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Caught by Olga's Daughter

As I quickly stroke my cock to a climax, the door opens
I started masturbating when we moved to Wilmington and I finally got my own room and bathroom. When I was sixteen, my dad got a big promotion from DuPont and we moved to a bigger house with a pool. He also felt sorry for my mom so he hired Olga, a German housekeeper, to help with the cleaning. She’d come three times a week to vacuum, dust and wash clothes.

My senior year in high school was beginning and I was really a nerd. I played J.V. football but wasn’t buff or big enough to make the Varsity squad. I had had a few dates but no steady girlfriend because the hot girls were dating the stud guys and the only other choice were the “easy” girls who’d put out for anybody. Oh yeah, I went out with several to trim my horns but who wanted one of them as a steady? So I usually spent time alone “doing my thing.”

My favorite spot to beat off was my bathroom. I stood at the sink and could spray the mirror with my jizz, watching it dribble down the glass into a puddle on the countertop before wiping it up. My best friend, Louie, found a bunch of skin mags in his father’s dresser and shared them with me. My favorite was a picture book called “Behind the Green Door” that had photos of really nasty stuff interspersed between the pages of the story as it chronicled the exploits that went on behind that door.

One Saturday Olga came to clean. Saturday was usually not one of her usual work days but this week she had had a conflict so she showed up that morning. Along with her came Greta, her sixteen year old daughter who was not in school that day and could help speed their duties. I knew nothing of this development however.

I was in the bathroom proceeding to look at the book as I slowly pumped my boner that morning. I had the door pushed almost shut but left a crack so I could hear my mom coming down the hall. I knew her footsteps but my room was in the back of the house and she didn’t often head that way.

I didn’t know Greta’s footsteps however. She had been sent to collect the towels for her mom. I was furiously pumping now at a photo of a girl sucking a guy’s dick with his cum running down her chin and I was almost there. I caught a flicker of movement out of the corner of my eye as she pushed open the door but I was too far gone and had no desire to stop. With one final jerk I blew my load all over the mirror. After a few moments when I could focus again I turned my head to see her standing there with mouth hanging open and wide eyes staring at the scene before her.

“Opps,” I said once the lump in my throat faded. “You should knock.”

She smiled brightly and then said, “I’m glad I didn’t. That was an awesome sight. I know what a prick looks like and I’ve seen them grow from tiny and soft to huge and stiff but I’ve never seen one shoot before. And so much stuff. You’ve made a mess!”

Then she calmly walked over and picked up a towel and proceeded to wipe down the mirror, then the puddle at the bottom. Then she shocked me to no end when she reached over and grabbed my dick to milk out the last drop of jizz into the towel. “I need to get these back to mom, otherwise I’d love to stay and watch you from the beginning.”

Then she kissed me on the cheek and turned to walk away. I know she wiggled her tight little butt at me as she headed to the door. She turned and gave me a smile and a wink.

Man, I am praying for more Saturday cleaning sessions!

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