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Being Watched

I never realized the power masturbation has.....
My boyfriend and I were sitting around watching the movie “9 1/2 Weeks”. I was getting very aroused and in need of some attention half way through the movie. At the end I pulled my nightshirt over my head and laid back on the arm of the couch. Teasingly I asked him if I was going to have to take care of myself tonight.

He looked at me with a smart-ass grin and said, "Go ahead.”

I was taken a back at first but then I thought to myself….. “All right I will!”

I slowly brought my hands up and began softly caressing my breasts. Pulling and pinching at my nipples making them harder and harder. I could tell by the way his eyes popped out of his head and his jaw dropped that he was just as surprised as I was that I was going to do this right in front of him. As I continued playing with my hard nipples I could tell he was getting turned on which made me hotter by the second.

I decided to raise the stakes on him a little, so I lifted my right breast up and began licking my nipple. I teased it with my tongue, flicking it back and forth. Swirling my tongue around on it and pulling it with my teeth. I couldn’t believe how good it felt so I began licking the other one and teasing it in the same way.

His breathing was very rapid now and he started shifting in his seat.

I released my nipple from my mouth and just caressed them for a while. As I laid there in front of him touching myself, I couldn’t believe I was doing this but I couldn’t stop myself either. All of my inhibitions went right out the window and I was so hot and horny, I wanted to drive him crazy.

I laid there, softly caressing my breasts with my hands. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter and it was screaming out for attention. I took my right hand and began slowly sliding it down over my stomach. I ran my fingertips along the soft black lace of the top of my panties. Back and forth I traced the line of my panties with my fingertips.

He licked his lips as his eyes moved back and forth watching my fingers. I could see how anxious he was for my hand to drop lower.

Not wanting to disappoint him, I slid my hand down to my pussy and began rubbing it through my panties. I moaned as I ran my fingers up and down my swollen lips through my panties. He groaned loudly watching me. I wanted to tease him more, so I ran my hand back up to my stomach, which was met with a groan of disapproval. I then slowly slid it back down to my pussy which was met by a moan of approval.

After a couple minutes of teasing my pussy, which was beginning to ache, I slid my hand up to the band of my panties. I lifted the soft lace band and slid my hand down inside. I started rubbing my pussy lips in a circular motion. His eyes watched me closely as he watched my hand move under my panties.

"I want to see you touch yourself," he said.

He reached up and removed my panties. So there I laid, totally naked and touching myself all over right there in front of him. His eyes are glued to me, watching every move I make. I can see the bulge in his shorts and the lust in his eyes.

I slowly slide my hand back down to my pussy and began rubbing again. I put one leg up on the back of the couch and the other on the floor. I was spread wide open in front of him, exposed completely as he watched me play with my dripping wet pussy.

I teased my clit, rubbing it in small circles. My hips moved with the motion of my fingers as I did. I stimulated my clit until it was swollen. I was so wet and horny I needed to feel my fingers inside of me.

Sitting up a little I began sliding my fingers in and out of my aching pussy. After fucking myself with my fingers a few times I withdrew them. I then brought my wet sticky fingers up to my mouth. I slowly began to suck my juices off my fingers one by one.

His jaw about hit the floor and he began moving toward me but I put my other hand up to stop him.

"I'm not finished,” I said.

He slumped back and watched as I started taking my hand back down to my pussy. I began sliding my fingers in and out. I could feel how swollen I was and ready to be fucked. I was so wet that I could feel my juices running down my butt crack and puddle on the couch.

I needed to cum and I wanted him to watch me make myself do just that. I ran my fingers up to my clit and started massaging it. I made a “V” with my index and middle finger and pulled my pussy lips up exposing my swollen clit to him. I stroked it and circled it until I came then I ran my fingers back up inside of me letting my hot liquid cover my fingers. I slowly removed them from my pussy and put them to my mouth and began sucking them.

There was no stopping him this time. He stood up pushed his shorts down. I can’t remember ever seeing his cock this hard before without me touching it. His cock was as hard as a rock and I could actually see it throbbing.

He grabbed me and pulled me off the couch and bent me over the arm of it. He fucked me hard and fast like a man out of control.

I now know how to get a good hard fucking when I want it!

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