Big Blue Toy

By jimyzgrl

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I have been thinking about you all day.  Working myself up, with thoughts of you inside me. Behind me.  Touching me.  With your hands on my body, in my ass and my pussy.  I have sat at this desk and worked myself into a frenzy with these thoughts.  My panites are soaked, and I cannot wait until five oclock, when I can leave this place and come home to you.  The conversations that we have had today, on the phone, its been hard to control myself.  Keep from reaching under my desk and just finger fucking the hell out of myself.  Until I cum.  I want to cum so hard, and loud that everyone in this office will know what I've done.  But I can't.  I have squeezed my legs as close together as they will go, tryin  to put pressure on the sensitive area.  It only makes things worse.  Knowing that I need that release.  The clock seems to drag, and my thoughts of fucking you rage on.  It seems that it will never come, but finally, I grab my purse lock my office door, and straight for the car and home.  On my way, you call and tell me you are going to be late.  I pout with you. Saddened, knowing that I have to wait that much longer. I can't take it. You tell me that you are going to be about an hour held up at work.  I sigh, and tell you that  I will see you when you get home.

The drive home is a little bit more sad.  Little bit more depressing. But then again, is it.  I could go home and really get one off, before you even come home. I slide my hand up my skit, and pull my panties to the side.  I slide my finger inside of me.  Oh yes, I am so wet.  Its slick and warm.  My pussy has been like this all day. Waiting, wanting. I don't want to be made love to, I want to be fucked.  Rough and hard.  Call me a whore, grab my hair, type of sex. Just fuck me till I cum.

Driving has become increasingly difficult as I am nearing that edge, that point of no return.  And even though I do want that quick release, I want it to be worth it.  I want the orgasm to be worth it. Not just a quick self finger fuck and I'm done. I remove my fingers.  No, my plans are to get the big blue rubber dildo you bought for me out.  It has a suction cup on it.  I want to stick in on the mirrors of our headboard and fuck myself.

I pull in the drive, and practically run into the house.  I am stripping clothes  as I'm walking up the stairs to our bedroom.  I draw the blinds, and slip out of my bra and panties. I climb onto the bed. I reach into the night stand.  I pull out the dildo.  Its size is nothing compared to you, but it does the job when you're not around.  And right now your not around and I need this.  I lick its length. I close my eyes, and picture you before me.  It is your cock in my mouth.  I suck on it, as though I would pleasure you.  Wet, and deep.  With one hand I reach down, and begin slow circles with my fingers over my clit.  The wetness is amazing, and make its so easy for my fingers to glide around my pussy.  I push a finger inside myself.  A gasp escapes me.  I am teasing myself, and I don't have to.  I get on my knees facing the headboard.  I look at myself, while running my hands over my breasts, down my legs, and between the delicate folds of my pussy.  I smile.  I like my body.  I like turning you on.  I lick the bottom of the dildo, and stick in to the mirror.  I watch myself.

I get close to the dildo.  I lick its length. Watching in the mirrors, my mouth works over the long blue shaft.  I open my mouth and take its length.  I have never gotten to view my oral pleasure from this angle.  It is hot, and I can see why you like watching me. 

I slowly turn around, on my knees, I reach between my legs, and guide that cock into my soaked pussy. I push back as far as I can, until my ass meets the mirror.  I turn my head and look behind me. Watching in the mirror as that blue rod dissapears into my pussy.  I love watching it enter that wet naked hole. So tight.  I move my hips a little faster. I can't look away.  I love watching it go deep inside me.  I reach one had up and squeeze my breast.  Pinch my nipples. I can feel my orgasm building inside of me. Feel my walls tighten on the blue shaft.  Faster.  I buck my hips, as the orgasm rips through me.  Its hard to stay in this position, as my body convulses. I bend over, my head on the matress now, exhausted. I slowly grind my hips one final time on the fallus. I slide forward, as it comes out of me, and hangs there, still hard and wanting more of me.  I lay on my stomach, and smile.  I breath a long breath out, and gigle..

"Well, that was one hell of a performance.  Got me rock hard."  You say, and startle me.

I jump up and look at you.  You have never caught me masturbating.  Not like this. We have played, with each other, in this way, but not like this.  Not how animalistic I was fucking myself. I am embarrassed.  I can feel my face flush as I look at you.  Shame.

"I-I"  I cannot find words.

You pull your shirt over your head.  You undo your belt, and let your jeans fall. You cock at full attention.  You did like watching me. There is nothing to be ashamed of.  You walk over to be quickly. You grab my shoulders and pull me up to you.  You crush your mouth to mine.  You reach down and take my hips and cause me to fall back on the bed.  You pull me to the edge of the bed, which is tall, and sits perfectly for you to penetrate me while standing.  You ram into me.  No playing.  No teasing.  You drive your fat cock deep into my pussy in one thrust.  I scream out.  I grab the comforter on the bed in both hands. I want to tear it beneath me.

"This what you want" You grunt.

"Yesssssss,"  I moan.

Your pumping is hard and deliberate.  Fast and evasive.  You are an animal. Your fucking me so hard.  I cum for you imediately. I gush all over your cock. I can't stand anymore.  Your hands roughly squeezing my breasts.  I feel your rigid depth inside me. I know that you are about to cum.

"I want it in my mouth baby," I say to you.  Feeling dirty. That is all you need.  Your animalistic face shows me everything your feeling. You pull out of me, and lean forward grabbing my neck in your hand.  You shove your cock in my mouth just as your cock expells the first wonderful pump of spunk.  Oh how I love the taste of you.  I swallow you down, deep as your cock continues to jump in my mouth.  Giving me all that you have.   When you have finished, I look up at you.

"That was one of the hottest things I have ever fucking seen. It made me so hot."  You say a little breathlessly.

"I was horny."

"I'm glad I got off early.  If I would have missed that show, man, I don't know what I would have done"

"I was so embarrassed."  I say shyly.

"Don't be. I'll want that show again."

You lead me to the shower, where we soap each other, and I see that you are ready again.  You must have really liked watching me with my big blue toy.