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Bathroom Fantasy

Penny only hoped that no-one saw her!
Penny turned on the hot tap to run a bath. She closed the bathroom door behind her and walked back to the bedroom. Humming a little song, she gathered her towels and lotions; realizing the window wasn’t open, she knew the bathroom would be filling up with steam. She couldn’t leave the window open as far she liked because of the scaffolding around her building and the workmen walking back and forth.

Returning to the bathroom, Penny decided to open the window just a little to let some of the steam out. After dipping her hand in the water she realized it was too hot for her, so she ran a little cold in. Placing her towels on the heater and the lotions on the shelves, she started to get undressed. Slipping her dressing gown from her shoulders to the floor, she placed one foot in the water, and feeling that it was a little too cool now, she turned the cold water off and left the hot water running. Climbing in, Penny slid into the bubbles, and her whole body could feel the water reaching the right temperature, allowing her to relax. She poked her foot out to turn the hot water off. Closing her eyes, Penny felt the water climb over her as she sank her head beneath the surface of the water. Her wavy blonde hair floated gently on top of the water.

Penny's hands started to wander over her body, running from her neck to her breasts, carefully caressing them; she could feel her nipples harden. She moved her fingertips down her slender body to where the real pleasure started.

Unknown to Penny, one of the workers was watching, and he couldn't believe what he was seeing, as this was something that every teenage boy dreamed about. He could feel his heart pumping rapidly and his jeans getting tighter; he kept his eyes open so that he wouldn’t miss this once in a lifetime moment.

Penny arched herself out of the water and slipped her middle finger between her lower lips and started to stroke her clit softly, the heat of the bath giving her shivers. Slipping her finger into her hole once, twice, she could feel the moisture her body was making and then slipped the finger back out again to flick her clit.

With his eyes alighting on Penny in pure enjoyment, the workman unzipped himself after looking around to see if anyone had noticed him. He placed his hand inside his pants and began to tug on himself while keeping his eyes on the woman.

Sliding her full body back into the bathtub, Penny raised her legs over the side, pulling her hands slowly back up her body. After softly placing her hands on her breasts, the nipples protruding between her fingers, soft moans came from her mouth. Her right hand ran under her breast and down her side, heading back towards her legs, sliding around the rump of her bottom as she turned on her side.

Listening to her moaning, the workman didn't want to be watching her anymore; he wanted to be in there with her, making her moan and feeling her body in his hands. But he knew that couldn't happen.

Penny's hand felt her rump, and then she put her middle finger between her buttocks, gently pressing it into her anus and moving it in circular motions. The sensation was getting her close to her climax. She pushed her finger further inside, moving it around. Penny moved her left hand down to her clit, feeling the wetness and moisture she had produced. She left both her hands where they were.

The workman could see that Penny was coming to the end of her play, and he knew that he had to finish before her, but he fucking liked his day so far. This was not something you saw all the time. He wished that he could have joined the woman in the bathtub, which would have been even better, or so he thought. With this final image in his head and a slight groan, he poured himself against the wall. While zipping up, he continued to watch the woman in the bathtub.

Penny howled and shuddered, and then her hands relaxed on the inside of her legs.

The worker walked away with a smile.

Slipping her head under the water, Penny felt more refreshed than ever before. She only hoped that no one had seen her!

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