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Being Naughty Alone

Driving home, I start to feel naughty...

As I am driving home I start thinking about you, and begin to get excited. I am stuck in traffic so I get antsy, wanting to come home and pleasure myself. Too excited to wait, and fortunately wearing a skirt, I spread my feet slightly so my thighs part, and licking my index finger, reach up my skirt. Once my fingers reach my crotch, I pull my underwear to the side, revealing my pussy. I reach up into the soft folds and find my clit. Mmmmm. It makes me even more excited to think that no one knows how naughty I am being by myself in the car while I sit in traffic.

I rub my clit until I can hardly stand it anymore, then I probe down until I can slide my index finger into the hole. I push it in as far as I can and caress the soft walls of my pussy. Then I pull it out and back up to my clit so I can rub it some more. I can hardly stand the wait in traffic, but rubbing my pussy makes it all the easier to deal with. I can hardly wait to get home and f—k myself. I want to come so badly, but again, decide it will have to wait until I get home and can really give it to myself good and hard.

Once home I am still so excited, so I undress quickly and get on the bed, spreading my legs apart. I reach down, and spread my pussy lips apart with one hand, using my thumb and my middle finger, sliding just the tip of my finger, so as to be gentle, in between and begin rubbing, ever so slightly across my clit just to tease myself before really going at it and rub from the bottom to top. I feel myself start to get wet yet again, so I move my fingers down towards my pussy hole.

I take my other hand and lick my fingers, then gently caress my nipples. My nipples start to harden, which makes me rub them faster to make them get even harder until they are like little pink peaks. I imagine that it is you instead, caressing my nipples and sucking on them like you do.

My pussy starts to get wetter and wetter. As I feel it heating up, wanting to explode with come, I probe my index and middle fingers deeper and deeper inside, moving them in and out faster and faster, each time letting out a groan of pleasure as I slowly undulate my hips as I f—k myself with my fingers. It feels so good, and I can feel my body start to tense up, and, mmmm, it’s like I can’t control my hips, and I keep moving my fingers faster and faster. I think about you being on top of me, giving it to me good.

I feel come start to ooze out of my pussy, making my inner thighs wet and creamy. I imagine that it is your big hard cock inside of me instead of my own fingers, which makes me get even more excited, I slip my fingers out of my pussy, and rub my clit fast and harder.

A shiver of excitement runs up my spine and I can feel my groin getting warmer and warmer, and the blood rushing to my pussy lips. My body is so tense--my hardened nipples and wet thighs, tight and legs and feet tense. I rub my clit fast and hard, first up and down, then in a circular motion over and over in that order. Mmm, it feels so good….

While I am rubbing and massaging my clit with one hand, I continue to take my other hand and rub my nipples between my thumb and index finger. I spread my legs wider, move my fingers from my clit and push them back up in my pussy this time as deep as I can get them in. Now I can find my spot… which makes me really want to come and I rub it gently with my index finger. My feet are spread-eagled, up in the air. My pussy feels so good and hot I never want to stop.

When I think I am going to come, I press my fingers down hard on my clit. My inner thighs now creamy from my come, and I feel an explosion inside as I come hard on my fingers. My body pulsates, and the hot come oozes over my fingers, making them warm and slippery. It’s like all the tension has been released from my body, and I am warm and tingling all over.

It feel so good to f—k myself. My legs spread wide, feet with painted toenails out to the sides and my feet flexed in ecstasy. How I love to f—k myself! And wishing it was you f—ing me instead…

As if that wasn’t enough, I then walk into the bathroom and start the water in the tub, my legs and fingers all wet and creamy with come. I crawl in the tub, still flushed with excitement and stretch my legs out while sitting down. Then it occurs to me that I can pleasure myself in the tub too…as the hot water rushes out of the faucet, I scoot down towards it, laying on my back with my legs spread and my feet up in the air, and place my pussy right under the faucet.

The pounding water feels so good on my pussy like a pulsating force that makes me get all excited again…as if I could come once more. So I take out my waterproof toy, which has no batteries, but instead is a big dildo, and slowly push it into my pussy, while I am still in the tub but out from under the faucet. Mmmm, the water give me lube and it just slides, feeling so good to my already excited pussy. I move it in and out, hoping to come once more. Alas I don’t, but instead I lie there until, exhausted, I relax all naked in the bath and then crawl into bed, dreaming of you.
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