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Angel's Delight

My first ever attempt, feedback is appreciated (:

He’d only been gone for an hour and a half but already she couldn’t get thoughts of him out of her mind. Angelina, known to most as Angel, had been seeing this guy steadily for almost four weeks and she was getting ‘The Feeling’. You know, the feeling like this could be “The Real Thing”. This scared Angel. She was only 22; was she ready to settle down with someone? At the same time the prospect excited her. The thought of sharing her life with this man sent tingles down her spine. In her current mood, she would have done anything just to have him back in bed with her. But he had to work, so she was left alone with only her thoughts of the previous night for comfort.

Angel had enjoyed a night out with her man, Dom, to her favourite restaurant. After finishing their main course they’d decided to head back to Angel’s place to have their “dessert” in private.


Now, lying in bed, Angel thought about how they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other in the taxi on the way back home. She remembered how Dom had pulled back her hair and planted gentle kisses on her neck. He knew this was the quickest way to get her turned on and he was making his intentions extremely clear. His hand was resting on her knee, and every time he kissed her neck, he cheekily slid his hand up her leg half an inch. When he’d made his way almost to the middle of her inner thigh she brushed his hand away quickly, for fear of the cab driver seeing. Dom smiled at her coyness and relaxed back in his seat, but his hand never left her knee.


As she played through the previous night in her head, Angel could feel the same eagerness that she felt in the taxi; an eagerness to have Dom in her bed, with him buried deep inside her. A feeling of deep heat was building between her legs, just as it had on the journey home. She wasn’t sure what had turned her on more last night; the kisses and touches by Dom, or the fact that she was sure the driver had one eye on what was happening in the back. In either case she had to stop Dom from touching her like that, or she risked cumming in front of a total stranger in the back of his cab! She remembered how as soon as they had arrived outside of Angel’s place, paid the cabbie and locked the front door behind them, Dom had his hands all over her. She barely had time to take off her coat before he was trying to tug the straps of her little black dress down over her shoulders. He moved towards her and kissed her neck again, this time trailing them downwards, so he kissed her shoulder where the strap of her dress had just been. As he did so, he had slipped his hands around her waist and was slowly pulling down the zipper at the back of her dress.

When he’d managed to pull it all the way down, Angel gently pushed Dom away from her. She slowly started to peel the dress down over her breasts, revealing a black, lacy bra. She slid the dress down further, over her waist, her hips, until the top of her panties were showing. She turned around and bent over as she pulled the dress to the ground, giving him a full view of her pert ass, clad in black French knickers that matched her bra. She stepped out of her dress, still in her high heels, and turned to face him again.


Angel could remember the look in Dom’s eyes after she had finished her little strip. There was a fierce passion in his gaze, and a sizable bulge at his crotch. Just the way he had looked at her last night had made her wet, and she could feel that dampness returning again now. She slid her hands under the sheets and over her naked body, down to her little hot haven between her legs. She ran a finger up her slit and realized she was dripping wet. Her pussy delighted in the attention and demanded satisfaction. Angel knew that if she thought about last night’s events any longer then she would have to get herself off. But she just couldn’t help but think about what had happened after she had taken off her dress and stood before him in her underwear...


Dom had taken her hand and sat her down on the stairs. He knelt on the step below her and started kissing her body, beginning with her chest. He unclasped her bra, releasing her full breasts from their lacy restraints. He circled each nipple with his tongue before sucking on them hungrily. Soft moans escaped Angel’s lips. Dom continued on kissing down her torso, lightly kissing her stomach before arriving at the edge of her knickers. But just as he was about to hook two fingers into them to pull them down, she took his hand. “Lets take it somewhere a little more comfortable.”

Angel led him upstairs, still holding his hand, and led him to her bedroom. She laid on the bed, unaware that she’d be in the same place the following morning, wet and horny from the thoughts of her and Dom.


Lying in bed alone now, Angel desperately wanted Dom’s company again. After taking him to her bedroom last night he had taken off her knickers, laid on the bed between her legs and had given her the most amazing oral sex she had yet to experience. He was wonderfully skilled with his tongue, seeming to know exactly where to touch to give her the utmost pleasure. She thought about how he had delicately circled her clit with his warm tongue, and as she lay there imagining how it felt she began circling her clit with her finger, fantasizing that it was him. As she imagined how he had sucked her clit into his mouth, lightly flicking the tip of his tongue over it, she placed her index and middle finger either side of her clit and slowly rubbed up and down, feeling herself getting more and more aroused. She could feel her wetness building inside her tight little pussy hole, and she was aching to insert a finger to investigate. But she wouldn’t do that just yet. No, she wanted to think about Dom some more first. Starting with how she had repaid him for her amazing oral...


Dom sat on the edge of the bed as instructed by Angel and she knelt on the floor between his legs. She started off by stroking his rock hard cock slowly up and down, enjoying his moans of pleasure. She cupped his balls with one hand and started licking the tip of his cock whilst looking up into his dark lustful eyes. When she closed her lips around the head of his member he seeped a little pre-cum and she hungrily drank it down. Then she lowered her full, soft lips down the shaft of his penis until he touched the back of her throat. She moved up and down his cock slowly at first until she felt a slight thrust from him, letting her know that he wanted more. She angled her head so that her throat was fully open, allowing her to comfortably take more of his cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head faster, taking him deeper and deeper down her throat. She massaged his balls and let her tongue flick over the head every time she withdrew his cock. Before long he was moaning that he was close to cumming, so she stopped sucking him. She wanted to save that for later.


Angel could no longer restrain herself. Remembering how she had sucked him, and how his moans of pleasure had sounded, had made her pussy start to leak its juices. She leaned over the bed and retrieved a long pink dildo from a drawer, along with a small vibrator in the shape of a bullet that she liked to use on her clit. She turned on the vibrator and circled it around her swollen clitoris, teasing herself. When she could take it no more she pulled back the little fleshy hood and directly stimulated her love bud. As she was so highly aroused it wasn’t long before she was moaning from a clitoral orgasm. But she was in no way satisfied yet. She grabbed her dildo and rubbed it up and down her slit, lubing it with her pussy juices. She slipped a single finger into her warm hole, feeling her own silky wetness. She closed her eyes and thought back to the previous night, when Dom had slipped his fingers into her dripping cunt...


She was on her knees; head down between the pillows with her tight ass sticking up in the air. Dom was behind her with two fingers buried deep into her pussy and his thumb gently probing the entrance to her ass. As his fingers pounded into her, the tip of his thumb slightly parted her anus and it was driving Angel wild. She moaned loudly into the pillows; she could feel her juices literally dripping from her pussy lips. She reached down and rubbed her clit, adding another point of pleasure to her ecstasy. The pleasure briefly stopped when Dom replaced his fingers with his throbbing cock and Angel thought she would orgasm just from the sensation of him entering her. Dom grabbed her hips and pounded into her, his cock sliding easily in and out with her pussy juices smoothing the passage. Angel moaned loudly as her tight pussy gripped his cock, trying to pull him deeper into her with every thrust, searching for the satisfaction that it desperately needed. She leaned up, resting on the palms of her hands. Dom leaned forward and cupped her dangling breasts, rubbing her erect nipples between his thumb and index fingers. Angel felt the beginnings of her orgasm start to build. The sensation of his hard, throbbing cock ploughing into her, her nipples being stimulated and even his balls slapping against her were all rushing her towards her highly anticipated crescendo. She could tell by the sound of Dom’s various grunts and moans that he was nearly at his peak too. She started pushing her hips back on to him with the rhythm of his thrusting, desperate for him to fill every inch of her pussy and he banged her into oblivion. Dom’s thrusts started getting quicker and sharper as he neared climax. They were both on the edge of explosive orgasms...


Angel had her eyes closed, imagining it was Dom’s cock that was slamming into her pussy instead of her dildo. As she lay there, fucking herself, she imagined that she was once again on her knees with Dom behind her, pounding her pussy. She recalled how she had arched her back, just as she was doing now, when she was on the tip of her orgasm, loud moans escaping her mouth, mixing with Dom’s sounds of intense pleasure. He slammed his last few thrusts into her before releasing with a stream of hot, sticky cum into her. The feeling of Dom’s hot seed filling her pussy pushed Angel over the edge. Her pussy contracted tight around his cock as she exploded into an orgasm, feeling it pulse right through her body, electricity tingling her spine and fire burning through her pussy.

Angel came to the movement of her dildo inside her as she imagined the intensity of her orgasm with Dom. It wasn’t as satisfying without him, but she would just have to wait for the next time she could see him...

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