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Brandy by the Lake

A nature story about a woodpecker and a wet beaver....
Ah, Brandy, let me take you back to that first summer by the lake. I know that a memory of every pleasure that we shared is burned indelibly into your mind and your body, as it is with me. But just indulge me now and lets go back there together in our minds.

Feel free as the memories come flooding back to slip your slim, pretty fingers into your panties and tease your clit as it stiffens. As your pussy wettens, slide your fingers into its slippery depths to your heart’s content, knowing that when my story is finished I will lift you in my arms and carry you to your bed. There I will gently and oh-so-slowly undress you, paying tribute to your gorgeous body with a shower of kisses, tickling your stiff pink nipples with feathery stokes, before taking you in my arms and sliding my cock, stiff as only you can make it, deep into your soft warm belly, leading you back to that other world that many have dreamt of but only we two have seen.

When I saw that another tent had been set up in my favourite camping spot I was angry. I came here to the lake to be alone. I liked to commune with nature. I hate wearing clothes, but society demands it. That is why I would come here for a week every year to live the way that I thought humans should live, surrounded by the richness of nature and free from society’s restrictions. Here where the sun is so warm and the water of the lake so refreshing, clothes are unnecessary. But when I saw your tent, I felt sure that the cares of civilization had followed me.

True, when you emerged into the bright, noon-day sun and welcomed me with an untroubled smile and proffered hand, I was pleasantly surprised by your beauty. In your khaki shorts and t-shirt, with your long legs on casual display, you were a distinctly pleasant sight. But with a charming young woman around, I would not be able to relax and free myself from the frustrations of life in the big city. As you bent to pick up a thermos full of coffee, the site of your gorgeous arse stretching your shorts told me that frustration would be the dominant characteristic of the next week. Little did I know then, that you too were longing to throw off the demands of society, and that the pleasures of that week would far surpass any that we would have had on our own.

“Let’s go for a swim,” you suggested, after we had enjoyed a cup of coffee and got to know one another.

I blushed slightly and told you that I wasn’t expecting to find anyone else here and that I had no bathing costume with me as I usually swam nude.

“That’s okay,” you replied. “I brought my bikini, but I don’t mind if you’re nude. I’m not prudish or anything.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Unless you’re embarrassed about a girl seeing your whatsit?” you laughed cheekily, as you lifted your t-shirt and pulled down your shorts to reveal a skimpy bright pink bikini with a tropical motif. “I love seeing guys in the nude, but usually they are too embarrassed because they think their willy is too small or something. I like them all sizes. And I love guys butts, too.”

“Normally I don’t wear clothes for the whole week I’m up here,” I explained, taking off my shoes and socks and shirt.

“That’s fine by me,” you replied. “Just as long as you don’t mind me having a good look. My boyfriend’s the only guy I’ve seen in the nude since I left college.”

My heart was pounding as I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. The truth is that the idea of being naked in front of a gorgeous young woman turned me on. My cock was already making a prominent bulge in the front of my underpants.

“It doesn’t look like you have anything to be ashamed of,” you said with a wink, “or is that a vote of approval for my sexy bikini.”

“A vote of approval for what’s inside it, I think,” I replied as my now fully erect prick sprang out of my descending underpants.

“I am flattered,” you replied, and I could almost feel the touch of your gaze as you looked it up and down. “If I didn’t have a boyfriend, I might almost be tempted to... But I do. So we better get you cooled off right away.”

With that you grabbed my hand and dragged me into the water.

You seemed to love the water and it brought out the playfulness in you. You kept splashing me, skimming your hand accross the top of the water to sent a cool spray right into my face until my hair dripped down wetly into my eyes. When I turned away from you you kicked me in the butt so that I fell with a splash back into the water.

“That’s what horny guys deserve for getting stiffies in front of girls they have only just met,” you laughed.

I turned to chase you but in the water you were always faster.

Eventually we dragged ourselves out of the water and lay down to dry in the sun.

“Wow!” you said, “I thought cold water was supposed to cool your ardour, but you’re even stiffer than before. If you walk around like that all week you’ll get dizzy in the head from lack of blood to your brain.”

“Well, it’s all your fault,” I replied. “Normally when I am up here I only get a stiffy when I want to, and then, since I’m the only one here, there is nothing to stop me from giving myself a little relief so to speak.”

“Playing with yourself, you mean?” Brandy asked with a wink. “I’ve never seen a guy do that before. My boyfriend is kind of conservative. He even prefers to make love with the light off. I’d love to see you toss yourself off. But you’d probably be too embarrassed.”

“Well,” I said, hesitantly, “since we are going to spend the week here together, I suppose we will have to get over being embarrassed about being seen doing the things we usually do in private.”

“That’s right,” you replied. “Think of bathing for instance. I’ll have to have a wash each day in the lake. I can’t keep my bikini on when I do that. Of course, for modesty’s sake I will have to ask you to stay in your tent with the flap shut while I do that, but you are such a horny, pervy kind of a guy that you probably won’t be able to resist coming out and watching me, will you. And being so soft-hearted and all, I’d just have to forgive you.”

“That’s very understanding of you,” I replied.

“Now the sight of me rubbing soap all over my nude body is liable to get you very excited,” you warned me, “so I think it would be a very good idea if you got used to the idea of tossing off in front of me now, so you’ll be prepared to do it with the minimum of embarrassment then. Sensible, don’t you think?”

“Oh, eminently,” I agreed, settling back comfortably in the grass and beginning to masturbate as you watched me with rapt attention.

“Mmmm, I bet you’re enjoying that,” you smiled. “My clit is going all tingly in my wet panties just watching you.”

“Well, why don’t you join in?” I suggested.

“All right,” you agreed, “but I’m not going to let you see anything, because I don’t think my boyfriend would like that. I’ll just slip my hand down my panties like this and have a bit of a fiddle.”

“That’s right,” I encouraged you, “make yourself at home.”

“Mmm, that feels really good,” you sighed. “I must admit this is kind of cosy, just laying back in the sun playing with ourselves.”

As you got more and more excited you started to squeal and you just couldn’t resist pulling your panties down around your knees.

The sight of your slimy fingers working away in your pink shaven pussy was too much for me. My cock jerked in my hand and sent several jets of creamy hot cum splattering over my belly and chest.

“Wow!” you cried, “that was spectacular.” Then with a final squeal you squirted warm pussy-juice all over your slim fingers. “Oh, dear,” you added, pulling up your bikini pants, “I got kind of carried away. I didn’t mean to let you see my pussy.”

“I think it is time that we had our daily bath in the lake now anyway,” I suggested. “You’re not really going to banish me to my tent are you?”

“No, I suppose not,” you replied as you untied your bikini top and revealed a lovely pair of firm, stiff-nippled breasts. “But don’t tell my boyfriend I did this or he’ll spank my butt.”

“Really?” I asked, smiling wickedly.

“Well, no, he wouldn’t do anything that exciting,” you admitted. “But I bet you would, wouldn’t you.”

“That’s for me to know, and for you to find out when I catch you by surprise,” I laughed.

“Oh, dear,” you cried in your best “Perils of Pauline” voice, as you pulled down your bikini pants, “I’m trapped in the wilderness with a nasty nude wanker man who wants to hurt my bottom.”

Well, as you will remember, one thing led to another. You wanted me to help wash your back. I had a very liberal interpretation of where the borders of your back might be. And the next thing either of us knew we were engaged in a deliriously soapy grope session.

That night we packed up your tent, since mine was bigger and spent the night making glorious love.

Neither of us wore clothes for the rest of the week and our open-air fucking sessions even embarrassed the squirrels.

So, Brandy, when you have finished playing with yourself, let’s pack up the four-wheel-drive again and head on back to the lake.

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