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Are you still watching?

My shower's done. The blinds are cracked in my bedroom window. Want to see what happens?
 Still feeling relaxed by the effects of my favorite herb and now lightheaded from an intense orgasm, I barely brushed the towel over my damp skin as I headed for my waiting bed. With a quick flip of my head, my wet hair spills in front of me sending droplets of water dripping to the floor. I rubbed at it vigorously with the towel.

There is no point turning the light on. The curtains are tied back, the blinds slightly cracked. The moon is full and riding low in the sky. It’s soft white light dances in through the windowpane - allowing just enough light for you to clearly see my every move.


I stand, bent forward at the waist. The cool air brushing against the exposed satiny skin between my thighs makes the sexy voice of Scott Anderson invade my mind as he sings Paralyzer. My ass sways with the slow, seductive rhythm. I mouth the words of a song I know by heart. Something about it makes me feel so incredibly sexy.

As the music that only I can hear swells to the chorus, I flip my hair back, dancing all by myself as he sings about his desire.

‘Well I’m not paralyzed /but I seem to be struck by you. I want to make you move /because you’re standing still.’

My body feels liquid as I float around the room delighted by the air caressing my bare skin. The ghostly words of Finger Eleven’s song seducing my mind and heating my body. I close my eyes and imagine my husband, Tommy, lying on the bed. His eyes hooded with desire, his manhood standing tall with respect, as I move around before him. Feeling giddy at the thought of being watched, I smile to myself and cup my breasts - for Tommy’s benefit.

Feeling the music flow through me, I welcome the way my muscles burn as they bunch and stretch, twisting and turning my body. My nipples harden beneath the heat of my palms as I tenderly handle the soft skin of my plump breasts. My head lulls back. Wet hair tickles the top of my swaying heiney.

A quiet, contented breath escapes my parted lips. Warmth spreads from my core as my hands travel up my chest to the hollow of my throat. I wrap my fingers around the base of my elongated neck, squeezing gently. A quick thrill at the strength they bare.

The song ends. I open my eyes to darkness.

The silence is euphoric. Suddenly struck by the fact that I’m alone with myself, a ragged breath consumes me. Elated by the knowledge that I alone know what makes my body feel best, I’m lost to the familiar dampening between my legs.

I bite my bottom lip. Give a little teasing pinch to my nipples. A giggle escapes me like a million tiny musical bubbles dancing in the air. In this moment, I absolutely adore myself.

My body is ravaged by nervous jitters of anticipation. I feel like it’s my first time with a new lover as my hands explore the soft skin that covers every dip and curve of my body. Fascinated by the luscious way my hips round out. By the way my well-rounded ass dips into the top of my thighs.

My back arches spontaneously as my hands glide around the top of my thighs and into the creases at the junction of my own lust and desire. As my fingers wonder dangerously close to the delicate skin begging to be touched, the air is thickened by my short, hot breaths of felicity.

I tease the swollen lips at the tabooed juncture. I beg, it’s a nearly silent moan, for my fingers to please me. But they refuse. Not until every inch of my body is alive with want, tingling with raw desire, will they penetrate and offer me sweet release.

Shuddering, I surrender and crawl onto the bed. I bite my lip again at the way being on all fours makes me feel. With my ass in the air, my nipples being teased by the delicate fabric of the down filled duvet, the moistened slit between my parted thighs spreads with vulnerability and want.

I sit up on bended knees, my ass pressing against my calves, letting my hands explore my heated flesh. The gentle slope of my shoulders. The long, lean muscles of my arms. The devilishly ticklish skin stretched taught over my ribs. The roundness of my breasts. The way my tummy sinks in as my hands glide over it.


A heavy wanton breath shatters the silence as my fingers graze my cleft. I lean back, spreading my knees farther apart, my hands groping and squeezing the pliant flesh of my inner thighs. Damp with desire, I feel my lips part with each squeeze of my thigh. The sudden, repeated bursts of cool air against the hot swollen nub hidden behind the fleshy folds only serve to raise my desire.

No longer able to bare being untouched, I open the moistened slit with my thumbs. A sudden wisp of chilled air kisses the heat imitating from the whetted core of my body. I lick my lips as the delicate pad of my middle finger slides across the tip of my engorged clit. A long, soft moan reverberates from the depths of my throat.

Pressing my finger down firmly, I trace the curve of my body until my finger slips inside. I gasp at the sudden intrusion. Sinking in deeper, my finger becomes sodden by the moisture of my eagerness to be pleased. My fingers gladly oblige.

I slide my finger out of my dripping pussy. My other hand finds the warmth and two fingers slip inside. Deeper. Deeper. Until they won’t go any more. I flex them back and forth, making my tight little hole even wetter.

Feeling left out, my other hand reaches in to seize my throbbing clit. I capture the swollen nub between two fingers and stroke it in hard, tiny circles. My stomach muscles tighten as I shove a third finger inside. My pussy stretches to accommodate. The gentle pain of it causes me cry out.

Now drenched with my sweet juices, I lick the fingers that have been delivering so much pleasure to my clit. I scoop the warm saliva from my tongue with those two fingers and press it firmly against my hard nub. My whole body trembles. I feel an orgasm building deep inside of me.


I rub my pulsing clit faster, pressing harder. My fingers slam into my pussy, splattering my hot juice all over my hand. I clench my ass and rock my hips forward, driving my fingers in deeper.

Hot bolts of electricity shoot through my legs. From my toes all the way to my core.

Deeper. Harder. Faster.

I drive my fingers into the depths of my body and rub my swollen, begging clit. Every muscle in my body convulses as the orgasm claims me. My legs jerk and twitch. My stomach clenches. Hot shooting cum sprays my hand, soaking my duvet. I cry out again as the orgasm seems to go on and on. My fingers never slowing.

At last, the blinding orgasm begins to subside. I desperately try to catch my breath. My body is spent. My mind relaxed. I slowly stretch out on my stomach across the bed. One hand cupping my sensitive mound, the other close to my lips.

I gently suckle the sweet moisture from my fingers. And drift off to sleep.
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