Bad Vibrations

By Mazza

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I should be more careful what I do with my vibrator!

This is a very short, true story...

"Oh, baby! I'm close. I'm so fucking close!" He panted down the 'phone.

I pressed my little clit-vibe harder onto my nub.

"That's it! Come for me!" I gasped.

I could hear his voice, breaking slightly and his breathing becoming more ragged, as he furiously stroked his cock and I knew that he really was going to come soon.

It was exciting! I could feel the tingling, electric sensation radiating through my legs, my stomach, right to my very core. I was going to come too. Oh, God!

"Baby, I'm coming! I'm cooooommmmiiiinnnngg!" I squealed wantonly, as my orgasm overtook me and I could hear the slapping noise as he pulled his cock faster and faster.

"Holy fuck! Gnnnnnnnr!" He grunted and moaned, as reached his own climax.

As is normal for me, I grinned and began to giggle, quietly. I felt dizzy, sated.

"Oh, man. That was fucking amazing!" He said, getting his breath back.

I sighed, "Oh fuck, yes. It was awesome. Thank you for that. Mmmm."

"Hey, you know, I came so hard, that I actually shot cum right onto my chest! That must be a new record!"

"Did you, really?" I purred, as I still slowly stroked, my clit. The last waves of my orgasm receding. "You should feel how wet I am right now."

"Oh, I can imagine," he drawled into the phone, god he had a sexy voice.

"You know, if I were there, I would lick up every drop. Then I would kiss my way back down your chest, your belly, then take your softening cock into my mouth. I'd slowly lick and suck you, until I felt you begin to stiffen in my hot, wet mouth," I whispered into the 'phone.

"Oh, that is so fucking hot!" He gasped. "Stop it! I'm starting to get hard again."

I snickered quietly, as I leaned back in the driver's seat of my car, pulling my small vibrator from my panties. I gave it a wipe, then popped it into my handbag.

"Oh, are you now?" I smiled. "That's good to know."

He sighed, "You know what you do to me..."

"If I were there, I'd get you good and hard again. Then I would straddle you, slide down onto your cock and fuck the living shit out of you."

He laughed, "Oh, I know you fucking would. Cum slut!"

"Ha! Your cum slut."

"Listen, Babe," he said. "I have to go…"

"Yes," I sighed. "I know. I needed that, it was fun. You are very fun, VERY fun."

"Oh, so are you! You turn me on so much. I love hearing you cum, especially when I'm responsible for it," he said.

"Okay, go! Before I fuck you again," I laughed.

"Thanks, Babe. Talk soon."

And with that we both hung up.

Smiling to myself, I sat back in the car seat. God, he really turned me on. I hadn’t come so hard in ages. I was really looking forward to our next ‘chat’ as I started the engine and drove home. I wished that I had someone real to do it with though. I mean, masturbating was fine and all the better for having someone to share it with, but it wasn’t the same as a real cock...

I drove home, I needed an early night as I had a lot to do the next day.


I woke bright and early the next morning, had a light breakfast and did a few chores before I set off to meet my cousin for coffee.

I picked her up at her workplace. Although she also had the day off, she'd had to do a few things in the office before we could set off.

"Do you want to drive?" She asked, as we quickly hugged each other.

"Sure, I don't mind. I'm parked just over there," I said, pointing to my small, white car.

"Is it fixed now?” She asked, “Your car? Remember you had that problem with it before? It was at the 'wrong time' or something?" She shrugged and slipped her arm through mine, as we walked to my vehicle.

I laughed, she really had no clue whatsoever about cars, "It was the TIMING! The timing needed adjustment! It's running fine now."

We got into the car. I dropped my bag down at her feet and we set off. We spent most of the morning wandering around garden centres, looking at furniture, antiques and knick-knacks. I think that each of us picked up, what we deemed to be bargains. Then we went to our favourite coffee shop for a light lunch.

"So," she said between mouthfuls of food, "How's the love-life?"

"Oh, you know, same old same old," I replied, setting down my fork. "Nothing much to report."

"Come on, I don't believe that for a second," she grinned, knowing full well that I was about to spill the details.

"Well," I leaned forward, conspiratorially, "I have been talking to this one guy quite a bit."

Her lips thinned, "From that, that… PORN website?"

Her disapproval always amused me. She just didn't get it. She'd never been very tech-savvy, not in in any way and could barely even operate her mobile phone, let alone the internet. She still wanted to hear all of the gory details though.

"You know, I really have made some great friends there. Real, honest-to-goodness people with whom I talk every day, share my problems with," I explained.

"Yes, but that's what family and real-life friends are for,” she reached out and touched my arm. “You can’t just live in some virtual world, you need to get out there and meet someone, a real someone. Anyway, tell me about this guy. I want to know everything!"

I took a deep breath and recounted some of the sexy chats and phone calls I'd shared with my 'friend'. I never told her how we came for each other, how we mutually masturbated down the phone. That would have been a step too far. There was no point trying to tell her about the website I'd become so hooked on. She just wouldn’t comprehend.

She 'Ooohed' and 'Aaahed' in all the right places. Told me what a dirty bitch I was, but I could see that she was slightly envious, found my virtual adventures exciting.

We finished our lunch and she filled me in on all that had been happening with her, which seemed tame by comparison. As usual, we argued over the bill, with her insisting that it was her turn to pay (she always did this, out of pity I think, as I didn't have a full-time job).

We meandered around the store, picking up another few bits and bobs, before returning to the car. I put the bags onto the back seat and got in, throwing my handbag into the passengers' footwell. I turned the key to start the car and the radio came on automatically. I turned it down a bit, listening as I suddenly became aware of a strange droning noise.

"Do you hear that?" I asked.

"What?" She said.

"That funny noise. Shit, what can it be?"

I turned the radio off completely and listened. Sure enough there was a low drone, which sounded like it was coming from the speakers of the car.

"It can't be anything serious," she assured me. "You've just had the time sorted, haven't you?"

"The TIMING!" I laughed again, deciding that I'd investigate further when I'd dropped her back at her car.

In typical female style, I turned the radio back up so that I couldn't hear the strange noise and took my cousin back to her destination.

As we pulled to a stop, she leaned over and gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek.

"Thanks for coming out. It was good to catch up. You behave yourself, with all those bloody men!" She admonished.

I giggled, "You know I will! My turn to pay next time!"

With that she got out of the car, catching her foot on the strap of my bag as she did.

"Watch out!" I shouted, as I grabbed the offending strap to stop her breaking her neck. I threw my bag back into the car and she waved a goodbye.

Oh shit!! The noise was even louder now. I turned the engine off completely and sat in silence, apart from a droning noise which seemed even louder than before.

What the hell could it be?

I looked at my bag and saw that it was now sitting on top of an empty plastic bottle. I'd just thrown it into the car after filling my screen wash tank.

I lifted the bag and the noise almost stopped, almost.

"Oh my god!" I knew what it was…

When I’d thrown my bag in, it must have pushed the button on my vibrator. I'd meant to take it out last night, but I'd forgotten.

I felt my face flush, bright red as I imagined what my cousin would have thought of me, sitting masturbating down the phone for some strange 'weirdo' I'd met on a porn site.

I delved into my bag, switched off the vibrating device, laughing, and headed home, vowing not to be so silly in future.

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