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Art History Class

Personal experence back in my late teen years.
For my first story, a experience that happened in my last year at school (before Uni). I was still a virgin at the time (17). Names have been changed, but it is based on true events which happened a long time ago. I have taken some poetic license but mostly it is true.

I was sitting in a darken room with about 20 other students watching a projector slide show of 20th Century art. Our teacher Mrs Ingley, I suspect, was a bit of a sex addict, because she showed lots of nude pictures and painting in our art history lessons more than I can suggest were really needed for the topic. She was also a bit of a hippy who always wore big tent like brightly coloured ankle length cotton dresses and open toe shoes. On two occasions in previous art prac classes she bent forward in front of me to point something out on my canvas and her dress would fall forward. I could sneaked a look down the front of her dress and clearly see she was not wearing a bra. While I couldn't make out further down past her large breasts, I suspect she didn't always wear panties either.

Anyway back to the art history lesson on this day I was sitting right up the back of the class as I had arrived to the class rather late. The only seat left was over the far side of the room in the last row between a girl called Helen and I guy I played football with called Andrew. Andrew really was not at school to learn, it was pretty much common knowledge he was just waiting to be selected by a Victorian AFL team and would go off and play professional football in the next 6-12 months. Just about every art history lesson Andrew would fall asleep and it was only a few minutes into the lesson and I look over and Andrew has his chin on his chest, his arms folded and eyes shut. Helen who was sitting in the corner of the room was on my right a girl who without sounding rude wasn't the most attractive girl at school and really didn't seem to have too many friends. She was a bit geeky but did have a slender body and smallish boobs.

It was about ten minutes after the class had started and Mrs Ingleyr was explaining the brush strokes on a Amedeo Modigliani painting and kept pointing at the breasts of the reclining female nude on the screen. I suddenly could feel my penis straining against my pants. I looked down to check and even in the dim light of the room I could see an obvious bulge where my penis was making a tent in my pants. A bit conscious, I looked over at Helen who was only about 2 feet away and to my shock she was looking directly at my pants. I became embarrassed and started squirming in my seat but Helen kept sneaking a look every time I stopped moving.

Eventually I leaned back in my chair and put my hand in a pocket, grabbed my cock in an attempt to restrain it and cover up what was at this stage very obvious to Helen. Unfortunately this did not really help a lot, it only made my erection harder. I couldn't help myself and start slowly rubbing the end of my cock thought the thin fabric lining of my pocket and soon could feel a small patch of wetness on my hand.

I looked over at Helen wondering what she must now be thinking as she was now continually starring at my waist. My eyes were then drawn down below her desk and I was stunned to see Helen had placed her right hand down on her own lap and was slowly drawing her knee length cotton skirt up her thigh slowly but purposefully with her fingers. Before long she had bunched her skirt up around her waist open her legs slightly wider under her desk and had moved her hand onto her pussy. In the dim light I could just make out her hand between her legs, she was slowly rubbing her clit through her panties.

For a quick moment we stared at each others face. In a sort of inquisitive way, without using any words, I think we were both trying to gauge where this was leading. As I looked into her eyes she opened her mouth slightly and let out a slow long quite breath. Helen then moved her head and eyes down to her waist in a attempt to draw my attention to what she was now doing with her hand . When I looked down I could see she had now placed her right hand inside her panties and was slowly rubbing her pussy.

As I watched she turned slightly in a attempt to let me have a better look at what she was doing. By now I had completely lost focus on what our art teacher was saying or what was on the projector screen at the front of the class. I was now focused on what I was doing with my hand in my pocket and was staring down Helen's front. I bent forward slightly and to the right in a attempt to get a better look and as I did Helen stretched her hand away just for a second and I could see inside her panties and could just make out her pubic hair and soft mound that outlined her pussy. I then saw her extend her middle finger and slow draw it back to what I could only imagine was the inside of her pussy.

By now I was massaging the length of my penis through the lining of my pocket. I really would have preferred to have been able to open my fly and rip my cock out so I could have better access to masturbate my cock and now aching balls but I was sort of caught up with what I was doing and seeing. Also I think I was too scared someone else would see what was happen. However, I was getting my fingers to rub up and down the shaft, flicking my fingers back and across across the raised urethra track on my upside down cock as I had it pinned to my thigh.

In a quick conscious fit I looked up and around the room and in the dim light could pretty much make out that all the other students in the class were staring at the projector screen as the teacher was trying to explain something about a Aubrey Beardsley black and white drawing of a man with a ridicules massive penis. It appeared no one had any inclination what was happening at the back of the class and Andrew remained asleep. At this stage I was not that interested in art history but quickly looked back at Helen who now had placed her left elbow on her desk with the palm of her hand placed under her chin and she was biting her fingers in what I can only imagine was her way of restricting herself from make a noise. Her other hand was now jamming in and out of her pussy quite fast in short stabs. I kept looking over at Helen as I was also now rubbing and flicking the length of my cock quite fast through the lining of my pocket.

Helen was swapping her focus from my face to where my hand was now wrestling away inside my pants. Then suddenly her eyes widened and her body appeared to suddenly stiffen. She stared straight at me and biting down on her fingers very hard, she let out a restrained grunt and then by accident, I suspect, her foot sprang forward and kicked the leg of her desk making a loud bang, and her desk forward about six inches. A second later I ejaculated into my pants I had two massive squirts of cum which saturated the lining of my pocket and this penetrated through to soak my hand. I could then feel a constant stream of fluid seeping from the end of my cock. Helen had now slumped forward with her head on her desk and was panting softly.

The room went quite and I looked up to see Mrs Ingley stand up looking in our direction and she said "Is everything OK up the back there". I could also see a lot on my classmates had also turned around in their seats and were looking in our direction. Mrs Ingley started to walk up towards the back of the room in the dim light and I quickly pulled my wet cum drenched hand out of my pocket and placed it on Helen's bare arm to gave her a little shake, she lifted her head and looked at me. I indicated to her that Mrs Ingley was heading our way.

Before Helen could do much Mrs Ingley was standing right in front of our desks and I saw her take a deep breath in through her nose. It then occurred to me that there was quite a strong musky scent of sex in the air. As Mrs Ingley released her breath out through her mouth I saw as she closed her eyes a slight cheeky grin appear on her face. She bent forward and looked over the edge of Helen's desk to see Helen's hand still inside her panties and her dress bunched up around her waist. She then casually looked over to my pants and I also looked down to see a large damp patch on the right side of my pants. Just then my penis gave a involuntary post ejaculation jump which I am sure Mrs Ingley saw.

By now I really didn't care that much as I was still coming down from the most powerful orgasm I had every had. I looked over at Helen and could see her face had gone completely pale and panic was obviously setting in. Without her making a sound tears started to roll down her cheeks. She pulled her hand out of her panties and tried to adjust her dress. I looked up at Mrs Ingley who was now staring back at Helen. Before I could say or do anything Mrs Ingley said quietly "Trevor I think you should help Helen she does appear to be quite pale, could you please assist her to the aid station rest room there is a bed in there and I think Helen could do with a lie down for a while. Trevor I want you please stay with Helen in the aid room. I will come and check in with you as soon as I have finished this lesson."

Stunned I tried to stand up from my desk but then remembered the front of my pants. I had a big wet patch showing and if I moved a lot of the other students in the class might be able to see as I tried to leave the room. Mrs Ingley already aware of my predicament picked up my exercise books from my desk and placed them near my right side and said "Trevor I suggest you take your books with you here they are."

I held my books in my right hand covering the wet patch in my pants and maneuvered around so I held Helen under her arm, who was now standing behind her desk facing the back wall. I looked towards the door we had to try and get past Andrew who was still sound asleep but also blocking our exit. Mrs Ingley looked at Andrew and in a loud direct voice said "Find my art lesson boring Andrew......" Andrew was startled back to life and nearly fell out of his seat. While the class were giggling and smirking he pulled his seat forward and Helen and I exit behind him.

I walked Helen to the art class door as quickly as I could and we left the room, we then walked straight to the aid room. Helen and I still had not exchanged a single word since this whole thing had started, and to that I don't even know if we had ever spoken before then anyway. She turn around once we entered the room facing away from me she sat down in a chair. She grabbed a pillow off the nearby bed which she buried her face into. I locked the aid room door.

to be continued....
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