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Chelle's Secrets: A Prelude

Tags: toys, fantasy, mmmf, oral, dp
Michelle's sexual journey progresses independently as her fantasies grow ever more interesting.
Michelle grinned at the sight before her: three young men, all of them a good decade younger than her 31 years, all standing naked, their hard young cocks at attention before her at the foot of the bed. Three men, all for her. "Well, well," she said to the one in the center, the one that she actually knew. "Just look at what you brought me this time!" Slowly she crawled forward on hands and knees towards the closest one, her naked ass wriggling invitingly behind her as she moved. This was going to be fun..

It had been a week since Michelle's unexpected oral tryst with the young lifeguard at the community pool and once again she found herself much as she had that same fateful morning: off of work due to the continuing renovations at her office, alone, and extremely horny.

She had felt guilty, mortified even, that day as she walked home from the pool, the Ben Wah balls inside of her body still rocking inside of her and the taste of the young man's semen still tantalizingly present on her tongue. She knew she had cheated on her boyfriend and she was terrified that he might somehow find out. She went home, showered away the evidence, and tried to move on with her day as if nothing had happened.

That evening though, her thoughts of shame had perversely turned to elaborate fantasies. Though she knew it could never happen, Chelle found herself thinking about what would have happened if she had let the young man fuck her there in the bathroom of the pool complex rather than just sucking him off to placate him after he'd gone down on her.

Michelle had been cleaning her house in an attempt to clear her head, a method which typically worked for her. But as she wiped the kitchen counters down, her thoughts had returned to earlier and before she even realized it had happened she was masturbating right there in the kitchen, imagining the young man shoving his hard dick into her from behind as the edge of the counter bit into her thigh.

With ever so delicate movements, Chelle reached out for one of the hard penises and grasped it with her right hand. This one was familiar to her, of course. It belonged to the young lifeguard, and it had been inside of her body in every way since she began her secret affair with him that hot, sweaty, sexy day at the pool. She smiled and licked her lips at the thought of what pleasures she was going to find with it now, especially since he had company.

She looked over at the rigid cock to the left of the one she held and her eyes widened: It was extremely long and thick, putting the one in her hand almost to shame. Without letting go of the first, Chelle reached out hypnotically with her other hand to touch this beautiful member. Feeling it’s hardness, she found her head moving almost involuntarily towards the beautiful head, her lips parted to receive it..

When her boyfriend came over two days later, Chelle had attacked him at the door and fucked his brains out. They spent the entire weekend in various stages of debauchery, enjoying each others bodies and the new toys she had purchased. It had been just what she needed: her boyfriend to “reclaim” her body after the slutty, secret thing she had done. Since they had started experimenting with swinging several weeks earlier this had been a ritual of theirs at the end of the previous two nights of "explorations." Leman would take her in every way that she had been taken by the other men. Taking back what was his with his own cock.

The only difference was that this time he didn't know he was doing it, and if he suspected anything was amiss, he hadn't said.

Still, there were times that she imagined she was with the young lifeguard again instead of her boyfriend, and when he left her Sunday afternoon, her usual thoughts of sadness about the lonely week ahead were quickly assuaged by a fantasy that continued to progress in her mind. Over the weekend, even while her boyfriend fucked her, Chelle imagined a scenario that transitioned from the dirty pool restroom to her taking the young man home and teaching him everything sexually that a beautiful older woman could teach. Her toys were not put away from the weekend playtime but instead were utilized to aid in the acting out of this progressive imaginary affair.

Throughout the sporadic work week, the fantasy had gone farther and farther in the times that she found to be alone (of which there were several) until finally her dirty mind had pictured a day when the lifeguard had come over and brought two of his friends, all of whom were going to fuck the hot brunette at the same time.

Chelle moaned against the stiff cock in her mouth as she felt the other stud's huge stick push into her from behind. She kept a strong grip on the third penis with her right hand, trying her best to keep a rhythm even as she was distracted by the two cocks impaling her at both ends. In spite of her pleasure, she worried that the third boy was feeling left out. Perhaps there was a way to better accommodate him?

And so on this otherwise boring Thursday, one week removed from the incident at the pool, Chelle would have been quite a sight for anyone lucky enough to see it: She was on her bed in a pantomime of her fantasy self. She had her new, cherry red butt plug firmly in place as she worked her pussy in and out with her favorite vibe. Mostly she allowed the hard, buzzing toy to dance along her clit, sending shivers of pleasure through her, but every so often she pushed the phallus inside, wincing in equal pleasure and pain at the sensation of double penetration. In her hand she held her fat, suction dildo and to complete the feeling of being completely filled she sucked on it's head. She knew it was stupid: how many times had she ridiculed porn stars doing such a thing in films she watched with her boyfriend? Such was the grip of her fantasy and her perverse curiosity that she threw such hang-ups to the wind and filled all of her holes with her favorite toys, playing out the hot gang-bang scenario that she was writing in her head.

"Cum on my face. He won't mind, he loves it." She gasped, glancing over at her boyfriend Leman who was standing behind the tripod of a video camera, filming as his girlfriend was being fucked by the three young men. The brunette was sandwiched between the bodies of two of them, their dicks moving in and out of her pussy and ass in perfect, alternating strokes.

The cock in her hand (which had just been in her mouth) glistened with saliva, the hole at the tip resembling the barrel of a gun, about to release it’s payload all over her. She grinned, waiting for the release that would cover her in hot, sticky cum for the big finale of their latest video. The man underneath her cried out as he came, and Chelle felt the hot, gooey fluid splashing against the walls of her womb. As if on cue, the man in her ass (she had no idea what his name was, nor did she care) slid out of her and the bed shifted as he moved around to join his other friend in front of her.

The first man’s hand took the place of hers on his own cock and soon both of the remaining boys were frantically jerking their slick cocks to completion, their third companion forgotten beneath her as his spent manhood softened inside of her. Her hands freed, she pushed her perky breasts together and opened her mouth, offering herself up in her best impersonation of the gang-bang porn slut she had now become.

"Make sure you get this, baby!" she called out to Leman as one of the men began to groan with the approach of his orgasm..

Chelle ground the vibrator hard against her clit and came with a gasp that seemed impossibly loud in her empty room. The dildo in her hand dropped to the bed, forgotten. The plug in her ass had already slid out on it's own in the melee. She fell back against the soft comforter and lay there, breathing hard and surrounded by her slick toys as the fantasy began to fade from her mind. Suddenly she began to feel impossibly empty.

There was always a little guilt following one of these sessions and this was no exception. She knew that she was going down paths that her strict "good girl" upbringing had never foreseen, and part of her still rebelled against it. It was a weakened part, she had to admit, but it was still there. In a way, she thought, that was a good thing.

Maybe. Just maybe, it would keep those fantasies from becoming reality..


Author's note: Thanks for reading. I originally intended this to be the first part of a much longer story that will be continued in the next part, but decided to cut it down to keep it from becoming a graft of two different types of stories. This mini-series follows "Chelle's Day Off" and runs somewhat concurrent with the "How About Eric?/Always a Catch" Series. As always, my intention is to make these tales effective on their own for new readers but fans of the series will hopefully find some subtle enhancements from following the separate narrators.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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