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It was her Saturday morning. She awoke early with her man already awake beside her. Brushing him with a hand, he reached for her and held her. She reached for his cock and knew it would be hard when she found it. He held her tighter when she moved to go down on him. He wanted to lie there just a little longer.

Playfully, she broke away from his grip and took his cock in her mouth slowly. It had been awhile since they'd done it in the morning. She knew he loved it and she was gonna give it to him. She held his thick dick in her tight hand stroking and mouthing up and down gently as he moaned and began to fuck her mouth. Raising from the lying position, she came down again at a better angle and deep throat-ed his excitement. Finding his balls with the tip of her tongue, his shorts were soaked in her desire. Tasting his balls with the wet tip, she sucked back up, listening to him whispering something. He prepared to shove deep. She knew he was cumming. He rammed deep and shot down her throat holding her head gently down on his cock. He came hard as she swallowed and relaxed into him.

Drinking her coffee, she enjoyed an hour of cloudy light as it shined on her from the window behind her computer. It was going to be another lazy stormy day. The only new email was an advertisement from the toy site she subscribed to. Deleting it without looking at it because they didn't have the money to shop, she wished she could replace her favorite vibe that had stop working some time ago.

Clicking on the 'most visited tab', she went to a adult site that pleased her. She shared the forums on subjects close to her and played in the game threads while peeking in and out of others sexuality. Having all the relationships she wanted in her life, she ignored the chat offers and didn't connect with anyone. Realizing the time, she decided to bathe before she cooked breakfast.

Starting her bath, she undressed and sat down in the cold tub. The hot water rose as she used a cloth to spread the heat through her body. Her face was dry from the weather. Using the cloth to massage liquid into her skin, her mind focused on the warmth and touch. Putting her feet on the rim of the tub, she lathered her legs and feet scrubbing then clean.

Taking a razor, she shaved a leg and then placed it back in the hot water and then shaved the other. Lying back and bringing a knee to her chest, she finished shaving each around the knee and up the thigh. On her back, she looked at the view between her tits, past the flat belly down between the legs.

She reached for herself and felt the hot water help to excite. Leaving her pussy alone, she lathered and washed her belly and tits. It was something to see, the way her nipples stood hard in the steaming hot atmosphere. Sitting up she used the soap to wash her arms and then worked up her sides reaching behind rubbing the small of her back working to the middle back and then to the shoulders causing her to stretch forward and her breasts to turn up. She admired her wet titties filmed in soap.

Lathering again, she reached between her legs and stroked, cleaning herself. Moving to her ass she cleaned, feeling the hotness of the water push in as she massaged. In a circular motion, her hands took turns encompassing her ample ass checks and thighs. Going back down in the water, she submerged and rubbed the soap from her body. Finding her slit again, she rose and found a soft flexible bottle on the ledge and filled it with hot water.

Replacing the cap she stuck it in her. Rubbing her clit with the right and working the hot bottle deeper with the left, she hoped the sound of tricking hot water from the tap masked the sounds of her masturbation. Wrapping a leg outside the tub, she pushed the bottle as deep as she could make it go as she worked her clit.

Pushing the bottle top back towards her ass the buried edge came forward and touched her g. She knew she was there. Her pussy tightened and squeezed on the warm tight thing. A soft sound escaped her lips and again she was thankful for the sound of running water. Sitting up, she removed the plug from the drain and sat motionless with her head on her knees.

Hugging her legs, she rested and melted, letting an arm drop to her side. Reaching for fresh water, she rinsed the sweat from her body.

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