of departures, Cindy rose from the couch mumbling about her too small bladder, to which Mike made comments about the quartet of empty beer bottles sitting in front of her. If she’d been a little more sober, she might not have run her hand up my thigh before departing and pushed the hem of my dress past the point of decency. Had I been not as content with my station as well loved kitty-in-heat, I might have quickly pushed it back down, embarrassed that my very wet panties were no longer concealed. Had Mrs. Plum not decided to finish her conversation with Mike by taking Cindy’s place on the couch, had it not felt so natural for my feet to resume their flirtations with whomever’s thighs presented themselves…

“Someone is feeling a little frisky.” Mrs. Plum teased, glancing first at my feet, then my exposed undies, her gaze finally settling on my face.

That brought a blush to my cheeks, and my feet stilled for a moment until her attention moved past me to my owner. Then, and only then, did I resume caressing her thigh, relaxing as Kay continued to run her fingers through my hair.

“Is your Rachel always this naughty?” She continued, idly running her fingers over my stockinged toes and feet. It felt wonderful.

“Yes, although usually she’s more reserved around company.” Kay replied, tugging playfully on my pigtail until I was forced to look up at her.

“Did you want to pull your dress down, kitty? Or do you feel like showing off a little.”

I answered with a shrug, my lower lip tucked between my teeth as I gazed deep into her dark eyes, leaving it up to her. As a kitty, I wasn’t always good at making decisions. It was much easier to leave them up to Kay, knowing that she would do what was best for me, even if I didn’t know what that might be at the time.

I watched as she glanced over at Mrs. Plum, and then at Mr. Plum. Cindy had, by then, returned as well, and had settled on a chair, her eyes gleaming with suppressed laughter as she realized what was going on.

“I seem to recall our kitty...”

My heart skipped a beat as my focus shifted to her at that phrase, the corners of my mouth turning slightly down. I was Kay’s kitty and, of course, Laura’s kitty (a story that has yet to be told in full on this site), not Cindy’s… or was I? I filed away that thought, thinking that it would be better answered by my human self as she continued.

“…playing with herself in your living room while we watched one night.”

I rolled my head with those words, pressing my face against Kay’s thighs so that I couldn’t see the reactions to that particular announcement. It was true. There’d been one night when I’d been so over taken with lust that I’d attempted to covertly fuck myself while watching a movie with our neighbors, leaning up against the couch, my lap hidden under the coffee table. It hadn’t gone so well once I’d abandoned the idea of stealth and alerted them by moaning like a cat in heat.

“Would you like to play with yourself for us, babe?” Kay teased as she ran her fingers over the nape of my neck, soothing me until I turned my face outward again.

Would I? Oh, the humiliation of knowing that everyone’s eyes would be on me as I masturbated, the feel of the silence in which only my moans of passion would be heard or, worse, the comments of my audience. If I said ‘yes’ it would be forever part of my history with everyone in the room. Kay and Cindy and Mike, of course, weren’t the issue. The Plums, however… every time there was a get together, I would know that, in their minds, I’d be ‘the masturbating girl’.

“No?” I whispered, pleading with my eyes, silently willing Kay to call an end to this, knowing that everyone was holding their breath, waiting for her reply, just as I was. I wondered if the Plums thought that I had any actual say in the matter. I didn’t. If Kay had told me to pull my dress down and behave myself, I would have and quickly forgotten all about it. And, if she’d told me to put on a show, well…

“No?” Kay repeated with a cruel smirk, fixing her gaze on me.

“No.” I mouthed, punctuating it with a single shake of my head, aware that our conversation was being followed intently.

“Are you sure, kitty?”


She gave a warm chuckle at that, her eyes shifting along my body, noting the slight quiver that covered my bare arms with goose bumps and made my nipples poke prominently against the thin material of my dress, aware of Mrs. Plum’s hand slowly caressing my ankle, reasserting itself once more as my resolve wavered and I found my hand moving, against my will, towards the junction of my thighs.

“Good girl.” She gave me a smile, granting me permission to debase myself in front of everyone and show them what I was at heart. Not just a kitty, but a dirty little kitty slut. The ice had been broken and now, even if I had wanted to, I was helpless to stop…

Although I was aware of being watched, I didn’t let it stop me. Kay continued to run her fingers through my hair, the motion still comforting, but turning erotic now that I had committed myself. Mrs. Plum’s strokes along my lower leg had the same effect as I slowly brushed my fingers over my purple and pink panties. The pads of my fingers grew damp as I pushed my undies between the crease of my labia, letting out a soft sigh of pleasure, the realization that it was too late to turn back now flittering through my thoughts. I teased myself, my fingers lightly tapping at my swollen clit, a soft moan escaping as Kay ran her nails over the flesh of my bicep in time with Mrs. Plum’s nails scratching at my calf.

“Good girl.” Kay encouraged me, her voice going husky with restrained lust. I wondered what she would do if I were to plunge my face between her thighs. Tempting as it was, I resisted, knowing that, if she had wanted me too, she would have told me, knowing that I would obey without question.

I lost myself in… well, myself. Oh, yes, I was aware of everyone. How could I not be? In fact, their presence worked like an aphrodisiac on me, turning me on to even greater heights as I slipped my hand under the elastic of my panties, sliding my fingertips over my smoothly shaved mound. Although it was hidden from them, it was obvious from the bugle what that I was teasing my gold piercing, freeing it as I pressed one leg into the seat cushions, lifting the other until my knee pointed towards the ceiling, leaving me spread open, my dress bunched up around my waist. I tried to ignore the five pairs of eyes watching me defile myself, but it was impossible. Still, there was no thought of stopping as I began moving my finger in slow circles around my puffed up clit, pausing from time to time to venture further down to coat my digit in my own natural cream, making it slick. It felt too good to stop.

I let loose a little shudder of pleasure, my lashes flickering as a nearly silent moan slipped from my parted lips as the sudden realization of what I was doing hit me. There was no turning back. I was going to make myself cum in front of everyone. It certainly didn’t help that Kay slid her hand into my dress, massaging my breast while Mrs. Plum twisted her torso so that she could get a better view of my hand moving beneath my panties. It also allowed her to move further up my leg, past my knee, her touch like silk against the insides of my thighs.

“God, what a sight.” Mr. Plum breathed, apparently speaking for all of them.

“She’s a nasty little thing, isn’t she.” Mrs. Plum responded, pinching my skin between thumb and finger playfully.

I replied with a groan, my head tilted up, seeking Kay’s approval, smiling shyly at the desire that burned in her eyes. I wasn’t sure when, but at some point tonight, I would pay for my performance, most likely with my tongue buried deep in her cunt. The very thought had me rolling my hips as I changed tactics and pushed two fingers into my overflowing pussy, slowly fucking myself as Mrs. Plum’s hand moved further and further upwards until I could feel her nails tracing the outline of my pink and purple panties.

“Oh m-my g-god.”

I stumbled over the words, overwhelmed with the need to abandon all decorum and push my undies down my thighs, exposing myself completely for them, the worrisome little exhibitionistic streak that I try to keep buried clamoring to get out. Kay had found my nipple and was stroking absently, driving me to distraction. Silently I prayed for her to simply rip my dress from me and hold me down while everyone took their turn with me. This time my moan was audible as a wave of pleasure made me writhe on the couch, picturing Mr. Plum’s plump penis pushing between my lips until his balls were pressed against my chin while Mike shoved his meaty cock up my ass and his wife shoved her hand into my dripping wet pussy until I screamed for mercy…

I became vaguely aware of my other hand reaching between my legs to pull the panel of my soaking wet panties aside, showing off my creamy pink slit like some porn star. I heard a soft whistle of appreciation as I freed my hand from underneath my undies and began fingerfucking myself properly, no longer caring that I had an audience. I needed to cum and nothing was going to stop me. I began thrusting my hips up to meet my hand, my fingers plunging into my tight little pussy as Kay pinched and pulled at my aching nipple and Mrs. Plum’s touch grew more intimate, creeping closer and closer until I felt two of her fingers join mine…

I came with a shuddering moan, squealing softly as my back arched, the fingers of one hand buried in my cunt, my other trapping Mrs. Plum’s hand, forcing her fingers deep inside of me as I felt myself clenching them, my orgasm crashing through me until finally, I simply collapsed, two sets of fingers impaling me.

“So beautiful.”

I buried my face into Kay’s thigh, a shy smile on my lips as I tried to close my legs. For some reason they weren’t co-operating. It must have been the lovely feeling of Mrs. Plum’s tender touch as she caressed my still exposed pussy or my owner’s hand still inside my dress, her fingers cupping my small tits as I slowly got my breathing under control.


How does one recover from an impromptu masturbation session in the middle of an Oscar party? It’s not easy. Yes, it would be nice if everyone had simply applauded politely and then turned the conversation around to who had won or lost or other movie related subjects. Or, even better, if they’d simply stripped down naked and started an orgy.

Instead, the conversation turned to sex. Despite the fact that I had been the one with my legs spread while franticly fucking myself, I was also the one most reticent to join in the conversation as Kay and Cindy talked openly of how I liked to role play as Kitty girl and of some of their adventures with me in that role. The Plums, meanwhile, related some of their sexual adventures, turning them into entertaining tales that were quite engaging (enough so that I am tempted to ask permission to turn one or two into stories). I do think they spiced them up a little for everyone’s amusement, but still, they were quite the ribald couple and it gave me some rather improper ideas, especially when they announced that they would be hosting another Clue party in April and that we would be expected to come. Or did they mean ‘cum’? From the way their eyes kept wandering over me, I suspected the latter.

Oh, and yes, I did eventually remember to push my dress back down over my well satisfied pussy, or rather, Kay did it for me, leaving me with an air of modesty, and yes, the party eventually did end and you’ll be happy to know that later that evening, I got my wish and Kay had her way with me in the living room floor straddling my face while I tongue fucked her. And again in the hallway, faces buried in each other’s pussies. And finally, in our bed, with her on her knees, her weight resting on her forearms while I spread her cheeks apart and gave her a satisfying little rim job while playing with her clit until she finally collapsed with exhaustion.

After that? Well, the last thing I recall before falling asleep in her arms, purring contentedly were her softly whispered words in my ear.

“I love you, kitty.”


Thanks go to CuriousKitty/Mistress Laura for her wonderful editing job (as well as other things). :)

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