As I look in the mirror

By ashflower

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Fresh out of the shower I write this little excerpt. How masturbation in front of a mirror fascinates me. How everything becomes swollen, seeing freshly shave lips, as the fingers glide in and out, covered in white cum. I wonder how many people out there do what I just did. Hope you like it.

As I come out of the shower I see my hand held mirror. My hair still wrapped in a towel, my body still warm and wet from the shower. I grab my mirror placing it on the floor as I sit down looking at my shaven lips, spreading my legs. As I enter two fingers inside me slipping in and out, juices come with it. My fingers covered in cum as I place them in my mouth how tasty. My other hand rubbing my clit slowly, as I reveal my bud how beautiful it looks, faster and faster I go the build of lust builds stronger. I only rub my clit I go faster rubbing and sliding. More and more the juices flow out. "oh god" I must be quiet for my roommates might hear me. I stop as I hear footsteps walk by. After a few moments I start again staring into that mirror seeing my fingers rubbing my swollen clit as my lips engorge with blood. Imagining a a tongue licking and sucking. One orgasm god my arms are getting tired no I keep going. I resist the cramp in my arm. I can feel another orgasm coming must keep going "Oh yes." I try to keep my moan muffled. Twice thrice orgasm rush over me. I watch the juices come out. Feeling my muscles contract, tightening and releasing. My fingers covered in creamy whiteness. I lay against the door, panting, trying to catch my breath.

As I stand up my legs quiver, I try to keep balanced. I place my hands on the counter. My hair still wrapped in my towel, my face red, as my body overheats. I smile at my accomplishment. I dry my hair, placing my pjs on and walk out the door to my room. My neither lips still tingling. Beneath my pants. As I lay on my bed. Making sure my door is firmly closed.

Grabbing my vibrator from my drawer, turning it on. The powerful vibrations, as I run it up my thighs, closer and closer, placing it on my clit, I rub faster and faster having it on high power. "mmmmmm." Stifling my moans, more and more pressure builds as I orgasm and keep rubbing feeling my sheets getting soaked. I don't stop, suddenly a knock on my bedroom door. "Just a minute." Trying not to sound out of breath. I quickly place my pants on flipping the blankets back covering my sheets. Hiding the vibrator under them. Flipping open the door. "What do you want?"

 "I was wondering if I could borrow some incense?"

 "Fine one minute." 

Grabbing the incense handing it over. I close the door locking it., Praying for not more interruptions. However my mood was gone. Being so rudely interrupted. I cleaned everything up and went for a glass of wine. Tasting it as it relaxed my body. I lean against the patio door staring at the darkened sky. Thinking back on what I did. How exciting. The fingers slipping in and out. Rubbing my clit. Maybe later I should do it again. Maybe get one of my roommates to join. What do you think?