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Black Lady Neighbor

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Older black neighbor enjoyed watching me masturbate.
Back when I was a young teen I had a exotic mature black neighbor lady who lived next door to us. Her name was Maggie but everyone in the neighborhood called her "Aunt Mag". She was a widowed lady of about 57 but looked at least 15 years younger than that due to her slim body frame and youthful alluring face. She was petite with graying short hair standing around 5'2 and couldnt weigh more than 115 lbs. She had a nice set of tits that had to be at least 32 D. All the men and even us younger boys noticed how attractive Aunt Mag was and she was a flirt to all the men in our neighborhood. Something the wives and girlfriends didnt like but it seemed to be harmless and a way for her to still feel young. Lucky for me, my bathroom window was across from her kitchen window. Our homes were close together ...maybe 20 feet apart at most so being seen was quite easy. I was just 18 at the time and was in a state of pure horniness. I had developed nicely and stood around 5'9 and was firm and toned due to playing basketball and wrestling in school. I also had a grossly large and developed cock for my age. It was just a fraction under 9 1/2 " and on a 5'9 frame it looked huge as it hung down between my legs. It also would rocket to hardness at the smallest sexual thought so I usually had a hard-on.

I noticed every morning about 5am Maggie would go to her kitchen to begin her morning routine. She would stand at the sink in front of the window and fill her coffee pot with water to make her morning brew and would look outside as she was waiting for the pot to fill. I was always masturbating in the morning and decided that to add to the excitment I wanted her to see me in all my glory. I was open about my body and had feelings that I was becoming an exhibitionist (which I am even today). That night I left the blinds mostly open and took note on the best position to stand for getting the most exposure without letting her know it was on purpose. I found that by standing over near the toilet but at a certain angle, she would be able to see my body and cock easily. I could also see her by glancing over at my bath mirror (which I had angled )on the wall and have it appear I was looking away from her position. I was pumped for the next morning and awoke shortly before 5am the next morning and took my position in the nude. I had turned on only the shower light and also a night light so it didnt appear too obvious. I stood there watching into the mirror and began pumping my cock to its full 9 1/2" erection. I used some baby oil to glisten my cock while allowing me to pump it more easily.

After about 5 minutes I heard (her window was open) her humming to herself as she entered the kitchen. She flicked on the light and I could see her walk over to the sink. She hadn't looked over yet so I held my ground and continued stroking. After she got to the sink, I notice my neighbor glance across towards me and saw her face turn in complete shock. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped like on a hinge as she saw me standing there slowly stroking my rod. She quickly darted away and noticed her lights go out. It didn't matter as the morning light was enough that I could see her figure as she returned to the sink area and stood there watching.

My black neighbor lady was hooked on watching me masturbate and I was loving it. I gave a nice show but it was one which didnt last long. Due to my excitement, I groaned and shot 5 huge streaming jets of cum fly across the bathroom landing onto the tile floor. I leaned back and make it high arch so she could see my big veiny cock spurt out these long ropes of white cum! I knew she was loving it as I could here her gasp and say to herself "oh yes...shoot that cum out..boy!". After my cum explosion,I left the bathroom hitting off the lights, but quickly returned to the darkened room to see any more reaction. After about a minute of her simply standing there..her shadowy figure walked over and turned back on the lights...returning to her sink. She was smiling and even giggling to herself as she got her coffee ready. This was exactly the reaction I wanted...she was horny for cock and I was able to provide it to her through my jack-off shows. I continued this routine every morning and had her watch each time. She soon started to not worry about turning off the lights and stood there rubbing her huge tits through her night shirt as I stood stroking off my pecker for her viewing pleasure. About 2 weeks after this all began we met outdoors one afternoon and began talking while she was working in her garden. Which leads me to how my masturbation show was soon to turn into giving me a nasty handjob to my young cock. But that is another story ...and a great story at that!
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