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Caught by my Teacher

I turned around and standing at the doorway was my history teacher...
It was hot as hell in the old school library. I was sitting in one of the study rooms in the back of the building on a hard wooden chair. My tanned thighs were sticking to the wood and my tank top was nearly soaked through with sweat. All of a sudden, I had a rush of arousal. I tried to ignore it by turning up my music and attempting to focus on my history paper. It was only a few hours before the paper was due and I only had about half of it done.

After a while, I realized I was getting nothing done and there was no point at even trying to work. I opened up Safari and clicked onto facebook. I sent my boyfriend a quick message. 

"Hey ;)" I knew he was working too. There was little chance of him responding, but maybe he would, who knew? Soon I found facebook boring and I opened the Photo Booth application and began to examine myself in the camera. I had to admit, I didn't look too bad. I was clearly overheated, as it was June in an un-airconditioned building, but my long, straight brown hair looked pretty good. The arousal I had been experiencing had apparently translated into my nipples being hard. I could see them poking through the thin material of my tank top. My breasts were average size, only a B cup, but all my previous boyfriends seemed to be satisfied so I wasn't concerned. I clicked the record button and started a video.

At first I just looked at myself for a bit. I began to fondle my chest and squeeze my breasts through my tank top. Eventually I took out one of them and started squeezing the nipple. This sent electric-type shocks right down to my pussy. I immediately felt some of the wetness in my pants slip out onto my panties. I watched my face on the computer screen as I began to pleasure myself. I slipped my hand down my pants. I could immediately feel how wet I really was. I knew there was no stopping now, so I removed my hand and then stood up to shimmy my shorts off my hips. I positioned myself so that the camera could see my shaved pussy and began to play. I spread my pussy lips with one hand and slipped a finger inside my hole with the other. I then tilted my hips up toward the camera and performed. I gradually added another finger and ground my hips onto my fingers. A few moans slipped out of my mouth, increasing in volume with every moan. I continued finger fucking myself until I came very loudly. I stopped the videos, took a few naked selfies, and quit the program.

Without putting on my pants again, I went back to working on my history paper. After working for a bit longer I realized I was still incredibly horny. I went back to pleasuring myself. I was so, incredibly wet already and that would only make my job much easier. I tilted my head back, closed my eyes, and just let my hands do all the work. I was nearly humping my fingers with my body, so much so that the wood chair was wet with my own juices. I was completely unconscious of the noise I was making. From anyone who was walking by the door it would be incredibly obvious what I was doing in the room. I was completely focused on my own body. I guess I hadn't heard the door open and only realized someone else was in the room when she cleared her throat.

"Ahem" I turned around and standing at the doorway was my history teacher. She looked both shocked and angry at the condition she had found me in. I was completely naked, covered in sweat, my hand was completely buried in my pussy, and the entire room smelled like sex. I awkwardly slid my hand out of my vagina and lamely attempted to cover myself up. She sort of attempted to politely evade her eyes, although it was probably pointless at this point and she told me that she would see me in the library office in 5 minutes.

In the front of the library, there was this really small office where the library proctor stayed throughout study hall. Apparently, my history teacher was the proctor tonight. I realized that I had to clean myself up, at least enough to make it through the walk to the office. The study room I was in was on the exact opposite side of the library and, since there are always people strewn about the library, I would most certainly run into someone I knew. I also was aware that it would be blatantly obvious, no matter how much I tried to clean up to anyone whom I passed.

I slipped on my underwear and jean shorts. I took a deep breath, put on my tank top, and closed my computer. I wiped the sweat off my forehead and walked to the door. I basically counted every step on my way to the office. I thought about just walking out the front door of the library in order to avoid the oncoming meeting. Finally, I had arrived at the office door. I knocked sort of gingerly. I heard her tell me to come in and I slowly opened the door.

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