Another Day at the Office

By exposedpeach

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A woman gets a text from her long-distance lover that leads to fantastic self-pleasure.
The sudden buzzing distracts me from my work. I glance across my desk, watching my cell phone light up and twitch as it vibrates again. A smile instantly brightens my face. I know exactly who it is and what the text message will say.

I get up from my chair, crossing my office to push the door closed. Returning to my desk, I pick up my phone, flipping it open. "1 text message," it reads. It sends a tingle shooting down from my stomach to the space between my legs. I press the button, and there it is. "You know what I want to know."

My heart skips a beat. There is a strange fluttering in my stomach, and I can already feel the wetness gathering between my thighs. Slowly, I type the response. "No panties, the black skirt." My free hand has wandered down to my thigh, sliding along the smooth material of my black pencil skirt. He picked it out, but being the stubborn, independent lady that I was, I wouldn't let him buy it. I bought it for myself, then sent him a picture of me wearing it. I think if he were here, he'd throw out all my clothes so that the skirt was all I had to wear. He seemed to like me in it that much.

Buzz. "I think you should touch yourself for me."

The tingles run down my spine. My fingernails start to tease the sensitive skin of my inner thighs. My mind wanders to our last phone sex session. The memory of the sound of his voice makes my already swollen clit throb. I've never had such an intense reaction to just the sound of someone's voice. Maybe it was because we had already known so much about each other. How much alike we were. How much we both wanted the same types of things. How much we wanted to do all the things we had talked about so many times before.

Buzz. "Tell me what you're doing."

How long had I been rubbing between my legs? "I'm running my fingers along my thighs then across my pussy." I check the door, hoping no one will decide to walk into my office for the next few moments. My legs have spread themselves apart, causing my skirt to bunch up around the tops of my thighs. My ass has slid forward to the edge of my chair. I don't remember actually doing any of this. Sometimes I wonder if my body would react to his touch the same way that it does to mine. My fingertip has found my clit, and I'm making slow circles around it. It sends shivers through my body, and I bite my lip to keep from moaning.

Buzz. "Mmmm, you're making me so hard!"

Oh god. I love it when he tells me how hard I make him. "Can you touch yourself for me?" My fingers are teasing my slippery slit now, running up around my clit then back down to circle the tight little hole. I've never been so wet in my life. There is an aching inside me that I'm absolutely sure can only be fulfilled by him. There is nothing I want more, nothing else that I can possibly think about. He has promised to be gentle with me. I know he doesn't want to hurt me, but I've been waiting so long. Thinking of the next month and the agony of having to wait that much longer to see him is torture.

Buzz. "It's all about you today, my love. Rub your clit harder."

Obediently, I start to rub my clit roughly, the way he likes for me to do it. I push it side to side, up and down, using two fingers. My other hand has traveled up my body, and I realize I've been squeezing my breast tightly. My breathing is getting faster as my hips move involuntarily against my chair. There will surely be another large wet spot left behind when I leave the office. I wonder if anyone has ever noticed those spots I leave, more and more often as time has passed.

Buzz. "Now, push a finger into yourself. Push it in hard, as deep as possible."

As I do what he says, my eyes close. My head falls back against the back of my chair, and a soft moan finally escapes my lips. The sensations are almost too much, and I imagine that his finger is inside me with his tongue soon to follow. The hand on my breast is pinching my nipple roughly, and I'm almost detached enough in fantasy to imagine that he is here. Goosebumps raise themselves up all over me as I imagine what it will be like to feel his hot breath on my thighs. Finally, I bring my head up and lift the phone. "I'm more wet for you today than ever before. I wish your tongue was inside me."

As I wait for his response, I add another finger into the tight wetness between my legs. I curl them slightly, rubbing my fingertips along the ridges inside me. Shuddering and sighing, my hips start to thrust against my fingers. It won't take long for the sweet release today. I'm too worked up from last night's fantasies. Visions of us on vacation together, locked safely inside our hotel room, finally able to do all that we've been discussing, dance through my head. I'm hoping it will be as good as we both think it will be. That our chemistry together will translate between the sheets.

Buzz. "Mmmm, is that what you really want? I would suck up all those sweet juices."

Jesus, help me. If a person could spontaneously combust, there would be nothing left of me. My fingers are moving in and out quickly, my thumb tracing tight circles around my clit. I feel my chest heaving as if I'd run a marathon, and I wonder how my shirt managed to get unbuttoned. What is it that he's doing to me? It is almost as if he were inside my head controlling my actions. My body automatically knows what he wants me to do. What he would be doing when he got the chance. The thought of his tongue on me drives me crazy. I don't know how I'm going to survive when he finally does actually put his face between my legs.

Buzz. "Are you getting close? Imagine me under your desk, my tongue going wild inside of you, biting your clit."

I'm having to bite my lip hard to keep from moaning. My whole body shudders over and over again, my thighs clenching around my hand. "I'm very close. Are you going to lick me clean?" I'm holding myself on the edge, stroking slowly inside my tightness, teasing myself mercilessly.

Buzz. "I'm going to suck every drop of cum from you, and keep going until you fill my mouth again."

I can't take it anymore. Furiously rubbing my clit, I let myself go, sticking two fingers of my free hand into my mouth to muffle my moans. My juices flood over my fingers, my hips jerking rhythmically. I'm gasping for breath at the intensity of sensations, the waves of pleasure reaching all the way to my toes, making them curl inside my stilettos. I feel utterly exhausted as my muscles start to relax, yet I keep moving my fingers, not wanting to let go of the pleasure yet. "I just came all over my hand. I need your cock inside of me." I keep touching myself, teasing my clit gently, sending shivers up my spine each time.

Buzz. "Soon, my love. Soon you'll have everything of me that I can give you."

My smile feels stuck on. I can never stop grinning after these sessions, and I always get asked what I'm so happy about. My fingers find their way to my mouth, and I start to clean my hand off, tasting myself. I have to get myself straightened back up and finish my work, as much as I hate to stop what we've started. "I can't wait. It's going to be amazing."

To be continued…