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urora Griffiths is a mild mannered and bespeckled office professional.
Aurora Griffiths is a mild mannered and bespeckled office professional. Prim and proper in her business attire, she blends into the office scene well - her striking blonde hair inspiring jealous glances from her colleagues, but otherwise she did nothing to stand out. Why was it so important for her to blend in? By day Aurora might be prim and proper law office worker but by night she was a spirited superhero clad in lycra and known for her villian-slaying karate moves, keen eyesight and ability to move objects with her mind. Transformed when she shrugs off the office suit, Aurora seems to be shine with a glow reminiscent of a natural tan, she stands straighter, taller, more intimidating and her taught figure challenges every crease and seam of the custom skin-tight suit.

Of course this transformation did not come overnight. Aurora struggled for many years with her powers, fighting to control them, willing them to do as she desired and learning how to mask them from those she dealt with daily. Following the departure of her longtime love, (the superhero Blackswift), Aurora hid her feelings and rejected the notion of being a superhero. This lasted a painful ten years but on his sudden return Aurora discovered the will and tenacity to control and use her powers for good.

Gritting her teeth through a long day of paperwork and phone calls, Aurora sighed in relief when the clock struck 5pm and the socially acceptable time to leave the office arrived. Grabbing her back and suit jacket, she headed for the exits, avoiding the route that passed in front of her bosses office door. She had been fighting her powers all day and an encounter with the gruff boss might be too much for her. Besides...she had a strange feeling and she needed to get clear of the office hubbub to clear her mind and think it through properly.

In the elevator alone, she straightened her skirt and put on the jacket. She could see by the reflection in the polished metal doors that she looked tired and unkempt. She hefted her bag and headed for the rotating foyer doors, striding quickly and purposely toward the street. "I need to refuel", she thought, considering her options then hailing a cab.

Aurora's powers were natural but as her biorhythms moved she ebbed and flowed. When she was feeling down she could get a jolt from foods that seemed to help raise her energy and powers. Red wine had immediate but unpredictable affects so she avoided that if she had plans to fight crime. Superfoods were becoming more prominent, at least as a marketing ploy, but Aurora did find many of them providing the kick she needed. Porridge was the least appetising and cacao the most. Given the seemingly endless week at work and the ebb in her energy she decided to go for wine and chocolate - she had no plans to karate chop her way through the criminal underground tonight.

At Dean and Deluca she picked out the finest, purest cacao she could find and an excellent bottle of Rubicon - Napa's finest red wine. The two blocks to her high-rise apartment passed quickly and inside she placed the wine and chocolate on the kitchen counter, eyeing it with a smirk, and headed to the bedroom to change.

Shrugging off her office attire she decided a quick hot shower would help relieve some of the stress she felt coursing through her shoulders. The hot water fogged the glass doors and, stepping into the heavy stream, she immediately felt relief. The water glistening on her skin, drew rivulets between her breasts and gently matted her pubic hair to her womanhood. She leaned her head back and felt the warm water coat her hair and, taking some shower gel in her hands, she began to slowly work up a lather on her washboard stomach. Her sexual tension was immediate now; probably a result of the long stressful week with little emotional outlet and her hands danced quickly and confidently over her breasts, nipples and toward her belly. Shivers ran up her spine and the anticipation of sexual release quickly grew. She thought of Blackswift, imaging his taught body pressing against her skin, his manhood growing erect and pressing against her thigh. It was almost as if he were here.

"Carson", she thought, automatically thinking of Blackswift by his real name. "Where did you go?". The thought of his strong hands pulling her body against his threw her into a wave of ecstacy. Her hands found her wetness and she let out a moan as her fingers stroked her womanhood. She ground her hips against her hands, her head thrown back and the hot water rushing over her body. Her nipples stood proud and erect, her breasts swaying with her movements. The passion in her rose quickly and she realized she was very close. She inserted her fingers and found the g-spot, massaging it quickly and firmly. The strength and speed of her climax surprised her and she came, convulsing several times against her hands, gasping loudly. She leaned against the tiled way allowing the waves to stop and opening her eyes she said, "Whoa. Don't know where that come from!".

Towelling off by the vanity, she looked at herself in the mirror, standing naked. She looked flushed but still tired. "Time for the wine", she thought. Wrapped in a fluffy white robe, Aurora peeled back the foil on the Rubicon bottle, admiring the logo and dark color of the liquid inside. Pouring an ample glass, she glided into the living room to collapse on the overstuffed couch with the glass and the cocao. She flicked on the TV, browsing several channels before realizing she wasn't interested in any of it. Turning it off again she took a long drink of the wine, marvelling at the texture, taste and aroma. The cocao, deep, dark, flaky, matched the wine very well and she sunk happily into the cushions and began to relax.

To be continued...
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