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Chatting at the Office

Chatting can lead anywhere

Jessica always wore nice but conservative clothes to work.   They didn’t do much to show off what looked like an incredible body, but didn’t necessarily hide it either.   I’d walk by her desk several times a day jus to get a whiff of her perfume or a glance at her cleavage or her neck. We were civil to each other, even friendly, but we rarely went past that professional barrier.   I’d laugh and kid around or at least I’d try, and she didn’t seem to mind the occasional joke that was a bit off, and she usually smiled back whenever I’d smile at her.

One day, a few weeks ago, I was working late on a project.   I was screening a long contract that was tedious and just required a lot proofreading.   Jessica was at her desk typing.   I shook my head to keep from falling asleep.   I began to notice a pattern to her typing.    I grinned to myself when I realized she was chatting.   I could see her face through a gap in the divider.   She was smiling and her face was flushed.   She was a beautiful woman anyway but something about the color in her cheeks and the way she was biting her lower lip made her irresistible.

Her breathing was picking up and I heard her stifle a giggle.   She smoothed her hair back over her ear. Personally, I think that’s the most feminine gesture there is.   I could see her neck turning red. Jessica kept typing and I heard her whisper “Oohhhh yessssssss”.   Her eyes took on an intensity that I hadn’t noticed before.   She obviously didn’t know that I was there. I heard her chair creak as she squirmed in her seat and the way she bit her lower lip convinced me that she was very aroused.   She unbuttoned the top button of her blouse and caressed her neck and ran her fingers down over her collarbone.  

She looked around and then she unbuttoned yet another button.    After a few more keystrokes she squirmed a little more and then I heard her shoes hitting the floor and rustling from under her desk.   After a few minutes, Jessica started to sigh and moan softly.   She was wearing a gray suit and skirt that day and it made me wonder what colors she was wearing underneath. I forgot all about what I was supposed to be doing.   Watching her face change expressions was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. Her eyes slightly closed as she ran her tongue over her lips. Her nipples hardened under her blouse and her fingers disappeared underneath her lacy bra.   Her typing slowed, but her breathing picked up.

I was rock hard by this time. I couldn’t help but touch myself through my pants.   I was very careful not to make a sound…. I didn’t want to spoil the moment. She tossed her head back, her brown hair falling behind her shoulders and framing her face perfectly.   I watched, mesmerized as I saw her hand under her blouse moving over her breast and then back to her keyboard.. Jessica was literally typing with one hand. I could hear her hushed voice talking to her online lover. “ohhhh   godddd yessssss” She moaned.    “Kiss me there” then   “mmmmm   fuck me hard!”    I was running my hand over my bulge and I could feel the head swelling.   She bit her lip and stifled a scream.   I almost came as her back arched.   She closed her eyes and seemed to be lost somewhere in a most wonderful place.   I could see her body shake as she came again and again. I couldn’t help but rub and soon I came as well.   I knew I’d have a wet spot on my pants but I didn’t care.

Somehow I managed to keep quiet.   Jessica smiled as she got up, straightened out her skirt and walked out. I guessed that she went to the ladies room and I knew she’d be back soon because she was barefoot. I figured I better get out now while I can.   I quickly shut down my computer and grabbed my things to go. I stopped by her desk and noted the chat site and her screen name that she’d left on. I glanced under her desk and saw her shoes and her panties in a small wad on the floor. I looked around and then picked them up.   They were still wet and smelled like sex. I carefully put them back where I got them.   I turned to leave before she came back and almost made it out the door before she walked back in.   I met her in the hallway and mumbled a “Good night, See you tomorrow” She had buttoned her blouse back up and was still a little flushed. She said “Oh!   I didn’t know you were still here.”    She glanced down, blushed and added “Sure…have a good night” Then I remembered my pants.   “OH SHIT!” I thought and moved my jacket in front of me.  

That night Jessica was all I could think about.   I wondered if she’d noticed the wet spot on my pants.   I wondered what she thought if she did. I alternated between being embarrassed and being turned on.   Just remembering her face as she came and how she smelled was enough to make me cum again. I wondered what it would be like in the morning when I went to work.  

I got in early and was the first one in the office the next morning. I signed in and checked my email.   Just the usual stuff some work related things and some fwds from some old friends.   I created an account in the website that Jessica was on and signed in. I just watched the various chatters and made a few comments. Jessica came in a little while later wearing a black skirt that was a little shorter than usual and a red silk blouse under a black jacket.   She looked terrific.   Her light brown hair was in a loose ponytail that fell down between her shoulders.    I signed off the site and got up to go get some coffee.   I walked by Jessica’s desk and said “Morning Jessica.   You look great today!”   She smiled and blushed and said “Good morning” quietly, not quite meeting my eyes. I got my coffee and went back to work.   I signed back on and waited for her to show up.  

It took a few hours but she finally signed in. Jessica was very friendly it seemed in the main room. I said hi and made small talk with her and some others. I steered the conversation toward work and then PM’d her to say hi.   She answered. We talked about our respective jobs and “surprisingly” we did many of the same things.   She said she started chatting at work a couple months ago and hadn’t been caught yet and that the company was pretty lax on things like that.   She went on to say she’d had a close call yesterday but she thought a coworker might be doing the same thing.   She went on to describe seeing me walking out with a hard on as she was walking in from the ladies room. She HAD noticed!   I found myself blushing. She said it was a big turn on knowing that someone else had those kinds of thoughts as well. I asked if she knew him well or if he was just another guy who worked there.   She said that “he” was an older guy, married but kind of cute. (Author’s note: Hey! This is MY fantasy lol)

We chatted for a bit longer and I found out that she was a different person online that she was in the office.   She loved oral sex and had quite a kinky side to her. I couldn’t believe this was the same person. It wasn’t long before we were typing what we’d like to be doing to each other. She told me what she was wearing and I dared her to take off her red thong. She said she would but later. I can’t tell you how hot it was to hear her moan when I described to her how I’d kiss and lick her pussy. We had to stop several times during the day to get work done but it seemed like we “clicked” and I was pretty sure there’d be more. I walked past Jessica’s desk several times and we exchanged smiles and polite hellos.  

Five o’clock came and we were both still at our desks.   I was “working” on the same contract and she stayed online.   We continued to chat.   As we talked I looked through the crack in the cubicle and Jessica had unbuttoned the top two buttons of her silk blouse. She was SO sexy!   I typed and asked if she was hot she said “VERY!”   but that she had to be careful because she wasn’t alone in the office. I said that it was too bad it wasn’t me there we could play. She agreed and then I asked her again to take off her thong.   She agreed this time and I heard the same rustling and chair squeaking as she reached up under her skirt and pulled it off. I could see her beautiful face. It was flushed and she was biting her lip again as she typed.   She said she was touching herself and I could see through her blouse that her nipples were very hard.

We continued to talk and get hotter and hotter. I typed “brb” and got up to walk past Jessica’s desk again.    She quickly hid her screen and seemed to be working diligently. I looked down her blouse and could see her red lace bra.   “Hmmmmm    she matched” I thought to myself.   I couldn’t hide the tent in my pants and I wasn’t sure she would notice it or not.   I went to the copier room and got some papers and then came back to my desk.   Jessica glanced at me as I walked by.   When I got back to my screen I told her that I was back.   She typed “OMG” and said that the guy in the office had a tent in his pants when he walked by. She HAD noticed! I was both embarrassed and turned on. I told her that it was probably because he was near her and that I was sure she was the hottest thing around. She said she doubted it but that it was fun to think about. I went on to ask if it would be a turn on if he was hard thinking about her. She replied that it was always a turn on when she knew she had that effect on a guy.

I told Jessica that she should tease him more.   She should give him a peek now and then and let him get a whiff of her perfume. She didn’t know if she could with him being older and married. I told her that it’s all just fun and besides, he’s probably a safe bet.   She said she’d noticed him looking at her now and then so he WAS interested and that she didn’t think he would complain if she did tease him. I watched as she caressed her neck and collar bone again.   I suggested that she unbutton yet another button on her blouse and she did.   She ran her fingers over the swell of her breast. I was almost in pain I was so hard.   I asked how she would feel if the guy in the office caught her playing.   She said as long as it was just him and nobody else found out she would love it.   Just seeing his reaction would be worth it.

I asked her if anyone else was there besides the two of them.   She replied that she didn’t think so but she wasn’t sure.    I suggested that she take off her bra and put her blouse back on. She said she would.   I told her to go find out if it was just the two of them. Jessica buttoned her blouse back up and then got up to walk through the office to see if anyone else was there. She walked by and asked what I was still doing here.    I told her that the boss was all over me to get this contract done and that I’d be working late for the next few days.   She smiled and said “it looks like its just us!”   I answered I think so. Everyone else leaves as soon as they can.   By the way.   You look really good today,   If you don’t mind me saying so”.    She said “I don’t mind at all   but you already told me this morning though.” with a grin. It was my turn to blush “Oh… sorry but its true”.   She grinned again and said “Thanks”    She walked down the rows of cubicles, I got up, walked over to her desk and sure enough, her thong was on the floor under her desk.

I returned to my desk about the time she walked back in.   She sat back down and typed “It’s just us in here and he’ll be working late this week every night. And btw, I took my bra off.”    I told her that she could have some real fun then.   She unbuttoned her blouse again.   This time I could see her breast.   Her nipple was hard and dark pink.   She squeezed it and moaned softly.   She had to know I was watching or at least listening.   I started typing about what I’d love to do if it was just the two of us in the office. She twirled her nipple between her thumb and finger and gave it a tug.   I told her not to worry about answering but just enjoy.    As I typed she touched.   I told her to play with both her breasts and she pulled back her blouse and did. I almost came right then and there.   She pinched her nipples some more and then one hand dropped down into her lap. As I typed, she continued to play.   She leaned back and stifled a moan while biting her lower lip. I’d passed the point where I had another wet spot on my pants, but this time I didn’t care. I told Jessica to keep playing no matter what happened. If “the guy” came to her desk, she should give him a show. Jessica simply answered “OK”   

Jessica’s arm was moving so I could just imagine her fingers roaming over her soft wet lips. Her eyes closed as she played. I quietly stood up and walked out of my cubicle and into the entrance to hers. I stood there watching as she caressed her thighs and lifted her skirt up around her hips. She was trimmed with a beautiful little strip just above her pussy. Her long fingers gracefully circled her swollen bud. She looked up and saw me standing there but didn’t miss a beat she just smiled a little half smile and closed her eyes again. Her finger slipped in between her puffy lips and slowly disappeared.   She moaned softly and lifted her heel up to her chair. I couldn’t help but reach down and touch myself. Jessica watched and smiled as I rubbed the bulge in my pants. Then she reached up and squeezed her breast with her free hand. Her finger slid in and out as she leaned her head back. Her breathing became heavier.   She added a second finger and pressed in on her clit with her thumb.  

I unzipped my pants and took my cock out. Her eyes widened and she smiled.   She didn’t stop playing as I began to stroke. I stepped a little closer and spun her chair so that she was facing me. Jessica’s fingers were glistening as they pleasured her deep inside. She slid them out and with a mischievous glint in her eyes she lifted them to her tongue and lowly licked them off. I smiled at her and could only croak “Wow! That’s hot” as she slipped her fingers back into her pussy. I was aching as I stroked myself only a couple feet in front of her. She moved her hand faster, tossing her head back and forth.   Her fingers were rapidly fanning her clit and her moans got louder.  

Jessica’s hips started moving in time to her fingers and suddenly her back arched and through her teeth biting down on her lip she screamed.   Her fingers were positively soaked as she pressed harder against herself. I was throbbing and as I pulled back the skin on my cock I came.   It was as if bolts of electricity were jolting through me.   I stepped closer and came on her chest, her tummy and finally her thigh. The thick stream ran down over her breast, she rubbed it into her creamy skin and onto her nipples. My legs were shaking and I sat down on the edge of her desk.   I slowly came back to reality as this beautiful woman smiled at me.   Neither one of us said anything.   Jessica wiped at my cum that was on her leg and licked her finger.   I tucked my cock back into my pants.    I managed a hoarse “WOW!   Did you know you’re amazing?” She smiled and whispered “I’m glad you liked it”. She reached down and picked up her thong.   She whispered “You might like to keep this” and handed it to me.

“I’ll have to work late more often” I said.   She smiled and said “this could get dangerous….   I love it!”   I went back to my desk and watched my screen as she typed…   “Thanks    that was incredible!”   I typed back    “Yes it was!”


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