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Behind the Story

The life of yours truly.
As a young woman, many people feel that I should be having the time of my life, but that isn’t the case at all. Even people as young as I am have their struggles. My struggle is making my way through college. I am one of the oldest in my class, only younger than two people who are both in their late twenties and early thirties. People may ask, "Well, what’s the big deal?" But they really don’t understand. I may be one of the oldest but I am certainly the most naive out of the girls. I have never been the type of girl to go with a different boy every week, and as time’s gone on, I’ve found it more and more difficult to lose my innocence.

The group I hang around with are all seventeen and all have experience inside the bedroom, whereas I have just a few blowjobs to my belt as well as one pussy eaten. I guess it’s because I don’t go around flaunting my stuff as much; that’s why I never seem to get the male attention. Then again, I heard most men enjoy a busty blonde rather than a small perky brunette like me.

As an outcast amongst the group, I tend to spend my free time on my own or with my high school friends. When I’m with my friends, I just do the usual thing of going out and having a few social drinks. When I’m on my own however, I begin to write. When writing, I feel this enormous amount of ideas entire my head, but unfortunately don’t have time to write them all down before they disappear. As an author, this can get pretty annoying, and I’m sure many other authors will agree with me on that one. But for that one perfect idea, I begin to write it, often deleting massive chunks of the writing to try and get it to my very best.

As the descriptive writing blossoms into erotic, hardcore, lustful sex, my pussy begins to moisten, my nipples begin to harden and my teeth begin to sink into my lower lip as I get more and more aroused. Just the thought of my idea coming to life on the screen in front of me is too much for me to take. I try to keep writing until the horniness within me completely takes over which, for someone as inexperienced as me, doesn’t take long at all.

I begin to take all precautions as I don’t want to be caught by any of my family. Firstly, I shut the door of my bedroom. I then close the blinds—privacy is everything to me and I will never change that. I begin to tug at my t-shirt trying to get it off as quick as possible. I finally manage to get it off, revealing my cute, little black and pink polkadot bra. I start squeezing my breasts together, making my pussy crave even more being penetrated by a rock hard cock.

As I carry on squeezing my breasts with one hand, the other reaches up my back to unclip the bra. I pull the straps down, letting my bra fall carelessly to my bedroom floor, exposing my small tits with lovely, light brown nipples. I run my hand down from my shoulder and onto my boobs, feeling the nipples grow ever harder. I bite my lip once more as I pinch my now solid nipple. I begin to pull my fingers up to my tongue, licking them before bringing them back down to my nipples. My wet fingers start circling the nipple, soaking them with my saliva as I let out a soft moan.

I continue to play with my tits, teasing my pussy to the fullest extent. It yearns for attention. I choose not to obey its wishes and carry on pleasuring my chest, letting out soft moans. I close my eyes and imagine that I am the girl in the story, having a man’s touch on my delicate little tits. My pussy begins to get even wetter at the thought of this. I choose to succumb to its wishes, and begin to unbutton my denim mini skirt, letting it fall onto my bra. I then start to slowly pull my matching black and pink polkadot panties down to my knees, revealing my tight, waxed, virgin pussy. The pants fall down my legs to my feet. I step out of them and move towards my bed.

I sit down on the bed, feeling the soft sheets against my pussy lips. I reach for the laptop pulling it up towards the pillow as I lie on my side. I pull the duvet over my nude body and begin to reach down between my legs. I read the first sentence of the action and begin to rub my clitoris slowly, biting my lower lip once more. I cannot believe how good it feels to finally be giving my craving pussy the attention it has longed for. I read some more, before shutting my eyes and imagining that I’m the girl in the story, being fucked by a long, meaty organ. My rubbing begins to quicken along with my heart beat.

I let out more soft moans as I pleasure my tight, bald pussy. I open my eyes once more and keep on reading. With each sentence my speed increases, giving my tiny pearl more pleasure. Keeping my thumb on my clitoris, I stretch my index finger and middle finger down the lips of my pussy before spreading it as much as I can. As the lips part, I can feel the character's ghost cock sliding into my virgin hole. I move onto my back, imagining my hunky creation on top of me, treating me like a princess as he turns me into a woman.

I read another sentence of my work, seeing that it’s an anal scene. I take a deep breath and relax, moving my hand off of my pussy for the time being. My hand goes lower, reaching down to my tight, Latina ass. I begin to caress my tight little asshole with my finger, before slowly pushing my finger in. I start to finger my asshole as my other hand reaches down to my clitoris. Imagining two men making love to both my holes, I start going faster. I carry on fingering my ass, making my orgasm build quickly.

I pull my hand up from my pussy, licking it, before stretching it back down to my pussy. I begin rubbing once more, the saliva enhancing the pleasure. I turn over so that I am on my belly. Once again I begin fingering my asshole whilst rubbing my pussy. I hook my finger in my ass, making me moan loudly into my pillow. With my other hand I probe a finger inside my pussy. I begin to stroke my hymen with my probing finger.

Due to my inexperience, it isn’t long until I find a huge orgasm ripping its way through my body. Withdrawing my finger from my ass slowly, I turn back over onto my back. Exhausted from my orgasm I lie there until I recuperate, before continuing to write my story.
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