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Art Class Part II

Second story of two virgin teens experiencing public mutual masturbation
In my fog-hazed mind, I stood in the aid room at school trying to recap what happened just a few minutes ago in the art class. I could still see the large visible wet stain in the crotch region of my pants. The end of my dick was throbbing, not quite in pain, but in enduring ecstasy. I had to admit the best sexual experience for this boy virgin. Walking was a bit uncomfortable because some of the hairs on my thigh stuck to my pants due to the cum that had run down my leg. I didn't just have some sort of wet dream or nightmare. I only took Art Class as a fun fill-in to my other studies. How had I ended up with a big sticky mess in my pants? What the fuck had I just done? How is what just happened going to affect me from this point forward?

Mrs Ingley knows pretty much what happened in her class and I could only guess what she thought she saw. Bloody hell! I’m only 17 and I could be ruined! What was she going to do and who was she going to tell? The headmaster? My parents? What will my good practicing Catholics parents think! I am not even permitted to masturbate, let alone in a class full of my peers. My parents will be discredited with a son as a sex maniac. Was I going to get kicked out of school? Could this one sexual event screw me for the rest of my life?

Standing self absorbed and distressed about my own life evaporating away, I heard sobbing and remembered Helen was in the room. She sat weeping with her head sunk in the pillow on her lap. Suddenly I felt a sorrow and sort of responsible for Helen’s current state. Yes, I know my life is possibly ruined but something buried inside me caused a sudden feel empathy for this girl. She is in the same boat with me and somehow I was the one that started it, I think. What had drawn me to participate in a public mutual masturbation with her today in the classroom? Helen and I had never spoken a word to each other, not even in the last two-year we had been at school together. Now here we were, the two of us, isolated in the medical aid room of a large secondary school. I had to break the ice and talk with Helen. I need to understand more about Helen, and in a way myself, and try to figure out how all of this happened.

I looked up at Helen, she had lifted her head up off the pillow and was staring straight at the huge wet stain on the crotch of my pants. Just as I was about to open my mouth to speak, Helen quietly said, “I’m sorry Trevor. I caused that."

I attempted a reply while I moved to the bed to sit down. “Well Helen not really. Obviously I did it but I think you know what made it … umm ... helped … me do it.” She kept looking down at my wet patch. By this time the stickiness in my pant was really playing a big part in my overall uncomfortable state.

Shortly after I was seated on the bed facing her, Helen murmered, “I am still sorry but when I saw your penis poking up in your pants I was mesmerized and started to imagine what it would look like.” Helen continued to explain, “I know you don’t think too much of me. I see you smirk and turn away when we walk past in the hallway and I know I am not very good looking, well not like those girls that hang around your footy team all the time, and I’m not looking to be your girlfriend you should know.” Helen’s gaze again returns to my crotch and she continued, “I don’t know I can’t help it I must have a problem I… ”

I interjected, “Helen you do know that Mrs Ingley saw you and me and well she knows what we were up to.” I paused gathering my thoughts then continued, “Are you worried about getting kicked out of school? Do you want to go to UNI? If she talks about this to anyone we are both screwed.”

With tears welling in her eyes again, Helen responded, “I didn’t intended for this to happen I just saw that peak in your pants. Yes, Trevor! I am worried what Mrs Ingley will do. I was the one with my hand down my knickers wasn’t I?!” She started sobbing again, tears rolling down her face. I started to feel real empathy for this girl, not just worried so much for my own well being but I felt concerned for her as well. I bend forward and gently wiped the tears from her cheeks, bringing my hand to rest on the side of her face.

She looked back at me and with the slight tilt of her head in the direction of my hand, she become a little more calm and composed. Helen said “I have a sick fascination for the male penis. Apart from what I have seen in biology text books, and art history class I have never seen a real man’s penis, but for some reason I am fascinated and fantasize every day what one would look like. I don’t really want to fuck you or any boy for that matter but just to see a man’s penis; it preoccupies my mind every day. I’m sick I know, I don’t even have any girlfriends to talk to about this about.”

As I listened to Helen’s weird rationalization of what had made her do what she did, her state of mind concerned me; is this normal? Do all girls think like this? How should I know! What was I to do? How can I help well both of us? I had no idea. While trying to sensibly think of a solution, my horny nature kicked back in, causing a physical reaction. My cock started swelling with blood and with no underwear that meant the dry, sticky spunk had bonded my cock to the fabric of my pants, making it increasingly more uncomfortable as it grew. The subtle movement of Helen’s hands again distracts me, one of her hands was gently holding my hand to the side of her face - our fingers starting to interlace on her warm cheek. Her other hand was extended forward and cautiously resting on my knee.

Not really thinking, I slowly moved my body forward on the bed until just the tail section of by bum was resting on the edge of the bed. As I move forward my knees position between Helen’s inner thighs, she obliged by opening her legs wide to make room while she worked the hand that was resting on my knee so that it is now resting within fingertip reach of my aching cock. My hand that was resting on her cheek separated from hers and moves around the back of her head, my fingers entwine within her shoulder length chestnut hair. My free hand took hold of the corner of the pillow in Helen’s lap and gently I pulled it sideways. It fell on the floor next to Helen’s chair.

Helen sensuously looked deep into my eyes, I slowly close my eyes and tilt my head down submissively. Her eyes open wide while her fingers moved forward again as she starts tracing the outline of my cock. In a very feminine and gentle way she starts massaging my cock through my pants. She was very careful and did not apply a great deal of pressure, but it felt like she was trying to guess the measurements by creating a mental picture of my cock through the touch of her fingers.

With my right hand, I draw up her thigh - replaying an earlier event from today but this time, I am the one who is bunching her dress up around her hips. Looking down, it surprises me to see that her bikini briefs are not quite positioned correctly. The sight of the left side of her white floral bikini panties, stuck in between her outer labia, caused my cock to spasm and Helen pulled her hand away in alarm. The pain of restriction inside my sticky pants dulls the erotic sensation and caused visual distress to appear on my face. Helen looked up and said “Oh I am sorry I won't -- ”

I interjected, “No, Helen I want you to open my pants and let it out. If I don’t get it out it will continue to hurt. It really does hurt!” Did I really just say that?!

She looks at me in either astonishment or eagerness I couldn’t tell. I suddenly feel a deeper change in my feelings towards this girl. The previous day I would not have considered even taking the trouble to talk to her. The events of today were quickly somehow making me glimpse beyond the exterior visual appearance and I saw in front of me a very passionate and erotic girl.

Quickly, I draw Helen’s face onto mine opened my mouth over her lips. I poked my tongue into her mouth and we had a rough and fast tongue battle, in the way two novice virgin teenagers kiss, a short and violent encounter. Before either of us passed out from lack of oxygen, our mouths separate ending the wild spontaneous encounter. Staring directly at each other, still close enough so I can feel her breath, for the first time I saw her smile.

What a beautiful smile. The colour intensified in her cheeks, her eyes brightened and I could see she had the most vibrant green emerald eyes. I leaned back and rest my arms behind my back on the bed that I am precariously perched on. Helen just stared at me.

“Well go on Helen. You know what to do, don’t you? Did I not hear you say earlier you have a fascination for the male penis but have never seen one live? Then let mine be your first and from now on can you please refer to as a cock please,” I said, as I continued to smile. She needed no further encouragement, nodding in agreement and using both her small, delicate hands to undo the belt of my pants. Helen then continued by undoing the button at the top of my pants. Next, in what I can only describe as a moment of anticipation and excitement on her behalf, Helen paused for a short moment and held her breath. Carefully, like a mother bathing her baby for the very first time, she slowly and carefully retracted the zipper as far as it would go. Using only her fingertips, she delicately clasped the corners of the two front portions of my pants and folded them to either side.

In an instant, the head and main shaft of my six and half-inch cock broke free and into view - finally released from the confinement of its sticky cage. Helen’s eyes widen in excitement and the expression on her face was no different than that of a young child opening presents on Christmas morning. She then quickly but only for a second turned her gaze to my face and this time she provided me with a gigantic smile, better than anything I had ever seen.

Looking closer into the open front of my pants, she exclaimed in astonishment, “Oh Trevor! I don’t think you are wearing any undies ... um ... there,” pointing at my crotch.

I giggled and replied, “Well Helen, I think you might be right but you are currently not wearing yours correctly either."

She looked down towards her pussy half showing because of the poor placement of her bikini briefs. She blushed and quickly placed both her hands over her pink puffy vagina and we both giggled. Helen, removing her hands, said, “Oh well I guess you have already seen my pussy back in the classroom didn’t you? I let you look then so why not now?” Then she quickly hooked her thumbs around the sides of her briefs, lifting her bottom just enough off the chair to pull her knickers down onto her thighs. In one very quick movement she sat back and somehow untangled her legs from the outside of mine, whips her briefs off and drop them on the floor. Helen then returns her feet and legs to the outside of my slightly parted knees so her legs were now spread very wide.

With her dress bundled around her waist, I could now see right into her open pussy. Fascinated, I could not take my eyes off her puffy pink teenage virginal cunt. Helen’s public hair was not thick; the delicate reddish brown threads did not inhibit my view of her young swollen vulva. Her clit seemed to be quite a lot larger than I had expected or had ever seen in the few porn magazines that I had been shown in the footy change room. It really appeared like a tiny penis, even with a little retracted foreskin above it and below were two wet, flowery folds of skin that were open to reveal a small glistening entrance.

After a moment of silence, I heard Helen say, “Are you quite finished looking?”

I looked up saw she was grinning like a cat. I stuttered “Oh! Oh, sorry Helen.”

“Can I have a closer look at your… COCK now?” she calmly whispered.

I contemplated her request, thinking to myself, well the room is locked and it’s only fair considering she had been so accommodating so I lifted by bum off the bed slightly. Helen stared at me questioningly so I responded “Well if you want to have a good look you better pull my pants down.”

Without any further encouragement, she grabbed my pants at the waist and pulled then down past my knees. Helen then sat forward slightly and surveyed the scene in front of her. My legs were slightly apart, enough so my balls hung down between my inner thighs. I looked up at Helen’s face to see she is staring at my cock and balls not so much in a ogling way but more like an engineer inspecting a new piece of machinery. Her eyes and head moving to examine every inch of its make-up and design. “Well are you going to touch it?” I confronted Helen who immediately reacts with a stunned look on her face.

“I can touch it? Can I?” she replied looking straight up into my eyes.

“Well hell I guess so considering we have gone this far you may as well!” I responded, to her look of bewilderment.

Helen then calmly remarked “Trevor, I will be careful”.

Just as she was about to place her index finger on my cock, it pulsed involuntarily and reared up about 15 degrees. Helen’s hand retracted, as she sat bolt upright and let out a little squeal, and then she started to giggle again. “What was that for, how did you do that?” she inquired quickly.

“Oh Helen you have a lot to learn about boys. Sure I can make my cock bounce or jump if I try hard enough but sometimes there are involuntary movements.” I explained.

“So I had something to do with that as well!” she responded with a cheeky grin. I smiled at her and then quickly she returns to her investigation. Cautiously, Helen’s hand made its way to my shaft and she started slowly to trace just one finger along the side of my cock; finding her way from the base of my cock up to the circumcised scare just below my cock head, then she used fingers from both hands to encompass my cock gently, stroking the complete length. For a novice she is certainly skilled as her gentle touch caused a tension and increasing sexual pleasure through my body.

“Oh Helen, that is so good ... Uhhh.”

She looked me in the eye and replied, “So you like that do you Mr Trevor?”

I immediately noted a sudden change in her demeanor she was now the explorer or investigator determined to discover all that there was to know about her new found jewel. I reflected and thought to myself, "This is the first opportunity she has had to explore the object that had troubled and eluded her for so long, there is going to be no stopping her now."

As her confidence grew, handling her new article of fascination, Helen began increasing her exploration in both pace and region. She circled my cock with her hands. Then holding my cock closer to my chest, she drew her hand up and down my shaft firmly. I watched as she continued to perform her experiments. On the upward stroke the scar tissue skin rolled over the head of my cock, my balls started to rise and fall with the movement. She cupped one hand between my thighs and let my balls bounce off her hand as she continued, increasing speed gradually with each stroke. It was not long before I began to get that predictable feeling, rising though my body. My legs became tense and my torso started to rhythm with the timing of Helen's caress on my cock. The big difference this time is my hands are not doing the work. I look down and there is precum seeping from the tip of my cock. Helen carefully distributes it around my cock head with her finger. The tension is continuing to mount.

I let out a gasp and said, “Helen ... Please ... Please I’m just about to cum!” She stopped. Why did I say that?!

Still with a firm grip on my cock and holding my balls firmly in her other hand, she inquired, “Trevor is your penis … Oh sorry cock and scrotum - ”

“-Ball bag Helen,” I interjected.

“Oh right thanks for that ... Is your cock and ball bag normally this sticky Trevor?”

While I am trying to formulate an intelligent answer, Helen let go of my balls with one hand, reached around my back and grabbed one of my arms. Clasping my wrist, she directed my hand down between her own legs and forced onto her cunt. Without looking down she said with authority, “Now put your fingers inside me Trevor I want you to feel something.” I comply and easily slip two fingers deep inside her cunt.

“Oh Helen you are sopping wet, smooth and it feels so good,” I said, trying to regain my breath.

“Trevor so you can feel the difference then?” she replied confidently.

“Oh yes I can!” I replied as my hand started to slide in and out of her pussy. After a few strokes I could feel my thumb, well accidentally, flick her extended clit and I noticed her eyes clam shut and she bite her lip gently.

Grabbing my hand she gently removed it and placed it back behind my back as she explained, “Mr Trevor, I’ll have to ask you to stop that … well ... for now.” She paused momentarily before continuing, “What are we going to do with this sticky penis… Oh sorry ... cock and ball bag then?”

Helen leans forward and sticks the head of my cock between her lips, before I can make any suggestion. As I stared down on her, in amazement, she proceeded to engulf my entire cock right down to the end of my shaft. She sucked and licked her way up and down the whole length of my cock just twice. She stopped and looked up with her mouth still open and waits. Her hand had returned and was holding my shaft firmly. “Arrr... that is better Mr Trevor’s cock is now nice clean and wet just like Helen’s pussy, but I think Mr Trevor want to cum right?” talking in a very suggestive voice and with a cheeky grin. She did not wait for an answer and returns her mouth to my cock instead, proceeding to suck and lick my shaft. One hand cupping my balls and the other assisting her mouth in working over my cock, I felt her quickly move her mouth to my ball bag and in some amazing feat of sucking, she sucks one and then the other ball into her gaping mouth. She crafted her tongue inside her mouth around the ball and then spits it back out. Helen performs this task a number of times as she continues to massage my cock with her hand.

I had never experienced the rise in tension like this in my body before - the pleasure and passion is not comparable to any previous sexual arousal I had ever had. Again, I feel the erotic pressure rise again through out my body as Helen increased her speed up and down my shaft. I placed one hand gently on Helen’s head to assure I was one in heart and mind with her actions. I become aware of her tongue flicking at the head of my cock when she withdraws. I could feel the back of her throat when she drives her head down again. I felt the rhythm of her actions become faster and more physical. I don’t want this feeling to ever stop. I seemed to have lost control to her, as she had control and it was her that was controlling me. “I feel so close ... getting very close ... Helen ... Oh God ... Helen ... Fuck that’s good ... you're making me … Oh Helen!”

Suddenly, the door opened and Mrs Ingleys stepped into the room.

To be continued ...

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