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Carol’s Cousin Matthew!

Memorable self-pleasuring with extreme masturbation …
It all began several years ago at Carol's cousin Matt's house. My girlfriend Carol and I began playing beer pong with her cousin and three of his friends.

Carol and I live together and are very sexually active with each other but we are both bisexual.

Eventually we were talked into playing strip poker and after an hour or so we were all pretty much naked or close to it. That first night Carol and I along with the four guys all masturbated in front of each other.

We began partying a couple of times a month and it got more intimate each week. Carol and I talked about it. We both enjoyed the attention we were getting from the guys, so by the third month were not only masturbating ourselves but also each other.

Now I know how lame this might sound but we both enjoyed being satisfied by the guys. In a short time, it became like a game as Carol and I were like objects of their attention.

The sensations they administered to our bodies were the most arousing feelings I have ever experienced. Carol and I did masturbate them each time; also gave them oral sex but that is nothing compared to how they aroused and stimulated Carol and I.

I never dreamed that I would allow four guys to play with my body in that way. I cannot describe what eight hands feel like fondling and penetrating me, not just with their fingers but also their collection of sex toys and vibrators. Each time we were at Matt’s house I orgasmed more than I thought ever possible, Carol agrees with me.

Carol and I watched each other being masturbated by the guys, which alone caused me to be turned on. When I thought about it, I knew these guys were using us and knew it should humiliate me, but I was so aroused I did not care what they thought of me.

Right from the start Carol and I insisted there be no sexual intercourse, but now even that has changed but we did insist that they use condoms all the time.

When Carol and I have sex together, we do to each other some of the same things the guys did with the sex toys.

These guys degrade us but we still go to Matt’s house at least twice a month. Why I am not embarrassed while this is going on I cannot explain especially when all four are satisfying me as Carol watches them doing so.

We are all naked, but the positions they arrange me in leave me so fully exposed to them I should feel some type of humiliation, but I allow them to keep satisfying me. As they penetrate my vagina and anus with the sex toys, vibrators, I either gave oral sex or masturbated them.

I have at certain times jerked off two of them while getting my pussy fucked by a third and giving the fourth oral sex; that sounds ridiculous, but they are the ones who position me to be able to do that.

I in-turn watch while Carol does the same! I think the fact that I have these guys so excited also increases the way I am aroused so much.

Matt is Carol’s cousin but that does not stop him from treating her the same way he does me.

Another weird aspect of this is that I like all these guys, seeing them all the time especially at the club every Friday night. We never talk about it with the guys as Carol and I never say anything about it to our other friends.

I do have sex with a guy I work with sometimes, but never even tell Carol about that either.

It's Sunday morning right now and last night we again were at Matt’s house.

As much as I realized how shameful this may be, I do not feel personal shame about it, as long as some of my friends and family never find out about my doing it!

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