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Another check-up with the Doctor

She can't resist another trip to the Doctors!
I hadn’t stopped thinking about James since we had fucked on his Doctor’s bench. Every time I thought of his sexy grin as his hand had slid down my thigh and his thick cock stretching me wide I felt a damp patch developing in my knickers. Tom, my boyfriend was none the wiser to my cheating and was enjoying my new insatiable appetite for sex.

In the two weeks since my trip to the doctors I couldn’t get enough, I particularly enjoyed being taking from behind, little did he know I was replaying the secret affair in my mind. As Tom was enjoying himself ramming his cock into me and slapping my arse, I was closing my eyes and imagining it was James.

I was worried though, James was married, what if his wife suspected something, what if Tom started to notice? Every time Tom and I had sex I had to bite my lip to stop me from moaning out the wrong name.

I had always been a good girl, I hated cheaters and now I was one and all I could think about was getting more! I couldn’t sleep at night wondering what I should do, what the possibilities were, remembering James saying how he would like to see me again. Our first meeting had been so explosive I shuddered as I thought of what could happen if we met again.

1.36am, the alarm clock said as I jumped awake from my latest lusty dream of James. I had been back in his office, kneeling in front of him, taking his thick cock deep into my mouth, his hands buried in my hair and gliding my head back and forth on his rod.

I felt flustered and aroused and looked over at Tom to see if I had disturbed him. He slept on soundly beside me, I shifted over to the edge of the bed to distance myself from him and as I closed my eyes all I could see was James and his delicious cock. I slid my hand down between my legs and felt the familiar damp patch on my knickers and as I brushed my fingers over the wet spot my pussy tingled with pleasure. The dream had got me hot and horny and I needed to relieve myself. I slipped my fingers inside my knickers, over the soft mound and pulled my pussy lips apart; warm, slippery wetness greeted me. As my fingers reached down to my wet hole I gathered my juices and pulled them up to my swollen, excited clit. I started to flick my clit back and forth, feeling the tingling building and it getting more sensitive under my touch.

My other hand pulled my breast out of my nightie and started to play with my nipple. It hardened immediately as I pulled and tickled it with my fingers. I pulled my legs up to tent the covers so Tom couldn’t hear my hand frigging my clit back and forth. My slit was now dripping with wetness and I closed my eyes as I dug my fingers into my wet hole, bitting down to stop me moaning out load, picturing James’ cock plunging into me.

I was getting close as I twisted my nipples, imagining James sucking on them hard. My clit was swollen and throbbing and I was rubbing myself off into oblivion when suddenly Tom moved. I froze, held my breath, had he heard? I lay still, my heartbeat racing in my chest. After a few moments his heavy breathing resumed and my muscles slowly relaxed. I didn’t want him waking up and ruining my pleasure, I began to frig myself quietly again, ignoring the creeping guilt in my head.

Soon my pleasure was building again, I flicked my button back and forth as quickly as my fingers could, slowly grinding my hips up and down as my clit pulsed with excitement. My body tensed as my climax built, I squeezed my large nipples hard and thrust my fingers deep into my hot hole and the orgasm hit. Waves of pleasure moved down my thighs and up to my swollen breasts and I panted with the force of it.

I relaxed as the pleasure subsided and the relief swept over me, I glanced quickly at Tom and he was still soundly asleep. I reached down beside the bed for some tissue and wiped my fingers and wet, sensitive cunt. I rolled over, away from Tom and felt the cloud of sleep quickly coming over me.

….Tom lay there his cock rock hard as he had felt and heard Sophie cumming next to him. He didn’t know why he had pretended to stay asleep, for some reason he knew he wasn’t meant to join in. I guess there was nothing wrong with it, he too masturbated when he couldn’t sleep sometimes but he didn’t ever think Sophie did it and they had only had sex that morning. For some reason it made him feel a little uneasy, his cock started to soften and he dismissed the thoughts from his mind and tried to sleep.


I woke that morning and all I could think was how could I contact James again? Make another appointment? Ring and ask if I could speak to him? What if he didn’t take the call? But what if he did, then what would I say? Tom had gone to work an hour ago, I had pretended to be asleep and he hadn’t woken me, I couldn’t face him anymore, I just wanted to see James.

I rolled out of bed and showered, washing my still sensitive pussy, remembering my brief relief in the middle of the night, I had to see him.

I quickly dressed and grabbed the phone, ‘I need an appointment today please, with Dr Smith,’ I blurted out as the receptionist answered, before I could change my mind.

‘Ok well Dr Smith is fully booked today, you can see Dr Temple?’

My heart plummented, ‘No, it must be Dr Smith’

‘Oh actually he has an emergency appointment space at the end of the day, 5:50pm, if it is an emergency?’

‘Yes, yes, definitely an emergency.’

‘Ok give me your name and address and I will book you in.’

My heart pounded as I hung up, a mixture of guilt and excitement. I dressed for work and rummaged through my underwear drawer, stuffing my sexy red set into my handbag to change into later. I caught my flushed face in the mirror, what was I hoping would happen? I didn’t know but I wanted to be prepared.

All through the day my mind wrestled between how the appointment would go, what if he didn’t want to see me, what if he jumped on me as soon as I arrived, I couldn’t decide myself what would be best!

At lunchtime I had to go and buy some party bits for my best friend’s hen party at the weekend. I struggled to concentrate as I wondered round the shop, looking at handcuffs, vibrators and cock shaped sweets. I was surrounded by sex and getting more and more turned on as I thought of my appointment. I quickly grabbed some suitable gifts and returned to work before I got myself too worked up.

At 5pm I locked myself in the ladies and stripped off, I took off my plain black pants and pulled on my sexy red knickers, I did the same with my bra, I wanted to be prepared. I pulled my dress over the top and made sure I was showing plenty of cleavage. I fixed my hair and added some extra mascara and gloss to my lips. Satisifed with the look, I left work and headed to the Doctor.

My hands shook as I drove there, at several junctions I nearly turned round and headed home, knowing Tom would be home at 7, I should really go buy something nice for dinner and get ready for a night in but I kept driving to the Doctors.

As I checked in and sat in the waiting room my heart was racing, my hands were damp and my breathing rapid. Get a grip, I thought to myself, just then my name appeared on the screen and I shakily headed for the door.

I paused outside, gathering my thoughts and then slowly undid the handle. He was standing right by the door as I opened it, my knees buckled as his face broke into a wide grin. I clutched at the door frame for support, ‘Hi.’

‘Hi, Sophie, how are you?’

‘Yeah ok thanks,’ I managed to mumble out as he beckoned me into the room and shut the door.

He laughed ‘So not in need of an emergency appointment then?’

I blushed, ‘Well…..’ I looked up at him and smiled.

‘Ah I see,’ he said so seriously I froze but next thing he was next to me, standing as close as he could but not touching, his breathing as rapid as mine and staring deep into my eyes. I closed my eyes and moaned as his mouth met mine hungrily.

My body melted into him, responding to his every touch. His chest was firm against my soft breasts, my nipples were bursting out, desperate to brush against his skin. My pussy was tingling and twitching and I was moaning out as his kisses moved round my face and neck.

‘I’m so glad you came Sophie, I haven’t stopped thinking about you but I didn’t know if I should contact you.’

‘I couldn’t stop thinking of you either,’ I managed, wondering if I could cum just by kissing him!

He must have loved the sound of that as he started pushing me back, towards the curtain with his bench behind. I nearly tripped as he forced me back, his hand on my back keeping me from falling, he ripped the curtain to the side and lifted me onto the edge of the bench. I wrapped my legs around him and ground my crotch against the bulge in his jeans. He slid his hand up my tights and eased my dress up and under my bottom and pulled my tights down. The whole time he was kissing me and staring into my eyes.

‘I want to taste you,’ he moaned and buried his head between my legs, I felt him pull my lacey knickers to the side of my slit and his tongue licked at my pussy lips.

I groaned and pulled my legs apart, I wanted him to eat me up and gave him as easy access as possible. I moaned loudly as he began lapping up my juices, it felt amazing, his firm tongue flicking my button up and down. I put my hand into his gorgeous blond hair and pulled his head deeper into me, wanting his tongue to explore every inch of me. I was lost in the enjoyment, I was being tongue fucked by a gorgeous Doctor, it was better than all the dirty dreams I had had.

He rubbed his hands up and down my thighs as he licked me out, slidding a finger into my begging hole and then tickling at my arse hole. I groaned loudly as he slid 2 fingers deep inside me and he glanced up at me, reminding me to be quiet! My nipples hardened in delight and I could feel my wetness running down my arse crack.

I was going to cum soon, my pussy was pulsing with every flick of his tongue and my thighs were starting to shake.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, ‘Are you still with a patient James?’ A male voice enquired. James looked up from between my legs, his chin covered in my juices, I looked back panicked.

James wiped his chin and walked over to the door. I quickly crossed my legs, worried at what he was going to do. He leant against the door and said softly, ‘Yes Dave, I will be another few minutes then you can lock up.’

‘Sure, no problem,’ the voice came back.

James came back over to me, ‘Sorry hun, we are going to have to get out of here, they need to lock up.’

I felt crushed, I didn’t want this to end! Especially as my pussy was still pulsing, on the edge of a great orgasm. I jumped off the bed and pulled my tights up, feeling embarrassed that he was dismissing me.

He grabbed my arm. ' My wife is away, would you like to go somewhere?’

My breath caught at the mention of his wife but my stomach flipped at his invitation. I wasn’t going to turn him down now, this had gone too far.

‘I was going to get the bus home but if you have a car we could go for a drive,’ he suggested.

I nodded eagerly.

‘Ok well I will meet you in the car park in five minutes’ I looked at him surprised. ‘We can’t walk out together’ he replied.

‘Oh yes, of course ok,’ and I smoothed down my dress and brushed my hair down.

As I walked to the car, I cursed myself for being so stupid infront of him. I was having an affair with this man, it was time to smarten up if I didn't want to get caught. My thighs rubbed together with the wet juices between them and my pussy felt so swollen I was finding it hard to concentrate on walking.

I couldn’t wait for the drive, I was hoping this would be the best ride of my life....

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