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Another busy day, I’m glad it’s 5.30; this job is soul destroying. As my colleagues file out and rejoin the human race, I see Jessica is still on a call, with a face like thunder. Nobody wants be stuck on the dreaded last call.

I can see she is trying to wind the conversation up. She eventually succeeds, lets out a huge sigh of relief and throws off her headset.

“Bloody timewasters, why do they leave it until the last minute and decide to call at half five?”

As there is nobody else left, the question is aimed in my direction, with no decent answer I shrug my shoulders and smile. I’ve worked with Jess for just over a year. At 24, she’s six years younger than myself. She’s very confident, but not arrogant, and always ready to poke fun of herself. She is also the owner of the most beautiful brown eyes, a piece of information I have never shared with her.

“So what’s the plan tonight, Lee, off for a few cheeky beers with the boys, or a quiet night in?”

I hadn’t really decided. “Not sure, Jess. Feeling a bit jaded, might just have a quiet one, stay in.”

“You could always crack open that bottle of wine you’ve got stashed away in your drawer, Lee.”

I was gob smacked. “Which bottle of wine is that then?” I replied, trying to be nonchalant.

She gets up, and walks towards me, eyes firmly fixed on my face. She brushes against me as she passes and I feel a shiver up my spine. “This one.” She opens my drawer and gasps, I immediately know what’s up and close my eyes, hoping for a different scene when I open them again.

"Jesus, Lee, who’s been a dirty boy?”

I open my eyes and my worst fears are confirmed in all their glory. Jess is holding up a copy, my copy of “Stunning Babes“ which I’d forgotten to hide away since Jim had returned it to me.

“You’re a dark horse, Lee - they say you’ve got to watch the quiet ones. You never seem to show any interest in the girls here. A few said you might be batting for the other side, now I know different don’t I?” She smiles impishly, looks me up and down and places the magazine in front of me. “My Rick gets this from time to time, tries to keep it quiet but he’s not as clever as he thinks he is.”

A feeling of deep, deep embarrassment fills me, how on earth do I wriggle out of this one? I’m thinking of laying the blame on Jim, she hates Jim, so it could be any easy get out, the sweat is pouring out of me, if she blabs to management, I’m out on my backside.

She sits down next to me, staring me out, wonder what her next move is. She picks the mag up and flicks through it, pausing for a minute - cool as a cucumber she enquires, “So who’s your favourite? I mean who do you wank off over?” She opens the page at Vanessa, a tanned blonde girl, tall, long legs spread wide, two fingers deep into her wet folds. "It’s her I reckon, bet you’ve shot your load thinking about screwing that snatch, hard from behind?”

I wish the floor would swallow me up, Vanessa is really hot but not the one. I shake my head and Jess giggles, and carries on with her search. Next it’s a beautiful redhead, Madeleine. She has peachy skin and lovely pert tits with long nipples.

“God, look at her tits, wish mine were that firm, I bet you’d love to come all over them, eh Lee?”

This is all getting way too bizarre, but it’s not her either, so I shake my head.

Jess is not giving up on this, she moves on past the stories and ads for super size dildos and Viagra. She stumbles upon the next girl, Sophia, a petite short haired, pear shaped brunette with sultry brown eyes, gazing over her shoulder on all fours holding open her plump pussy lips and showing her cute dark arsehole.

Jess turns to me. “Her?”

I blink, dumbfounded.

“Bloody hell, is it her, Lee?” She turns the page, or tries to, but the pages are stuck together. She laughs and gazes at me knowingly. “Good choice, she’s so horny.”

There are about seven pages of Sophia, all amazing. Jess turns to the centrefold of her which is the brunette bending over with two fingers embedded in her glistening wetness, and a look of pure ecstasy on her face.

Jess carries on, she seems transfixed, she goes on to the readers wives, laughing at a pasty obese girl, Maria, who has a really hairy pussy. “Needs to trim that bush.” She giggles uncontrollably for about thirty seconds, then fixes me a stony gaze. “So, it’s Sophia you really want, unless you really have a thing for big muff Maria?"

I’m struggling here, my cock is starting to swell, the combination of the pictures, and a really pretty girl talking dirty is hard to resist. Jess turns the pages back to Sophia’s centrefold. “Wise choice, I’d fuck her too.”

She swivels her chair and pushes it until she’s about six inches from my face. Her sexy eyes widen and she flicks her black fringe away from her face. ”Know what I’d love to see?” There is barely a drop of moisture in my mouth and I can feel sweat beads burst and drip down my face, I can’t form a word so I just shrug my shoulders. She is not so candid. “ I want to see you jack off, come all over Sophia’s arse, go on Lee, do it for me.”

Am I really gonna do this, I silently ask myself, not sure. Jess is sure though. “Get your dick out, Lee.” She’s made up my mind in a second. I stand up and pull my trousers and boxers down in one go. My semi erect cock springs up and is about two inches from Jess’s mouth, but she doesn’t move a muscle, just gives my cock a cursory glance, uttering one word, “Wank.”

How surreal is this? A few moments ago we were exchanging pleasantries, now my cock is hard and standing flush. I pull my foreskin back and expose my bulbous purple head. My dick isn’t massive, but it’s thick and has a big helmet - it’s throbbing wildly and feels like it’s gonna explode, however there is no sign of emotion on Jessica’s face. Maybe Rick is bigger than me, who knows.

Three words this time. “Wank your cock.” Her tone is like a school headmistress, cold and emotionless, but this is making me even harder. My cock feels bigger than ever, the veins seem to be huge. I take my dick in hand and slowly start, gently stroking my tip and then running my other hand up and down my length. My mind is racing, do I concentrate on Sophia and imagine fucking that lovely pussy, or imagine it’s Jess? It seems a mixture of both as I speed up, getting into a steady rhythm.

Jess seems to have had enough of being a passenger and decides to hurry me along. “Imagine it’s me you’re banging, Lee, it’s my wet pussy you’re fucking. I’m squeezing you tight and any second now I’m gonna milk you dry. You’ve wanted to do this to me for ages, you dirty sod."

I can’t take much more, I’m gonna shoot, but in the nick of time she gives my head an expert squeeze for twenty seconds, then cradles my balls in one hand then gently starts jacking me with the other. She then spits on my tool for a little lubricaton. God, she feels good, raising the tempo slowly, the bracelets on her slim wrist jangling as she moves me backwards and forwards quicker and quicker. I notice her small breasts moving under her blouse in time with her jerking, I’m on the edge.

“Imagine you’re coming in my tight pussy,” she urges, and that’s enough - she knows and points my cock towards the magazine and ups the tempo a notch. In about ten seconds the rush comes, oh god - seven or eight thick coils of come all over Sophia and Jess’s hand (and my desk). She doesn’t let go until I’m dry, my legs are weak and I collapse into my seat, spent.

Jess, cool as ice, licks my cum off her fingers, seemingly in slow motion. “Mmmm nice.” Gently, she pully my boxers back up and gives me the sexiest look. “Nice cock, Lee. One day, maybe, just maybe, you can fuck me with it, but not today. So for the moment, you’re gonna need a new porno, I think you’ve worn this one out.” She glances at the image of Sophia, covered in my come and closes the magazine.

“Now where have you hidden that wine, Lee?”

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