Caught on Tape

By Nerdygirl

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It was a slow day at work. My eyes drifted between screens,taking in footage of the store. There were less than a dozen customers, so there wasn’t much danger of theft. I started a little game I sometimes play with myself and began finding each employee one by one. I couldn’t help pausing on Abbie.

She’s young, probably fresh out of high school, but her body is stunning. She was wearing black spandex pants, and as she bent to pick up a fallen DVD, her plump little ass was enough to catch the attention of any loss prevention officer. As she stood, I could almost see down the top of her scoop neck top. It was also fitted, showing off her perfect C cup breasts.

Abbie moved into the kitchenware department to straighten items of the shelves. She paused by the whisks and took one with a thick metal handle of the shelf. She seemed to contemplate the whisk for a moment before rushed off towards the back room. I suddenly felt excited that I might catch some internal theft in the works. I followed her movement between screens until she stopped in a back corner of the room, and began rubbing the handle of the whisk between her thighs. This wasn’t what I expected at all. I’m sure she had no idea that there was a camera in the back room. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just kept watching

Her eyes darted back and forth before she slid out of her pants. She was wearing pink boy shorts, and ran a hand under them, rubbing her self. Next, she took the handle of the whisk and ran it up one of the leg holes. The length of the handle disappeared under the fabric. I was starting to get hard and knew that I couldn’t let it keep happening. I paged Abbie to my office over the intercom.

She looked very shaken and quickly reassembled her attire and walked across the store to my office, with the whisk still in hand. She knocked quietly on the door frame as she stepped in.

“You wanted to see me?” She asked sweetly. I just swiveled my chair and rewound the footage to a shot of her with the whisk poised to enter her.

“Abbie…what were you thinking?” I asked calmly.

“I…I…shit.” Abbie mumbled as her cheeks reddened and her eyes fell to the floor.

“Abbie. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to show this to your supervisor and manager.”

“No!” her eyes shot up to meet mine. “You can’t! I’ll lose my job, or everyone will find out. It was stupid and can’t we just forget it? I’ll do anything. Just don’t show the tape to anyone!” she begged. Her hands began wringing the handle of the whisk she’s forgotten in her hand.

“Anything?” I asked, with terrible thoughts boiling in my brain.

“Anything.” She confirmed.

“Okay. I can make the tape disappear,” I responded, then eyed Abbie up and down as she stood before me. “Stop me if I go too far.” I warned and gentley set my hands on her hips. She looked embarrassed and nervous, but just gave me a quick nod. I slid my fingers under the edges of both her pants and panties and slowly slid them down to her ankles. “Step out of them.” I instructed. She did so with slight hesitation.

With my left hand anchored on her hip, I ran my right hand up along her thigh, enjoying the warmth of her skin. “I feel a little bad that you didn’t get to finish. It was rude of me to stop you.” My fingers slid along her pussy lips. “You’re soaking wet. You want it bad…Can I help you finish?” I pressed the heal of my hand against the top of her clit and tentatively hooked the tip of my middle finger inside her.

“mmmhMMMM” she responded, increasing in volume as I slipped more of my finger in. I plunged my middle finger all the way in and hooked it toward myself, rubbing along her softness. I ran it in and out a few times, enjoying the emotions playing across her face. A soft whimper escaped her lips as I pulled my finger out.

“That’s not enough for you though, is it?” I asked. She looked down at me inquisitively, and was about to question further, when I took the whisk from her. The handle was warm from her palm. She spread her legs a little further, looking down at me. I ran the handle along her slit several times then removed it to observe the effect. The metal was covered in her juices. “Suck it.” I instructed, raising it to her lips. Our eyes met and she opened her mouth, plunging it along the length of the handle. I was starting to get very very aroused. I spread the lips of her vagina with one hand and placed the base of the handle at her entrance. “Tell me you want it.”

“I want it,” she mumbled, embarrassedly.

“What’s that?” I replied playfully

“I want it. I want it!...please!”

With that, I thrust the handle inside her and was met with a rewarding gasp. I thumbed her clit as I pumped the utensil insider her. Her breathing became frantic and she let out a series of small coos.

I quickly took out the whisk and stood. I bent her over my desk and started the affront to her pussy again. He legs trembled slightly and I reached around to cup her hanging breast through her shirt.

“Do you want more?” I asked roughly

“Yes. Yesyesyesyes,” was her immediate reply.

I removed the whisk and turned it around. I slowly slid the curved wire end into her opening, which stretched to accommodate it.

“Fuck!” Abbie gasped.

When it was all the way inside, I slowly pulled it back out and repeated. Then began short thrusts.

“Harder!” she demanded.
“Oh, you like it?” I asked, pumping her harder. She was pushing back onto my hand and I could feel her juices flowing down the handle. Again and again, I plunged it inside her. I twisted the whisk slightly inside her and she let out a squeal, exploding in pleasure. Her butt bucked back and she brought her knees together as her body shook. By the time her tremors came to a stop, I had my pants down and my member was at full attention and in need of attention.

“Abbie, you’re a very naughty girl.” I said, as she turned her face toward mine, still holding the whisk with her pussy. I reached between her legs, and coating my fingers in her cum, used them the lubricate my shaft. “Do you like other naughty things? I asked pressing the tip of my cock against her exposed ass hole.” I asked.

She responded with a quiet sign and nod. I slowly plunged myself into her tight little hole. It killed me, but I moved as slowly as I possible, feeling her relaxing around me. Abbie moaned deeply as I pulled half my length back out. I took her shoulder with one hand and the whisk with the other and started violating both holes. I couldn’t hold back my grunts and was about to cum, when Abbie gasped and exclaimed, “Don’t stop! I’m gonna, I’m gonna…” I bucked into her as hard as I could and sped up. I could feel her tight ring of muscles sliding hard along my length.

“OooooOOOOH!” Screamed Abbie as her muscles contracted around me and pushed out the whisk. With that, I pulled her thighs hard against myself and came deep inside her. I pulled out and, wrapping my hand around my cock, let along rope of cum fall on the crock of her back, just as the door to my office flew open…