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Caught Wanking

Tom is young and virile and definitely caught in the act…
Caught Wanking

My name is Tom and even at the age of sixteen I used to go on holidays with my parents. I guess I saw places of interest that I would not normally have seen, and I have stayed in some places that were cramped to say the least.

We used to stay in what are called bed and breakfast places. They are considered people’s houses where they let out one or more rooms to the general public. We stayed in one that was letting out about six rooms. We occupied one of them, and it was a little inconvenient to spend the night just around a walled partition from your own mum and dad, but it was only for a week.

When we arrived I noticed a rather nice girl, she was my age and was the daughter of the woman that owned the house. She was gorgeous and I was instantly in lust with her. The first thing I noticed was that even at sixteen, her tits were as big as her mums. She was tall and leggy as well, an added bonus as I normally went out with girls that were shorter than me, and I wanted desperately, to ask her out, but knew that I never would.

I lusted after her for about two days. We finally struck up a conversation in the lounge one evening, and I got close to asking her out. My heart rate increased ten fold as I approached the question, still too scared to actually say the words. Then her mum helped me out, she entered the room and asked Jenny to help her with some chores, then she was gone. We said goodbye, but the moment was lost and I knew that trying to recover it would now be even harder.

I had always suffered from being shy, especially in the presence of people I did not know. It was worse when that person was female and someone you fancied.

I would spend the day and evening with my parents, then in the morning I would wake up with a massive hard-on thinking about Jenny and how I would lick and fondle her breasts as she pumped my cock with her hand. My hand would be on my cock rubbing it furiously. I needed a wank and the only place was the shared toiled that was just down the hall.

I pulled on my jeans and T-shirt and headed off down the hall. Shared toilets between a few people was not my idea of privacy, but neither was the partition between me and my parents. So I found myself in the toilet, door closed and trousers around my ankles. It wasn’t long before my cock reared up in front of me and I couldn’t wait for the sensation of my orgasm and to feel my spunk rushing up to spurt over me and cover my hand.

I loved a good wank.

I was sat on the toilet, pumping my cock slowly and enjoying the feeling. My legs open and I was leaning back on the seat cover behind me. I was staring at my cock and marvelling at its size. My eyes had closed momentarily as I revelled in stroking my cock.

I suddenly heard a noise. Someone had tried the door and I thought fuck. I hated interruptions, it meant I had to rush.

Then I heard a loud gasp. I opened my eyes to see a middle aged woman, her mouth wide open, her hand on the door knob and her eyes as wide as a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.

“My god!” she exclaimed.

I suddenly realised I was not alone. I scrambled into a more seated position and thrust my cock down as far as it would go. I even started to make a move for my trousers but it was far too late for that.

“S…s…sorry…” I blurted out as I watched her.

She was breathing in gasps as she kept looking at me, or rather the space between my legs that I was desperately trying to hide. She briefly left the door and I saw her look down the corridor. I thought she would let the door close and I would be left to lick my wounds and hurry back to the bedroom in the hope I would never see her at breakfast or ever again.

I was not prepared for what happened next.

She stepped into the toilet with me, she closed the door behind her and locked it much better than I thought I had done. She turned to me.

“It‘s not right what you are doing in a public toilet,” she said. Great I thought, that’s all I need is a lecture on what I should or shouldn’t be doing.

“Now, wank it for me,” she continued.

My eyes opened and I looked up at her.

“Wank it for me, pump your cock with your hand, I want to see you spunk all over yourself,” she urged.

I continued to look at her in disbelief. She smiled at me and bit her lip.

“Wank your cock, or someone may find out what you have been doing!” she threatened.

I never liked being threatened, but the last thing I wanted, was for my parents to find out about this.

My hand reached for my cock and I started to stroke it again. It wasn’t getting hard. Well not as quickly as it normally did and I quickly put it down to the circumstances.

She was smiling as I looked at her watching my hand pump up and down my cock. Her mouth opened slightly and a quiet gasp left her mouth.

“Pump it,” she directed. “Yes, that‘s good, pump it like that.”

I did as she instructed and soon my cock was as hard as it was when I was so rudely interrupted.

She looked into my eyes, then back at my cock.

“Need some encouragement?” she questioned. She was grinning openly by now.

I frowned, not knowing what she meant. Was she offering to wank it for me?

“Keep pumping it for me,” she prompted me as I stopped momentarily. I pumped it slowly and steadily. It felt good in my hands but I couldn’t believe I was going to spurt in front of this woman.

“I think you need some encouragement,” she said and with that she started to unbutton her blouse. She dropped it off her arms and let it fall to the floor. Then she unbuttoned her bra and let it fall too.

I was sat there watching a gorgeous pair of breasts in front of me as I wanked my cock. Suddenly, the world didn’t feel all that bad after all.

“I get so hot watching men wank,” she said, as both her hands cupped her breatsts and with her thumbs over the top of her nipples, she tweaked them against her fingers as they supported her breasts.

I groaned as I pumped my cock. I looked into her eyes, no longer embarrassed to be wanking openly in front of this woman.

Her hand then dropped to the side of her dress, I watched as she unbuttoned the skirt and then unzipped it. It too fell to the floor in front of her. She cupped her breasts again. I watched as her hand snaked from her breast to her knickers and then I saw it disappear inside. I watched avidly as she rubbed herself beneath her knickers. I could see her hands working on her pussy, I could see when a finger disappeared inside her.

I looked up at her, eyes closed as she fondled herself. One hand was massaging her pussy while the other was playing with her breasts.

She let out a gasp as she fingered her pussy. Her eyes still closed as her head shook from side to side. Then she bent over slightly. More fingers entered her pussy.

She then stopped stroking herself and withrew her fingers. She looked me in the eye, raised her hand and nonchalantly licked them. She then removed her knickers and let them fall to the floor too. She was naked and standing in front of me.

For the first time I saw her glistening and shaved pussy. It was the first shaved pussy I had ever seen in my entire life.

Her fingers once again found her pussy and she stroked it close to the top, her fingers making a rolling motion around it.

“You have a gorgeous cock!” she said. It was the first words that were not threatening.

“Make it spurt for me…please,” she continued.

My hand pumped my cock a little faster as I watched her do the same with her fingers.

I groaned out loud as I watched her. Then she came a little closer. With her legs either side of me she squatted on her heels, her legs opened either side of mine. Her fingers were once again on her pussy and penetrating her. Her other hand stabilised her by clutching at the radiator on the wall. Her breasts bounced as her arm pushed at them as she fingered her pussy.

“Spurt it for me…” she gasped the words as she looked directly at my cock. Her face was just six inches away from my cock head.

“Spunk up…” she gasped, “I‘m fucking cumming….”

Her words were intoxicating, horny and erotic all at the same time. I pumped my cock hard, my hand a blur over it as my eyes stared at her masturbating in front of me.

“Fuck….” it was with a loud gutteral groan, that I saw her eyes close as she came on her fingers. I stopped wanking and watched as she savoured her orgasm. She rocked on her fingers to and fro as they entered and withdrew from her pussy. Then her fingers crept upward to her outer lips and she stroked them gently. Her stomach was convulsing with every stroke of her fingers, and with every stroke she gasped quietly into the room.

Eventually she opened her eyes and looked at me, and then at my cock.

“It‘s your turn now…” she smiled at me. “I want to see it spunk high as I play with my tits for you…” she enticed me.

My hand flew back to my cock and I started wanking it in front of this gorgeous woman.

“Fuck…I am so going to spurt it all over the fucking place,” I said, realising it was the first words I had uttered since saying sorry.

“I do hope so….I really do,” she replied as she rocked her body and played with her nipples as I pumped my cock hard and fast. I swear her face was just an inch from my cock at one point as she rocked forward.

“Beautiful…fucking beautiful…” she encouraged me.

I needed no encouragement. I was about to spurt all the spunk that my balls held into the air in front of me. My cock was upright, I was leaning back against the toiled and my closed fist was a blur over my cock.

“That‘s it…let it go…” she spoke softly into the room. “Let it go everywhere…”

I watched her pull her nipples out of her breasts and tug on them, I watched her face and saw that she was desperate for my release.

“Spunk it…spunk it…spunk it…” she chanted, her eyes wide and longing for the sudden ejaculation she knew was coming.

Then it happened. The first spurt shot from my cock into the air. It must have gone up six or eight inches before it started to fall back down onto my hand. I watched as she followed the spunk upwards.

“Ooooo…” she cried out. “That‘s it…more…” she cried.

The second spurt left my cock as she said the words, colliding on the spunk on it’s way back down.

“Fucking gorgeous…” she said, “absolutely fucking gorgeous!”

The third left my cock soon afterwards. Then, as I started to slow down, the rest of my spunk pumped out and down onto my hand.

I eventually slowed my hand to a halt. My cock, hand and balls were covered in spunk. My cock was still erect as I held it at the base.

She looked at me and grinned broadly, as she raised herself up from her position. I watched as she dressed, four items of clothing went on faster than they had come off. She blew me a kiss as she backed up to the door.

“Same time tomorrow…” she winked at me as she left. As the door was closing, she popped her head around the corner.

“Oh! You had better lock the door…better this time!”

I saw her at breakfast, sitting with her husband as I sat with my parents. I watched her glance at me as she slipped a banana into her mouth, rather seductively, I would say.

I found myself smiling and suddenly I knew, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

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