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Annie and Michelle: Part 1

Part 1: An Afterschool Curiosity
Michelle glanced over at Annie from her desk at the office. Her beautiful long strawberry blond hair was combed neatly away from her face, and her long, smooth legs slid gracefully out from under her mini-skirt. Looking at Annie's legs always made Michelle happy, because they reminded her of that one day after school, five years ago, when they were both 16, that had changed her life forever.

Michelle had always been shy and reserved about her sexuality, whereas Annie was brash and open. She had been openly bi since her sophomore year. This didn't bother Michelle in the slightest, in fact, it interested her more than she was willing to admit. Annie and Michelle had been best friends since they were very young, and Michelle often went over to Annie's house after school to paint her nails. That day was one such occasion. Annie was stretched out on the bed in a short jean-skirt, while Michelle, in her longer, more modest red skirt, knelt on the floor and applied polish to Annie's nails. As she painted, Michelle admired Annie's long, soft, silky legs. 

"Annie, how do you always get your legs so smooth?" she asked shyly.

Annie laughed "I shave, stupid."

"I know, I do too. But I never get as smooth as you."

"Once a day, sometimes twice. With conditioner, not shaving cream. Use lotion afterwards, that's the secret."

"Annie, can I ask you something."

"Of course, I'm your best friend, right?"

"How far up are you supposed to shave? Like, do you shave your upper thighs, past where your skirt covers, or do you stop at the line that people can see?"

"Michelle, I shave all the way up, and then some."

"And then some?" Michelle said, confused, "wait, you mean the..." she made a circular gesture around her crotch. 

"Of course, silly. Don't you?"


"Well, you should try it. It's reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllly nice. It feels so soft and smooth, and when you put on a nice tight pair of panties, it is just out of this world."

Michelle desperately wanted to see what Annie looked like, but she was too shy to ask. Still, she didn't want to take a razor to her pussy until she knew what she was getting. So, one day, after gym class, when they went into the showers, she vowed to take a peek. She waited until Annie got into the shower so that she could choose the stall next to her. Michelle stripped off her clothes and got into the shower next to Annie. Her boobs were only A-cup, but getting bigger every day. They matched her 5'1 figure though. Annie was 6'2, and her boobs were Bs and hadn't even reached their full potential yet. Although she didn't admit it herself, Michelle wanted to see Annie's boobs almost as badly as she wanted to see her pussy. 

Standing on tiptoes, Michelle peeked carefully over the shower wall to see if Annie was looking. At the moment, Annie was distracted with picking up her razor. "Wow, she shaves at school. Being smooth sure is important to her." Michelle thought. As Annie lifted her armpit and started shaving, Michelle caught a glorious glimpse of Annie's soaking wet, naked body. Her tits bounced and jiggled freely,and her then waste and flat stomach curved down between her thighs to her soft, exposed pussy. Michelle couldn't believe how perfect it looked, bare, fully shaved, spotless and clean. But then, Annie looked up to rinse the razor, and Michelle had to duck back down behind the shower curtain. 

The next day, after school, Annie came over to study. As they were going over their algebra homework, Annie suddenly said

"So, you decided to sneak a peak yesterday, huh?"

"What?" Michelle said, trying to sound surprised.

"Come on, what I said yesterday made you curious, so you decided to take a look at my snatch."

Michelle looked down, ashamed at being caught. 

"Well," Annie said, "Since I showed you mine, it's only fair that you show me yours."

"WHAT? You can't be serious, right!?!?" Michelle recoiled and crossed her legs self-conscientiously. 

"Sister, I am dead serious."

"Really? So, like, what do you want me to do?"

"Take your clothes off."

"What? Why? Right here?"

"Take your clothes off, because you owe me and I want to see how you look naked, and yes."

Michelle hesitantly slid her skirt down and stepped out of it.

"Come on, I don't have all day."

Next, off came the top. Michelle was standing before Annie, trembling in her underwear.

"Uh, uh, uh, not done yet." Annie said.

"Oh come on!"

"Nuh-uh. We see each others undies all the time, I wanna see your pussy."

Michelle nervously, hesitantly, took down her panties. Although she trimmed occasionally, and shaved her bikini line, she had a fairly large bush that matched her dark brown hair. She made sure it never poked out of her clothes, but it was still obvious behind her plain gray panties.

"Ew, so that's what a bush looks like."

"You didn't know?"

"Michelle, I've been shaving since the first hair came in. Now, undo the bra and we're even."

Michelle complied, a little embarrassed by her small tits, but they were still perky and pretty.

"Wait a minute," she said, "this isn't fair. I only got a peek at you, and you get to stare while I stand here naked."

"Alright, fair enough," Annie said, and with that, she reached under her short jean skirt and pulled down a tiny red thong. She tossed it at Michelle.

"Hold this," she said, then she threw off her shirt, and unclasped her bra. Finally, she slid down the skirt and the two girls were naked and alone together in the room.

"Feast your eyes," Annie said proudly.

Michelle did. She could hardly keep herself from staring at Annie's beautiful shaved pussy. Her own snatch was starting to get wet just looking at Annie's perfectly denuded crotch, her tight outer lips and her voluptuous inner labia. She could see a gleam of moisture glistening under Annie's clitoral hood, indeed, she could see every gorgeous detail of Annie's sex, on full display.

"I bet you never knew a pussy could look like that." Annie said with a smile.

"No," Michelle said in awe, "I was always ashamed of my pussy, all gross and hairy, I thought it was something I had to hide away. But looking at you, I can see why you're not ashamed to show yourself off."

"Follow me to the bathroom," Annie said.


"Because otherwise you don't get to look at me any more."

She strode out of the room, her tight ass swaggering back and forth. Michelle had no choice but to follow. In the bathroom, Annie was going through Michelle's shower, and she came out with a razor and a can of shaving cream. There was already a pair of scissors laid out on the sink, which Annie picked up and clicked playfully in the air.

"Sit down." She patted the toilet seat.

Annie began to trim away at Michelle's pubes, slowly clipping them down until there was nothing but a short layer left.

"Well, it's some improvement. At least you can see it now. But now for the good part."

Annie squirted a generous amount of shaving cream into her hand and began to rub it onto Michelle's pubic area. Again, Michelle winced away, but Annie gave a stern look and she did not protest. Michelle was now totally under her command as Annie reached down and stroked the cream onto her outer labia, making sure her fingers made contact with Michelle's soft flesh.

"Alright, Michelle, this is the first day of the rest of your life."

She took the razor, and, starting with the pubic mound, began to gently denude Michelle's womanhood. She took her time, careful to remove every last hair with the first stroke, as she didn't want to give her friend razor burn.

"Watch carefully what I'm doing. You'll have to keep yourself clean when I can't help you," she said, in a way that was both sexual and nurturing.

The pubic mound now completely bare, she moved on to Michelle's soft tender pussy lips. They seemed to grow ever softer and more delectable as each stroke of the razor revealed more of Michelle's beautiful intimate skin. Annie teased the razor around the clit, but with an expert's nimble hands she slashed away every last hair without leaving a mark on Michelle's beautiful pussy. Then, with a towel, she wiped away the shaving cream to reveal her masterpiece.

She had done a stunning job, Michelle's pussy looked naturally bald, without a hint of stubble or razor burn, as if there had simply never been any hair there at all. Michelle stared at Annie, then down at her own nude pussy, and Annie softly said, "Feel it. Feel how soft it is."

Michelle helplessly obeyed, reaching down to feel the soft smooth skin of her bare cunt. Just the first stroke of the bare skin sent shivers of pleasure down her spine as she ran her fingers down over her pubic mound and down to the top of her pussy. She parted the outer lips and felt her clit, which now seemed more exposed to the open air, and all the more aroused for it. Her pussy was becoming soaked, from the few delicate, hesitant touches she was giving it as she explored it.

Then she heard deep breathing, and looked up to see that Annie was rubbing her cunt in a circular motion, fingering herself and stimulating her clit.

She was shocked, but a single glance from Annie seemed to tell her "don't talk now Michelle, you'll ruin it. Just trust me." And, obeying Annie's silent command, Michelle too began to rub her soft, exposed pussy. They just stood there, in the bathroom, watching each other rub at their vaginas, each one quivering at the excitement of seeing the other's perfectly naked pussy. Slowly, the two intensified their actions, until one of them dared to moan. Once the silence was broken they began to heave and gasp as they fingered their clits and penetrated their moist cunts with their fingers.

"Oooooooh shiiiiiit" Michelle moaned. She had always been too ashamed of her pussy to masturbate much, and she had never realized how good it could feel.

"Mmmmmmmmm" Annie's pussy was dripping wet.

"Annie, I think I'm going to cum."

"It's OK Michelle, I won't tell anyone," Annie teased back, then she dug deeper into her cunt and stroked faster at her clit so that she pushed herself over the edge at the exact same moment as her friend. As they both climaxed, they looked each other in the eyes and found a bond that only two shaved girls could share.

That moment became the foundation of their friendship, even though, for five years, neither of them had dared to speak about it. But that was all about to change, as Michelle stared out across the office at Annie, she knew it would.

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