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Average Jane

Jane gets entertained by a longtime online boytoy...
Absently, Jane ran one hand through her light blond hair. As with most days, she wore it loose so it fell in waves around her face, ending a few inches below her shoulders and giving her a casually classy air. Her blue eyes flicked to the laptop's screen again and her painted red lips spread into a wicked smile. He was online again, though he'd announced he was going to bed almost two hours ago. The chat room activity had dropped as the evening wore on, but still she'd waited, knowing he'd come back for her - he always did.
Seconds later, a light gray box popped up with the beginnings of his message. Her smile spread a little more as she read the first few words.

I know you're waiting for me again. I can almos...

"Almost what?" she half purred at the screen, moving her mouse to click the "Accept" button. The message opened and she read it slowly, forcing herself to savor each word.

I know you're waiting for me again. I can almost feel you here with me, pouting your sexy little pout. Come sit on my lap, baby girl, and we can... talk.

"Talk, lover?" she asked with a mixture of interest and amusement. She knew she was alone, that he couldn't hear her, but she couldn't resist the added flare of speaking aloud. "Is that what you want from me?" Her fingers tapped out the words quickly and her little finger hovered over the Enter key for a few seconds before she sent it off.

You know what I want.

Her eyes half closed and she licked her lips mischievously, eager to play his game, just as eager to play her own. "Do I?"

You do.
Come sit with me.

"Say please." She grinned and tapped her chin gently, waiting.

Come sit with me, baby girl.
Unless I'm mistaken, and you don't want me.

The three messages came back to back to back and she bit her lip, wondering if he would leave if she didn't do as he'd ordered. "Fine. But only because I'm cold." She typed in a few more words, clicked the action button, and sent off the message.

I can warm you up, baby girl. In fact, I can get you nice and hot, if you want.

She shivered slightly at this and lowered her hand, dragging it slowly along the curve of her own throat and down between her breasts. "Yes, please," she murmured.

Good girl.
Now stay quiet while I play with you a little. We wouldn't want to wake anyone up, would we?
I kiss your lips gently as I pull you closer, running one hand through your thick blond hair. My other hand wanders, gently rubbing against your nipple through your bra.

Jane's teeth sank into her own lip to keep from moaning as she raised one hand to stroke her nipple the way he would. It hardened under her touch until it was a taut little point, pressing against the thin fabric of her satin bra. Her breasts were overly sensitive and they both knew it. Her eyes flew to the words still appearing on the screen.

I bite your lower lip gently and suck it into my mouth as my hand slides around to unfasten your bra. My fingers tug on the little metal clasps for a few seconds before the fabric falls away. I release your lip and lower my head to bite your nipple, sucking on it hard.
How does that feel, baby girl?

She fumbled for the keys, struggling to type against the rising wave of need. "It feels good."

Just good?

"Please, baby." Somehow, it was all she could manage to type before she raised her hand to her belly, stroking the soft skin there lightly.

That's better, baby girl.
I roll your nipple between my teeth, lightly biting on it as my other hand strokes down your back and stops just above your ass. My fingers trace the tattoo that I know is there and I pull you closer, pressing your hip against my growing erection.

She arched her hips down, pressing against the bed. One hand fumbled to type as the other hand reached for the flesh colored vibrator at her side. "Baby, I don't know how long I can wait. Not this time."

Can't have you coming too fast, can we?
I laugh and raise my mouth to yours, kissing you lightly. My hands lower to your hips and ease you away, depriving you of my heat and hardness.

She groaned and set the toy aside, knowing he could do this all night if he wanted - he had that much control over her when she was running hot. Her fingers typed in, "Please?"

No, no. Patience, baby girl.
I turn you on my lap, making you straddle my legs. One hand comes up and toys with your nipple, rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. My other hand touches your arm lightly, stroking slowly down until my hand covers yours.
Show me what you want.

Her fingers flew into action, typing out plea after plea and sending them off. "Please, baby, touch me. Let me touch you. Let me have you. I need you inside of me. I need you inside of me now."

That's not enough, my love. You have to show me.

She closed her eyes and reached for the vibrator again, stroking it lightly with one palm. "I turn my hand under yours and reach forward slowly, touching you through your jeans. My fingertips graze along your long length, and I moan softly, reaching for your zipper."

Quietly, baby girl. Quietly.

She groaned. "I bite my lip to keep from moaning as I slide your zipper down and tug your jeans off of your hips. 'Please, baby, I need you,' I murmur as I slide my hand along your hard length."

I grin and arch up against your hand, using one hand to pull you down for a kiss. My tongue slides between your softly parted lips and massages yours lightly as my other hand lets go of your wrist and slides between your thighs.
Are you hot for me, baby girl?

Jane's eyes glazed over as she slid her free hand between her thighs and felt her own wetness through her satin panties. She was hot and wet and needing him, so she slid her hands to the keyboard and typed, "I'm so hot for you, baby. I'm hot and wet and ready."

Good girl..
I shove my jeans down past my hips and my boxers go with them, releasing my erection. Then my hand slides between your thighs and against your wet pussy, stroking you through the thin fabric of your panties. One finger pushes them aside and I slide my hand against your bare wetness, fingering your clit.
You moan as I slowly slide one long finger into your tight passage, lowering my head to take your nipple into my mouth.

Jane slipped her own finger into herself and moaned, pressing down against her hand. "God, please baby," she mumbled as she fingered herself.

I pull you up tight against my hard on, holding you there while my fingers slide in and out of you and my mouth bites down on your nipple.

She grabbed the large, fleshy vibrator and pressed it against her belly, moaning loudly as she flicked the little switch at its base. It leaped to life, shivering in her hand. She shifted her hips over her hand and waited, knowing what would come next.

I groan and slide my hand out from your passage, replacing it with my head. My thumb strokes your clit and I look into your eyes, pressing my lips to yours.
Slowly, so slowly, I press into your tight little pussy. Inch by inch I slide in, until I'm all of the way in you, holding you still with one hand on your soft thigh, the other pressed against your clit. Hold onto me, baby girl.

She whimpered and slid the vibrator slowly into herself, wishing it were him. It shook inside her as she carefully typed, "My hands go to your shoulders and rest there, digging my nails into you gently." She paused, flicked the setting for the vibrator to Medium and moaned, clamping her legs together with a shudder. "Please, baby."

Anything for you, baby girl.

I grin and slide in and out of you, slowly at first, then faster and faster. My thumb slides along your hot flesh to the place we meet and presses up against you as I piston up into you. You moan and lean down to bite my shoulder, your fingernails leaving little crescents in my skin. I shudder and tilt my hips, holding you close as you shiver uncontrollably with your first climax.

Jane pressed her long nails against the vibrator, moaning over and over again as she came. With a little gasp, she fell back against her pillows and stroked her clit lightly. Her eyes fought to stay open as she watched even more words appear.

I hold you still over me and come inside you, filling you up with my cum. The sticky white fluid drips down my cock and your thighs and I slide one finger through the slick liquid, raising my hand to your mouth. "Taste it, baby girl," I say softly, pressing my finger to your lips.

She shivered and grabbed the laptop, setting it on her knees so she could type. "I lick you fingertips, dragging my tongue slowly along your long index finger. I lap at the white stickiness, sucking your fingers into my mouth so I can lick them clean as I swallow your cum. I can feel you still hard inside me as I shift my hips experimentally. 'Baby?' I ask."

Yes, baby girl?
I lean forward and nuzzle your neck, pressing little kisses against your throat as I get harder inside your tight, sticky passage.

"'I want to...' I hesitate, burying my face in your throat."

What is it, baby girl?

"'I want to... lick you.'" Jane's fingers slid down and tugged on the vibrator, which slid out of her with a little pop. She waited, holding on to the plastic flesh.

I grin, sliding one hand down the length of your body, and pull out of you, setting you next to me.

She bit her lip, looking at the toy in her hand and back at the screen. Settling the toy in her lap, her fingers moved of their own accord and tapped out her actions. "I scoot back along the bed, gesturing for you to get comfortable. As you do, I reach out one hand and slide it along your wet length, bringing my hand to my mouth to lick away our cum. I kneel between your legs and stroke my hand up and down your length a few times, making you moan. My head lowers slowly, my eyes locked on yours as my lips touch the tip of your cock. My tongue flicks out and I lick your head gently before I suck your cock in my mouth, taking as much of you as I can."

God, baby girl. More.

She smiled. He never begged, just demanded. "I bob my head up and down on your length, licking as much of you as I can. My hand slides up the inside of your thigh and grasps you firmly, holding your hard cock still as I suck you deeper, massaging you with my tongue."

I'm going to cum, baby girl.

"I smile around your hard length and take as much of you as I can, holding you there while you cum down my throat. I moan a little and the sound sends vibrations up your cock as you finish cumming."

God, baby girl.
I run my fingers through your hair, holding you still for another moment. Then I pull you up, settling you over me and wrapping my arms around you. I smile and touch my lips to yours.

Jane smiled at the screen, her fingers tapping lightly against the keys. "Thanks, baby. I appreciate it." They were familiar words, words that they each uttered every single time they did this.


Her smile became a frown. "Yes?"

I'd like to meet.

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