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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Red lace crotch less panties and a date night
Today is me and Rock’s three month anniversary and he still hasn’t met anyone. I think it’s for the best. Maybe after six months. I’m really into him and I don’t want to fuck it up by having him meet my friends.

I really wish my twin, Julia, was still living in Michigan. But, she moved to Los Angeles last month for her husband’s new job. My brother troy and I don’t talk as much as we used to, and I my best friend Chrissy is a newlywed so I don’t talk to her every day like we used to talk.

“Jana, any plans tonight?” Fawn, my friend and co-worker asks me while we were at lunch.

“Just going to dinner with Rock. Every month we go somewhere new to celebrate our anniversary.”

“How cute is that?”

I giggle, which is so not me. Fawn notices the giggle, “I’ve known you for 5 years Jana, and never heard you giggle like that. How has this guy transformed you?”

“I don’t know. Maybe because he’s just a real man.”

Later that night, I’m getting ready to go to dinner at Star Dreams Bistro in Birmingham and the doorbell rings. “Shit, I’m not ready.” I try not to slip down the stairs as I go to unlock the door for Rock.

“Hey babe, you’re early.”

“I couldn’t wait,” Rock says as he kisses me and comes in. “I like what I see.”

I chuckle and shake my head. My outfit right now is my red lace bra that’s making my 36 C’s look extra plump with my matching red lace crotch less panties, which Rock picked out. He steps in and closes the door and we go upstairs to the living room.

“Come here Jana.”

I smile and get in his face. Close enough to lick his lip.

He smiles and as he looks at me, he puts his hand in the crotch less part of my panties, where he finds my clit. “You know this is mine right Jana.”

I nod, knowing better not to speak unless he asks me to.

“And since this is my pretty red lace pussy, my hand is the only one allowed here. Right?”

I nod again as I’m getting wetter.

He puts two fingers in now that I’m nice and wet. When he hits my G-spot, my knees buckle and I hold on to him. When I do that, he goes faster and deeper and rubs my clit with his thumb. “Good girl. I can tell you haven’t touched yourself. You can only cum if I say you can. Right?”

I nod my head as I start coming. Then I yell out, “Yes Rock. It’s yours Rock.”

Me having an orgasm doesn’t stop him. He likes to see me shaking and begging him to stop. “I can’t take anymore. Please.”

He stops and slowly takes his fingers out of my crotch less area. He kisses my cheek, ‘No go get ready. Keep that pussy wet though.”

I nod my head and go to my room to get dressed. I’m wearing a short pink pleated skirt, a pink and black short sleeved blouse and black high heeled strappy sandals. My medium length brown hair is hitting my shoulders in big loose curls. I look cute a girly, which is a departure from my normal super preppy way of dressing. But date nights I wear what Rock likes to see me in.

On the car ride, Rock caresses my thigh the whole time, moving his hand to my still wet pussy. “I can’t wait to get into that pussy tonight. My dick’s hard just thinking about it.”

Him saying things like this is a turn-on to me. I’ve never had a man say things like that to me. Actually, I didn’t know I would like that kind of talk until I heard him say things.

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