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Australian or Danish ?

I hear the faint tinkling of a bell and realise it's coming from her pussy...
As I enter the shop I notice her bending down behind the counter, her arse encased in tight jeans and is firm and neat. Black high heels complete the view as I travel down the back of her thighs and calf muscles, to the end of her very tight leg jeans. Good shape I think to myself, and those heels look wickedly high.

She looks up and brushes hair out of her eyes. Mature clear skin, secretary glasses and full lips, mouth slightly open and the hint of a tongue over your white teeth. She stands up slowly, curvy, white cheesecloth shirt and obviously no bra, dark brown nipples hugging the gauzy fabric and then piercing it as her nipples start to harden.

She is now upright, smoothing the jeans over her thighs, then stretching backwards, forcing her nipples into more prominence and showing off her very prominent vee and the mound between her legs. Lycra jeans, and very low rise too, the tiny zipper is half-undone. Her hands go on to her hips and she looks straight at me.

"Can I help you?” She gave half a smile and a lick of the lips.

"I just want some Danish."

"Shame," she says, "I'm all Aussie, but they do make better cakes,” she laughs, and I hear a faint tinkling sound from somewhere, I look round but the door is closed.

"You want one, two, or more?”

"Oh, more please," I say, watching her nipples have a life of their own through the semi-transparent material.

"I'll get a bigger bag then," and off she walks to the back of the shop. I hear water running and then a quick scream, then deep very sexy laughter. She slowly comes back into the shop, still laughing.

"I washed my hands and the tap was on too fast .... look."

The top is soaked, but sticking to her creamy skin, she may as well be naked as I can see her totally, the material moulding to her body completely and forming a second skin. The water must have been very strong as it has undone several of the buttons on her top and it is open to her belly, pierced of course, with a piece of Swarovski crystal on a short gold chain.

I can clearly see her breasts through the fabric, notice one nipple is also pierced and both are very erect. She licks her lips again.

"Fuck, that water was cold."

"But at least you are warming it up now," I say as she smooths her hands over her stomach and down to the top of her pussy mound, as she stands, feet wide apart, looking at me unflinching, unyielding, and openly runs her hands between her legs.

"Are you sure you want Danish?"

“I have decided I want Australian instead,” I say as I come around to her side of the counter and stand behind her, with my hard strong body pushing onto hers. I can feel every inch of her, from her shoulders to her knees. Using my fingertips I push her hair out of the way while kissing her shoulder and run my wet tongue up her neck, causing her to shiver, my body reacting instantly, my nipples instantly erect, brushing against her.My cock is throbbing, pressing into her back, needing to sink into her wetness.

Taking her hands one at a time, I raise them above her head, onto my shoulders, so her body is taut and craving my touch once again. As I feel her body rubbing and caressing my chest, I put her hands behind my neck; she tugs the hair at the nape in her impatience for me to continue.

I let out a sexy laugh, knowing exactly what she wants and needs; running my hands down her body, then up under her white cheesecloth blouse, cupping her swelling, sensitive breasts.

I let out a shaky breath as I discover the pierced left nipple with the bar and a ball on each side that caresses and stimulates her sex even further. My thumb and index finger lightly pinches her nipples and then flicks back and forth across her engorging nubs. She is holding her breath through the sensations; it now rushes out of her as she takes a shuddering breath of air into her lungs.

She leans her head back onto my shoulder, letting go with the orgasmic sensations running through her from head to foot. I feel everything, sense everything; I crave more, I want more. I kiss her neck, running my lips up to her ear, my warm breath on her skin, causing her to shake with her impending orgasmic explosion.

I cannot stop shaking from the feelings going through me, as my fingers continue the pleasure with pinching, then flicking her nipples, as both my hands are now working together; they move down her body, undoing her pants, pushing them down enough for access to her knickers, then my hands move quickly around her hips, squeezing her sexy bum cheeks. My hands are inside the lacy fabric, caressing and playing while moving back around and over her sweet pussy mound, my fingers caressing across her swelling clit, causing her to moan and close her eyes for a second.

She flicks them open quickly, watching what I am doing to her body, the reactions from my touch; my fingers are skimming across her engorged clit and pussy lips, caressing, playing, making her wet with desire.

She can’t stop moaning with orgasmic pleasure, little whimpers coming from her partly open mouth, as I use the palms of my hands and fingers to move up and down her body, from her breasts across her quivering stomach, down to her pulsing pussy. I stop, and use my fingers to rub her clit, round and round, with deliciously slow motion, bringing her closer to orgasm. I move my fingers in through her moist pussy lips, my fingers going in slowly, in and out, as I feel her juices coating me.

Her juices are flowing onto my fingers. I feel their slick wetness, as her pussy is clenching, screaming for the ultimate release. My mouth on her ear, my warm breath caressing her skin, as I say those dirty things in her ear, the ones she knows will send her over the edge.

“Aaah my little cum-slut,your pussy is so wet and craving for my cock to fuck you senseless. I can't wait to fuck you with my tongue."

As she lets go with her orgasm, I continue my relentless playing, with sexual suggestions, as my fingers continue their slow motion taking her higher, taking her through her orgasm and beyond.

While she slowly comes down, my juice covered fingers withdraw, leaving her panting, wanting. As she lowers her arms, I push her forward, causing her to lie across the workbench. I push her feet apart to spread her wide open, and watch as her juices run down her inner thighs.

"Mmmm my tongue will be slurping and drinking your sweet juices soon.”

I drop my pants to the floor, feeling the sensual caress of her body on my chest, my body screams to take possession, to dominate, to control her sex. My mouth on her ear, my scruffy beard making her shiver with desire as I slide into her wetness ...

”I’m not finished fucking with you yet." I hear the faint tinkling of a bell and realise it's coming from her pussy…

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