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Chelle's Day Off (Part One)

Michelle starts her day off with some private pleasure. Or is it private after all?

The sun's rays shining through the partially open blinds fell upon Michelle's beautiful, sleeping form as she lay alone in bed. It caught her eyes and she stirred, momentarily startled to have been awakened by the sunlight instead of her alarm before remembering that it was her day off, as the office where she worked was closed a few days that week for renovations. She smiled at the thought of a day with no obligations and a chance to take advantage of the beautiful weather outside.

As the haze of sleep wore off she realized with a start that she had kicked the covers off in her sleep and was lying completely naked in bed. The latter part was hardly new: Michelle slept naked most evenings, preferring the feel of the soft sheets against her bare skin. It made her feel sexy to wake up completely nude, a habit she had developed when she was younger. Growing into adulthood under the wary eye of her (understandably, she now realized) overprotective parents, sleeping nude had been a way of secretly expressing her growing sexuality. The novelty of this had worn off some over time but the habit continued into her adult years. Now 31 years old and on her own she still did it, and every now and then that thrill returned.

What was different and startling, however, was that she normally awoke for work while it was still light out. Having slept in until daylight, she was suddenly aware that her half-parted blinds would have afforded any lucky passerby a glimpse of her naked body. Michelle quickly pulled the covers over her body, a bit horrified at the thought. Looking out the window and seeing no one staring through, she giggled, feeling a little foolish at her panic.

Perhaps without even realizing it, her hand had fallen down to the area of her crotch and she touched her soft pussy lightly. She wasn't completely surprised to find that she was wet: although she couldn't remember the details, she had been vaguely aware that she'd been having a sex dream before she woke up. There was that, and the fact that something about the possibility of having been seen naked by a stranger..

Well.. that was a little exciting, wasn't it?

She laughed to herself. 'My God', she thought, 'I'm horny all the freaking time now.' It was true: Michelle had always had a high sex drive, or so she thought, but ever since she had been double-teamed by her boyfriend, Leman and her ex, Eric, her libido had been through the roof! She still had no idea what had gotten into her at the time, only realizing that being watched by her ex while she fucked Leman had made her extremely hot. Having two men lavishing attention on her body and worshiping her like a goddess had been a long repressed fantasy of hers, and it was like something simply unlocked inside her.

Michelle was used to attention of course. Most beautiful women were.

If she was being honest with herself, she craved it.

Stretched out alone on the bed, her thoughts turning increasingly lurid, she thought of the discussion she and her boyfriend had the other night about bringing another woman into the bedroom. Michelle had of course been offered this proposition by every guy she had ever dated and had always turned them down. Of course she found other women attractive, who didn't? And yes, she had to admit there was something appealing about seeing what another girl might be like in bed. Soft skin, beautiful curves, and a knowledge of just what another woman really liked. Still, she had to admit that she had always been a little possessive with the men she dated, Leman included, and the thought of one of them screwing another girl in front of her seemed like a recipe for disaster.

Of course, that had all changed the minute she decided to fuck her ex in front of her current boyfriend. Suddenly the thought of another girl joining in didn't nearly seem so taboo. And she had to admit: she owed her guy this indulgence for his not freaking out at her tipsy, slutty behavior. He had instead joined right in with the fantasy and in her mind their sex life had only gotten better as a result.

Michelle began to lightly rub the lips of her pussy in circles as she pictured her friend Allison, the girl she had in mind for the tryst. Allison had worked as a waitress at a bar that Michelle had done promotional work for. This was a few years back, before she'd secured her now more steady but mundane ("Grown-up", she thought sarcastically) office job. Allison had never been shy discussing her appreciation of both sexes with Michelle or really anyone who would listen, and she had actually propositioned Michelle back when she was dating a different guy. She never took the younger woman's offer seriously and certainly never told her then-boyfriend about for fear that he would surely never let the issue drop. Allison was now about 23 or 24 which would put her a few years younger than Leman. While the worry that he might get too attached to a younger girl did concern her, Michelle knew Allison was probably the most logical choice: She wasn't a close friend (in case things got awkward after) and she was fairly certain to take them up on the request.

As her fingers worked the folds of her moist sex, Michelle's mind drifted towards wondering how things would happen. Where she would kiss Allison and how she'd be kissed back. Her mind flashed like stills from a movie as she thought of the ways she would try and pleasure another woman, and how it would feel to receive that same pleasure.

She decided that she wanted more than fingers. Propping herself up with her elbows, she leaned over and opened the drawer of her bedside nightstand. The sheets covering her body fell to her waist as she reached down and she was again partially naked and potentially exposed yet she made no effort to correct this.

Instead, she felt around the bottom of the drawer where a growing collection of sex toys and novelties were kept. There, she found the hard plastic lavender-colored vibrator that was her favorite (as well as being the only one that she hadn't burned out or otherwise broken in various solo attempts at satisfaction.)

Turning the switch, she frowned a little as it sputtered to life at a less than enthusiastic tempo. She really hoped that the batteries would last at least through this morning as she was extremely horny now and had worked herself from languid masturbation to a desperate need to cum.

Michelle lay back down and parted her legs, an act which further separated the sheets from her body and exposed her pubic area. To anyone watching she would have been an incredibly erotic sight: Her long dark hair splayed against the white sheets and pillows and her tanned, sexy body completely nude and displayed like a waiting prize for anyone lucky enough to bear witness.

She touched the vibe to her clit and applied a light pressure that sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Her free hand trailed over her body, past the thin strip of public hair and up her flat, sexy belly. She brushed her bullet-hard nipples and squeezed her breasts in concert with the motion of the buzzing toy in her hand.

The vibrator sputter again and she adjusted the round switch to full, hoping to compensate for it's dwindling energy. She was so close, it wasn't fair! Closing her eyes and biting her lip she worked the slick vibrator up and down the lips of her vagina, desperately trying to coax out her climax. The world around her ceased to exist and she writhed on the bed in absolute focus towards her goal. The depleted battery in the purple vibe finally gave up the ghost and died. Angela cried out in frustration and started rapidly rubbing it along her wet slit before changing up and sliding it inside of her vagina like a (unfortunately slim) cock. The hand that had been massaging her breasts now came down between her legs and began furiously rubbing her clit while the other worked the hard plastic rod in and out.

She finally managed to achieve a mild spasm of pleasure that she supposed was technically an orgasm but was hardly what she had been anticipating.

Oh well, She thought. For not the first time, she really wished her boyfriend were there. She would have fucked his brains out! Toys were one thing but nothing beat the feeling of a warm, stiff cock. Hell, she was almost frustrated enough to call an ex (Eric perhaps, she thought and then rapidly dismissed the idea as if it were on fire) over to handle the job.

Almost. That was the key word. She may have been crossing into some new territory sexually as of late but she wasn't about to start randomly cheating just to get off.. right?

Her eyes opened lightly as she removed the vibrator from inside her. Still laying down, eyes to the ceiling, she brought it up to view and studied it.

"We've had some good times, ol' fella, but I think this might have been your last lay." She said to it, giggling at the thought of how many times she had used the normally reliable toy, as well as the absurdity of carrying on a conversation with it like it were an ex-boyfriend. She reminded herself to go back to that online mail-order company she had used in the past and find a replacement soon. And batteries! What kind of a girl didn't keep spare batteries for her vibrator in the house at all times?

Michelle was struck by the delicate smell of her womanly scent on the toy, now glistening in the morning sunlight with her juices. Without even realizing she was doing it, she brought the toy in and gave it an experimental lick, savoring the taste of her wetness. She had to admit, it wasn't an altogether unpleasant experience. She hoped that if the three-way ever did happen, the same would be true of another woman.

Something struck her as funny then as she realized she probably looked like those silly girls in the porn films she and her boyfriend had watched together lately who would perform fellatio on a dildo like it was the greatest thing in the world. She always found that ridiculous! She was glad no one could see her now.

No one could see her...

With a start, Michelle looked up and remembered where she was. The open blinds!

For a brief moment as she turned to look she thought she saw movement by the window. Just a quick shadow, but something. Rather than jump right up she quickly wrapped the sheets around her and dropped to the other side of the bed, out of sight.

As she lay there breathing hard she heard a sound that made her heart skip.

It was the rumble of the mailman's truck and it was moving quickly past her house. It was an unmistakable sound, the same one that all those trucks seemed to have and yet she hadn't heard it until just then. Had it just been paused at her mailbox for a delivery, or..

Oh my God, had he been standing there watching me?

Her bedroom window was right beside the front door. If he had been dropping off a package, one glance over and he could have seen everything. That shadow she saw as soon as she looked up. Had she imagined that or was it real?

Surely not, she tried to reason. She hadn't heard it approach nor had she heard the doorbell ring, indicating that a package had been dropped off. SURELY she would have noticed THAT, right? Maybe the movement she saw was just the shadow of the approaching truck? Or a bird?

Very cautiously now, she grabbed an over-sized shirt, one of her boyfriend's, and pulled on a pair of panties. Now at least partially covered, she quickly padded to the front room and opened the front door.

Peeking her head outside, Michelle gasped as she saw the plain brown box sitting on the doorstep.

She quickly grabbed it and went inside. Setting the box to the side, she proceeded to draw closed every blind and shade in the house. She was mortified, scared..

..and still a little excited? It took her a moment to recognize it for what it was but as she returned to the bedroom she noticed that she was still buzzing down below, her legs still trembling and her heart pounding. Her orgasm had been hardly earth-shattering. Was this something else?

'How much had he seen?' She wondered.

For reasons she couldn't explain, she went back to the bedroom and peeked out of the open blinds. She was watching and listening to see if the mailman would make the return route down the other side of the street.

She was curious; would he slow down? Maybe he would even come back and ring the doorbell for real this time, or maybe he thought he was caught and would try to come apologize.

Was he even cute? Were mailmen ever cute? And just what in the world did THAT have to do with anything!

 After waiting for what seemed like forever she realized to her chagrin that he wasn't coming back.. The possibility of him making a second route for the house across the street was nil because in her neighborhood (as she was sheepishly reminded once she actually looked), the mailboxes were all on the same side of the street!

Either he hadn't seen her or he had and simply decided to get the hell out of Dodge.

Feeling silly and shameful, Michelle undressed and got in the shower, washing the sweat and lube off of her body. Other than some possible indecent exposure (she thought with a wry smile) and the possibility that she could never look her mail carrier in the eye again, it had been a fairly decent start to her day off! Granted, her attempts at self-fulfillment earlier had been.. less than perfect, but there was nothing stopping her from trying again.

Standing in the steamy shower, eyes closed as she soaped her naked body, Michelle began to fantasize about the mailman. She imagined him watching her from the window as she masturbated on the bed. In her mind, he was a young, muscular stud in a tight, well-fitting uniform.

Seeing a beautiful and obviously horny young woman on display and in such a state as she clearly was, he decided to try the front door.. and of course found it unlocked.

Michelle found that she was again touching herself as the fantasy continued. Removing the massaging shower head from it's base, she turned it to a powerful, throbbing stream and pushed it between her legs. After all, there was more than one way to satisfy a need..

She opened her eyes to find the mailman standing in her bedroom. Rather than being shocked or afraid, she smiled as if she had expected him all along. He moved towards the bed and Michelle tossed the vibrator away like a piece of trash as she moved towards the edge of the bed on all fours, seeking a more fulfilling aid than the unreliable toy. She needed a man and this one would certainly do. She reached out and unbuckled his belt and opened the fly of his short blue mailman shorts, admiring his strong, tanned legs. Reaching in with a trembling hand, she pulled his cock out and was pleased to see that it was long and thick. A beautiful penis.

In fact, it wasn't unlike her ex boyfriend's dick.

The water lapping against her clit was driving her crazy as she imagined herself sucking the sexy mailman's cock into her lips...

Her hands were both on his tight ass and she was pulling him further into her throat. She felt sexy and naughty, seducing this stranger behind her boyfriend's back. What he didn't know wouldn't hurt him though.. and would definitely not hurt her.

Not content with just getting a blowjob, the man grabbed her in his strong arms and threw her on her back, slamming his big cock into her and filling her completely as his muscular body pinned her to the bed. Helpless, she surrendered to the stranger as he stretched her pussy to the limit with his massive organ, driving her to heights of pleasure denied by her worthless vibrator. Her legs shook helplessly in the air, her tanned feet bouncing against his rock hard ass as he thrust into her mercilessly. He picked her up easily and carried her, still impaled on his pole, to the bedroom windowsill. He pushed her up against the window and her arms stretched wide, palms backwards against the glass as he continued fucking her. The frame creaked with the strain. The whole neighborhood could see her naked body pressed against the glass. She imagined them, her boyfriend included, gathering outside and watching as she was.. as she was..

Michelle cried out in the shower as a much stronger orgasm than before rippled through her body. The heat of the shower and the trembling in her legs made her briefly worried that she might pass out and the fantasy of the mailman quickly faded from her mind as a small sense of self-preservation took over. She'd have to save the rest of that one for another day, she thought with a smile. She turned the water off and stepped shakily out of the shower.

 As she toweled off, Michelle admired her body in the full length mirror. She looked great, she had to admit, and the extra time at the gym was definitely paying off, although her tan was fading a little. It was still early and it looked like it was going to be a gorgeous day so maybe some pool time would be in order.

Heading back into the bedroom to select a bikini, she noticed the box from earlier which had been forgotten in her panicked reaction. For the first time decided to see what it was.

Her eyes went to the label, and on it she recognized the innocuous name: it was the mail order company she had been browsing the other night for new sex toys! What in the world? Had she even ordered anything or was this her boyfriend's doing?

She thought for a moment, and then remembered a night last week when she hadn't been exactly sober while browsing the internet.. oops. At least this was one drunken decision she didn't think she'd regret.

Her towel dropped to the bedroom floor and her body was on display once again to the empty room. Smiling as she ran a fingernail along the seam, splitting the packaging tape, she grinned in anticipation and wondered how she was possibly going to get anything else done with her day off..
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