Anna Gives Me The Finger

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My sexy girl next door

Spring is the most wonderful season of the year. Mother Nature awakes from her slumber and the earth begins to awaken. The days grow longer, and the weather warms up quickly. Warmer weather turns into less clothing, a definite plus when checking out the sexy young ladies. Living outside a college town, there are always young beauties to check out. Little did I realize one such beauty was right under my nose, Anna.

Anna grew up next door to my country house, her and her mother. With no father in the picture, I generally assumed that role. I had seen her grow up in the seven years we have been neighbors. From elementary school to her now senior year. Blossoming into a five foot eight beauty, Anna carried her 135 pounds gracefully on her blonde haired body. A pretty ready smile just made Anna that much more appealing. But I had no idea this high school senior was such a smoldering sexpot.

Having divorced the previous year, I found myself alone in my ranch style home. I was no longer the babe magnet, but I am still fit and trim. At 37, I carry my 190 pounds well on my six foot frame. Brown eyes and hair, my newest consideration to age is the glasses I now wear.  Getting home from work every mid afternoon, I have time to date from time to time. Still feeling out my new single lifestyle, I found sex to be something that only happened occasionally. That was one bad thing from the divorce, my ex and I did have a very satisfying sex life.

Just a few days ago, my sex life took an interesting turn. I returned home on a warm spring day. Taking advantage of the warm weather, I decide to change into shorts and a t shirt and see how the yard survived the winter. Walking into the backyard, I looked over to see Anna in a bikini starting the summer tan. Laying out on a blanket on fresh green grass, she looked better than I ever remembered! Maybe it was the lack of sex, or another year of her maturing, but I found my cock starting to stir. I cleared my throat and walked up to where Anna lay.

Opening her eyes, Anna smiled up at me. Lying on her back, her legs open, I found myself staring. I have to admit she looked damn fine!!

"Hi Greg, home a little early?" Anna asked. I nodded my head. "Hope you don't mind me tanning, it is much more private here. I don't want anyone to see how white I am," she giggled. I swear I felt like a school boy. I just gaped at her body, leering actually.  I finally managed to stammer out, "It's ok."

Anna must have noticed my discomfort. "You feeling all right, you look a little warm? Spring is something you have to get used to,." she said. I admit I was warm, but spring wasn't the problem. This sexy young woman half naked in front of me was the problem. Not a bad problem, but a problem just the same. I know my cock swelled as I looked at her flat tummy and half naked breasts. There was no doubt Anna shaved her pussy, as each pussy lip was almost visible. The thoughts crossing my mind were not very neighborly.

Anna must have noticed my discomfort. She gave me a sweet smile and asked if I could answer a question for her. Nodding my head, she asked if I got lonely now that I was divorced and living alone.

"Yes, Anna, at times I do get lonely. I was married for quite awhile and it has been an adjustment. There are times I miss my ex." I responded.

Looking me square in the eyes, Anna shocked me. "Are those times when you get horny?" Anna asked. A long pause followed, the question threw me for a loop. " It's okay Greg, I am seventeen now, I understand what it is like to have sexual needs. I often times find myself wanting someone when I am horny, like I am now." Anna's openness shocked me a bit, in all the years we had never discussed sex. Now she was lying in front of me, admitting she was horny like I was. 

Licking my dry lips, I responded that indeed I do miss my ex when I get horny. I was used to quite a bit more sex than I was currently receiving. I felt uncomfortable at first, but soon I enjoyed talking sex with Anna. I told her many dates ended up with sexual frustration. Many women wanted company and a nice dinner, but did not necessarily want to spend the night fucking. That led to some pent up sexual frustration. 

Anna then asked a more personal question." Do you end up masturbating?" she asked. I waited a second, then nodded my head yes. "It's normal Greg, and you are still young. I masturbate too when I get horny. I am too young to get pregnant, so masturbation is fun and I don't have to worry about having a baby. I really enjoy how my fingers can make my horniness go away for awhile," Anna lightly giggled.

Feeling more comfortable, I managed to ask the right question. "Didn't you say you were feeling horny this afternoon?" I figured I was right, I had noticed a wet spot forming on her pink bikini.

Giggling again, Anna admitted she was. " Then you will have to masturbate to get over it," I said, with a twinkle in my eyes. I figured that statement would end our conversation about sex. But Anna was just warming up. Anna shrugged, and lowered her hands to her bikini bottoms. Lifting her sexy ass and lowering her bikini bottoms, I got my first glimpse of her wet pussy. Tossing the bottoms aside with  her toes, Anna brought a hand back up to her pussy, and brushed it lightly.

"Why wait? You don't mind if I finger a bit now do you? Or is that bulge in your shorts not telling the truth?" Anna asked. Then she sat up a second, and removed her top. Naked, she was more sexy than I could ever imagine!! Laying back down, Anna proceeded to slip a finger into her shaved wet pussy.

I was dumbfounded. My sexy high school neighbor was fingering her naked pussy right in front of me!! My eight inch cock was now straining to be released. I so desperately just wanted to have sex right there with my hot sexy girl next door. I could not believe my good luck!! These thoughts crossed my mind as Anna slipped in another finger and brought her other hand up to her breasts. Fondling her firm breasts, Anna started to moan. I stared transfixed as Anna fingered herself, and moan louder.. I watched her fingers dip in and out. She would slow, and use her finger to circle her clitty. I could see how wet she was!! Pussy juice was starting to seep out of her pussy. She was indeed very horny! Sliding her juice covered fingers upward, she began to circle her bellybutton, leaving a fresh trail of pussy juice.

The aroma of hot pussy wafted upwards. I could see her pussy open, so inviting. Her slick pussy lips opened more as she brought her fingers back down. With a low moan, the fingers disappeared inside her wetness. Working them in and out, her hips began to move. This was soooo hot, soooo incredibly sexy. I loved watching her masturbate, trying to make herself cum. .She looked me in the eyes. "Like what you see Greg? Like how sexy my pussy is?" She opened her wet pussy  lips, showing me her clitty. Brushing it with the tip of her finger, she moaned anew and asked if I was enjoying the show. "Let me see your hard cock while I finger myself," Anna blurted out. I think she may have blushed for a moment. Imagine that, not embarrassed about fingering in front of me, but too shy to ask to see my painful hard on. I slid down my shorts as Anna pushed her fingers deeper into her pussy.

Standing above Anna, my cock was now standing straight out above her as she fingered. Her eyes locked onto my cock, and her fingers worked faster. Her pussy was extremely wet, I could hear sloshing noises. Anna is a girl who gets very wet when excited. Licking her lips, Anna cried out, "Stroke it Greg. Play with your cock for me. I love to watch a mature man stroke his hard cock!!" Anna the pushed a finger deep into her pussy, and moaned louder.

I needed no encouragement! My cock was already leaking precum. In no time, I was stroking my hard eight inches, precum covering my cock. "You like what you see Anna? Do you like how hard my cock gets? Do you like how your pussy gets me so horny?" I asked. I got a groan in response as Anna fingered her pussy harder ans raised up her hips. For a moment I thought she was about to orgasm. But she slowed down, slowly circling her clitty with one finger. " Not yet," she murmured. " I'm fucking horny and want to watch you shoot out cum on my body before I cum. Stroke Greg, and let your cum cover my body. Treat me like a fuck slut who wants to be covered in cum, mmmmmmm." 

Anna was now  incredibly horny and enjoying the dirty sex talk. I was sooo excited, I knew I would cum soon. My hand speeded up. I wanted to cover my naked sexy neighbor in my cum. I could feel my balls start to tighten up. I had not cum in days, and wanted to shoot out an extra large cum load for my sexy Anna. I cried out I was about to cum. I looked down to see Anna furiously fingering. Her slow clitty nudges had been replaced by deep finger thrusts. Her fingers were wet and shiny

The sight of her shaved wet pussy and slick fingers pushed me over the edge. With a loud groan, cum raced up my hard shaft and spewed out of my pee hole. Flying through the air, it splattered Anna on the face, neck, and breasts, The sensation of warm cum hitting her body triggered Anna"s orgasm. With one final finger thrust, Anna started to howl out in orgasmic bliss, Her hips rose up, and her pussy obviously flexed. I could see her tummy muscles ripple as an orgasm ripped through her young naked body. I kept on stroking my cock, trying to get every drop of cum out of my balls.

The sight below me after I finished shooting out cum was priceless. Anna was naked, a finger still deep in her pussy. Her breathing was slowing, and her skin covered in  a sheen of sweat. I swear she was glowing!! Her blonde hair was slightly tussled, and my cum covered her chin, neck, and was puddling next to one excited breast nipple. I could see it slowly dripping farther down to her tummy. Taking her free hand, Anna wiped up the glob of cum near her breast. Placing it in her mouth, she sucked it in and swallowed. "Mmmmmmmm, I love the taste of fresh cum, mmmmmm" she whispered. " And your cum tastes delicious. I want more." Then she wiped the cum from her neck and face and swallowed every drop of that cum. Lifting her head, she placed her mouth at the tip of my cock, and kissed it lightly. " I may not fuck, but I damn sure suck," she again whispered.

Leaning down, I whispered into her ear. " I may not get to fuck, but I sure as hell want to eat your pussy for dinner." Anna turned her head, a dreamy look in her eyes. " The boys won't do that. All I think about when I finger is getting eaten. Please eat me sometime Greg. I want to be eaten so badly," Anna said in a low voice. My cock jumped at the thought of being able to eat that sweet young tight pussy. To show how much I wanted to eat her, I eased  a finger inside her super wet pussy. Then I pulled it out, and licked it clean right next to her face. I made a loud smacking noise as I finished. "Anna, I will eat you until you beg me to stop, " I said.  With a low whimper, Anna begged, " Do it now!! I want to be eaten now!!"

Needless to say, Anna and I barely  made it to the plush living room carpet before I ate her out for the first time, and she sucked out every drop of my cum that I had left. Her tongue is so talented, and I love the taste of her yummy pussy. I eat it as often as I can. Anna loves the taste of my cum, and keeps my balls constantly drained.  And yes, at times Anna still will lay back, and allow me to watch her finger. It gets her nice and wet and ready for me to french kiss her pussy though another long drawn out orgasm. We both agree this will be the best spring and summer of our lives!