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Anna's Confessions (Quick Pleasure)

I screamed out your name, begging you to take me. Pleading for your thick hard cock to fuck me.
Thank God it's Friday. Finally, you'll come home to me. I'vebeen looking forward for this day all week.

I checked the time, it's already 6:30 in the evening. I shut down my desktop, and prepare to leave the office. Had a glance of myself in the elevator mirror, my hair is a mess! I tried to tidy up my stubborn wavy hair. It's been six months since I had a proper hair cut. Note to self, I need visit the salon ASAP! But on the second thought you love my hair long. Caught myself smiling, I remember the times you run your fingers through my hair. Tucking it behind my ear, then placing a gentle kiss on my cheek.

The lift reached the first story, I passed by the lobby so quickly that I never noticed the heavy downpour.

"Shit!" I silently cursed, remembering that I didn't have my umbrella with me.

I ran fast to the nearest bus stop, using my bag to cover me. It wasn't much of a help, I was soaking wet before I can even reach the stop. Glanced up to the electrical board above me, I missed the 6:35 bus, the next bus will arrive in 20 minutes. I can't wait that long, I still need to prepare our dinner. Not to mention that I also need to tidy up myself, I'm drenched. I flagged down the approaching cab, and instructed the driver to step on it. In less than 15 minutes I'm home.

Your shoes are not yet here, glad to know I arrived first. Took off my shoes, and placed them in the rack. I swiftly move from the foyer towards the kitchen. I'll be preparing lasagna tonight, I hope you're hungry...for food I began to imagine you taking me on the dining table. Pinning me down, and fucking me hard. These naughty thoughts made me smile and horny. I shoved off those nasty fantasies for the meantime, I need to focus in cooking our dinner.

I removed my blouse and skirt, it would be very uncomfortable to cook in those soaking clothes. Left with my matching laced-black-undies and stockings, I put on the apron, and started cooking. I feel so naked pacing the kitchen like this, but soon enough horniness replaced that awkward feeling. Just thinking about your hungry and lustful eyes following my every move. You'll creep behind me, giving my tight little ass a slap. I can feel your manhood pressing against my ass, grinding from behind. Your hands slipped under my apron, and started kneading my breast.


I snapped, I accidentally cut my index finger.

I sucked my finger, trying to stop it from bleeding. Dreaming awake about sex is not safe, especially when you're holding a knife. I laughed at myself for a second, thinking that someday carelessness and horniness will kill me. Once again I told myself to concentrate more on cooking than thinking about sex.

I finally placed the lasagna inside the oven, it will be done in 45 minutes. Enough time for me to freshen up. I stripped off my remaining clothes, and dipped in the tub. I poured a handful of body wash and gently lathered it in my arms and shoulders.

My hands reached my boobies, giving them a squeeze. I kept massaging my breasts in a slow pace, my nipples are now sensitive and erect. I bit my bottom lip as I gently tug them, imagining it's your lips playing with my tits. My left hand continued to knead my left breast, while my other one travelled to my southern region. I gasped as my right hand started to rub my mound.

My moan grew louder, as my finger alternately flick and rub my clit. I lifted both of my legs over the tub, giving my hands wider access to my pussy. Both of my hands are already down there. The left hand parted my lips, while the other rubbed my clit vigorously. Imagining your hungry tongue lapping my wet cunt. I screamed out your name, begging you to take me. Pleading for your thick hard cock to fuck me. I slipped a finger in my hole, and started thrusting it in and out. My hips followed its movement. I continued to knead my breast as my finger pound my pussy, envisioning it's your cock plunging in and out of me.

Orgasm started to build up in my belly, my pussy walls began to clench my finger. I bit my bottom lip, trying to control it a bit more.

'Surrender baby' your soft sweet words crossed my mind.

With one more deep thrust, I let go. With my finger still inside of me I came, my pussy quivered as it continues to squirt. I closed my eyes in exhaustion, then I smiled, I'm totally drained but in a good way.

I stood up and rinsed, wrapping myself in a silk robe after. I went out to check on the lasagna.

And there you are, standing outside the bathroom door with a naughty grin.

"How long have you been here?" I asked.

"Long enough to hear you calling out my name. So having fun without me, huh?" I turned red, embarrassed that you caught me.

You flashed a sweet smile and gently kissed my lips.

"Hungry? I cooked lasagna." I said and headed towards the kitchen.

"Hmmmm. I'm starving with something else." You winked and grabbed my ass.

Friday is definitely my favorite day.

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