At the nudist beach

By marcosurbina

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One Sunday at the nudist beach.

As it was habitual, every Sundays we did the same thing over and over, and this time was not the exception of the rule: we got up early to have  breakfast,  picked up our stuff and packed everything we'd need in a bag: towels, sun tan, and CD's to listen to some music at this nudist camp.

My mi wife collected her clothing too, and I saw her getting   into the bath room where she  began to shave some hair that sneaked out of her thongs.  We got dressed and headed for the beach, perhaps too early for a Sunday beach,  with little people there –just a few girls,  boys and some couples.   We were lucky enough to pick up a empty spot. We pulled up our tent there, a big umbrella  dug into the sand to keep  it steady and erect,  and took  our towels and the like…  We laid down on the towels and began to rub tan ourselves, but as I glanced to one side, I spotted a couple just arriving there, next to us, roughly our same age,   a few meters away from us,  getting all set.

This couple set down their stuff and as  they  began to take off their clothes, I saw  how she took off the tiny denims  and  t-shirt to show the beautiful,  gorgeous round small tits.  Her nipples looked hard and beautiful and the diminutive panty she  was wearing now at this beach was red. To my surprise,  she sat on the towel, completely naked after she slid off her brief.
 We were pretty a long time like this and as it was getting too hot,  it was time for   the other couple to  enter in the sea to cool down,  so I could see the boy waking,  with s gorgeous hard on. This maded me to comment something about it to my girlfriend: "Hey, look at the boy. Isn't it a truly stiff dick?"

 My wife got up to see and said: "Oh,  that's a hard on indeed."

I told her I was sure the boy's arousal was a consequence from the sight  of  me rubbing you tan in the vicinity of your little asshole. This made her laugh and she added:

 "Well, it's true, but why don't we make him having an even more solid and rigid hard on? I think he can get more out of it.  Watch this!

 As the other couple came out of the water,  on their way back, they walked straight to us, so my girlfriend spread her legs wide for them, pretending she was not paying attention. This made the boy's eyes to pop up as he spotted my wife's little cunt showing an open entrance just in front of him.  He slowed down as he was heading to pick up his towel so he could see the cunt better now, looked me in the eye and smiled. I smiled back while they laid down to sun tan.

We entered in the water  many times and played along, until we decided to move the towels in the sun direction to get cover up.  The other couple was now behind us, because they hadn't  moved, but finally they got up to enter in the sea too. As they were back here again, they began to shift their towels to a new position,  so their feet and head were now in the new arrangement, just meters away from our heads. This was the best way for a direct stare between their thighs while they were laying there face down chatting.

Suddenly, the couple began to rub sun tan taking turns, this time they'd do it by themselves around the chest, arms, legs, foot… he was about to rub oil in his dick and decided to pour a large quantity in his hands, then would rub it softly   around  his dick making it to have a new hard on like blue still,  enhanced by the extensive massage along his shaft , back and forth, drawing the head skin backwards to show his cock's head.

My girlfriend was concentrated watching the scene, how the boy rubbed down on his dick. Actually  it looked more to a jerk off; since  the girl had decide  to masturbate too,  she asked her boy friend to fetch the cream and to continue  to rub it  along  the young man's shaft.  Once he granted permission, she held his dick discretely and began her new job.

We were enjoying the show like never before in our lives. There was an instance when he felt obliged to beg  her to stop as   his dick had become  harder enough. No doubt this had been caused for so much friction of her small hands  up and  down the shaft.  He, too, had  began to jab his hand between her thighs to touch her  little cunt,  fingering her and bringing them to his mouth to try her juices.  We couldn't take it any more and turned to face them, with my dick hard. My girl friend was too turned on by the scene and  I realized this cunt was too wet for my fingers went inside her easily and efficiently. We were very careful and vigilant so we weren't caught  by bystanders in the beach who would see us doing this, especially when still  a few people were nearby in this  beach preparing  to leave and  not many was left behind.

While they kept on touching to each other,  they kept looking at us. Of course we were doing the same thing,  watching them intently, so the other girl knew this and she eased  our job by spreading her legs wide and showing off her very nice pussy, and a perfect peer of her cunt opening could be admired.

Well, she was performing like the perfect teacher now, and  my girl friend  who had taken imitative action from  other girl began to spread her legs too, even wider than the other young woman, but parting her cunt lips now for them. This move made the other couple  to enjoy the act  appreciatively while she jerked him off bringing him to the up most, and, on the verge to get his orgasm, the stiff cock  could be seen  almost about to explode, for  a big transparent  precum began to leak from his shining lubricated cock head.  The other girl's  liquids, on the other hand, were already spilling out of her cunt; I could tell by the clear  juices coming out.

Mi girl friend didn't pause in rubbing my dick,  so I couldn't stand any more   and soon would  have an orgasm, but I suddenly heard a moan: she was already having her orgasm, too turned on by the other splendid picture. As the other boy saw what was happening to my girl friend, he cummed too, so we were two parties having an orgasm at the same time. A big stream jet from the boy reached high in the air, and we could see her cream out of her pussy too, reaching to her climax.

How a big show I enjoyed from  this picture. I hadn´t  yet got my orgasm so my girlfriend asked me: "Oh, that's going on with you, you're not going to cum yet? Are you trying to hold up  your orgasm?"

I replied: "Oh, of course I wish I'd cum soon, but I've chosen  to enjoy such luscious scene"

The other girl spread her legs even wider, touching her pussy she parted her cunt lips with her fingers and I could't  take  it more; the glance  at her beautiful love tunnel made me to   explode, spilling lots of cum gallons on the towel, the other half of it  plummet on my girl friend hands.

We finally returned to the sea, speechless but laughing. After a while we got back, and began to dry with the towel, for it was becoming late, dressed up and were gone in less than a minute.  The only words we exchanged with the other couple were: "It's been a pleasure to see you.  Good bye."  They stayed in the same spot, exposing to air  with their towels wrapped around their bodies.