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Church Ladies

One woman tells another she masturbates and goes home and does it alone
Each of them worked at the church. So did I but I didn’t know either of them originally. It took me a while to get to know either of them seeing as like any of the others they were quiet, conservative, and reserved as ever. I wish I’d know that seeing as unlike all the others I’m an outgoing guy more or less.

“Nice to meet you Sarah,” I said. And then I added “That’s right isn’t it?” I’m like the last person they thought they’d ever want to meet. I smiled. “Welcome to the church.”

She smiled back and nodded her head, and said thank you. She wore this conventional smile too, not showing anything about herself as she stuck out her hand to shake mine. I loved the feel of her hand. It was soft and demure, like her, and everything about her said a lot about who she was. She was just like the rest of them or so I thought she was at least.

And then there was Catherine. Now she was a beauty not that you would see it unless you could get her to smile. Her eyes, like Sarah’s, would light up like brilliant fire. Her face would “change.” Something about her made me start to wonder. Is this woman for real?

Both of them, like all the others who worked at the church, were quiet and conservative acting. They did what they were told to do, never questioning, and never going outside the lines of the assigned duties they were given. All these ladies, and most of them were well over 60 years old, did as requested, but with Sarah and Catherine something was totally different.

They were a lot younger.

When I say a lot younger I mean much, much younger. They were in their late twenties. They were each around 28 or 29 I believe. I really like them. They were more outgoing of course. Neither of them had a boyfriend. For whatever reason and I’m not sure why it mattered to me, had me paying more attention to what they were doing although I never showed it. I know that because they told me, later on, that it didn’t.

Anyways, there they were. Working and keeping busy as ever. Work piled up. And they kept at it, keeping their mouths shut, like all the older ones, and doing it as best they could. But I began to notice something odd. For the most part, the others, the older ones, went about doing personal business at lunchtime.

Well there was Sarah and there was Catherine. Catherine went out to eat at one of the picnic tables outside when it wasn’t raining of course. Sarah at first would eat in her car alone. And then out of nowhere she walked out the church office doors and went to the same picnic table Catherine was at one day.

Like Catherine, Sarah said “Hi, may I sit down here?” Catherine looked up and smiled a humble smile and nodded her head. They sat and ate their lunches and didn’t say a word to the other as they did. To watch it happen was odd. Two women with nothing to say to one another is odd but it happens. Anyway, when lunch was done they went back inside.

It happened again the following day. They sat at the very same table but neither had anything to say to the other. It went on like this for days and days. Probably two weeks went by before either of them had anything to say to the other about life in general or their personal lives or for that matter about a boyfriend, or even a girlfriend or whatever.

She ate a small lunch, finishing up quickly, and then doing nothing as Sarah ate hers. Catherine finished hers and put away what was necessary. “You know something,” Sarah finally said. “We’ve been kind of eating together for like two weeks or so but do you know that we never talk to one another?” She didn’t smile. She only made the comment.

And in a quiet reply Catherine looked at Sarah and nodded her head. She spoke up quietly and said “I guess you’re right. We don’t talk do we?” She smiled respectfully at Sarah as Sarah finally smiled humbly back at Catherine.

“So what do you like doing? I mean after work and all?” Sarah asked Catherine.

Now this is Catherine. She’s sitting alone and sitting across the picnic table. She’s sitting there, quietly, and telling herself what she loves to do although she hasn’t ever told a soul in the world she’s ever done what she does. She goes home, draws a nice bath, and then she’ll get in it. And once in she’ll relax and then head off into a world of fantasy and as she does she’ll go and masturbate. Touching herself all over, Catherine feels her boobs and body. Slowly and eventually she moves on down to her pussy. Before she knows it she’s fingering her pussy. And then once it all said and done Catherine is fingering herself and she’s coming. And damn does it ever feel good she’s thinking.

The quiet woman tells herself the details but keeps it to herself. Then she says to Sarah “Ohhh nothing much really. I mean I like to garden and I’ll cut my grass as well. Unlike a lot of people I guess I uhhh do mostly boring stuff.” She looks up and looks at Sarah. She has a bored look in her eyes as if to say not much to say.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Sarah asked, respectfully.

“Ohhhhhhh me uhhhhhh no,” Catherine replies shaking her head but she looks away as if somethings not right. In truth she feels guilty and uncomfortable about her body. Even though Catherine is pretty in a lot of ways she has never considered pretty. She thinks she’s a little bit on the chubbier side of things. And then she says to Sarah “No man wants to ask me out or I don’t think they would. What about you?” she asks Sarah.

Sarah also looks down at her own figure and feels similar emotions as Catherine. She finally retorts by saying “With a figure like this? What guy wants a body like mine?”

Catherine stares at Sarah and as she does she tells herself that Sarah, unlike her, has a tremendous looking figure with her hips and an ass to die doe and nice looking boobs as well but neither of them as conservative as each is isn’t going to bring up anything about their bodies in this conversation whatsoever.

Seeing as lunch is over they head back inside. Neither say a word other then to have a good afternoon. When the day is done they each head home all alone. The very next day comes and as expected they head back outside to eat for lunch to eat. They happened to sit across from the other. Neither has much to say, but it doesn’t mean they weren’t thinking about the day before and the conversation they had.

“Anything exciting happen last night once you got home?” Sarah asks Catherine.

“No, nothing out of the ordinary,” Catherine replied. She lied of course. As usual Catherine went home and masturbated, again. She thinks about it and tells herself that it was the same old thing. I drew a bath. I got in it. I relaxed and as usual it felt good. I did the same old thing. I masturbated while I was in the tub. Mmmmm that felt really good. It was soooo enjoyable. Ooooohh I can’t wait until I get home tonight to do it again.

They finished lunch. They had lunch outside the next few days, doing almost the exact same thing each day. Hardly any conversation was had between the two of them and at the end of the day both went home to do their thing with one exception.

“Sarah, didn’t you tell me you have a boyfriend?” Catherine asked.

“No I don’t to be honest,” Sarah replied. “Why do you ask?”

“Oh no reason,” Catherine came back. She shrugged her shoulders and went on to say “I guess I was just wondering. Don’t you ever get bored? I mean don’t you ever miss not having one?”

Sarah shrugged her shoulders and then said “Yeah, I guess so.”

They went back to work. Once the day ended they just happened to walk out together. And by chance it was Sarah who said “We should get together after work sometime shouldn’t we? What do you think?”

“I don’t know,” Catherine said. “I guess I’d have to realign my uhhh agenda.” Not that she really had one but she told herself how she’d miss time in the bathtub after work. It was just that once she got off work she absolutely loved and adored the peace and quiet of being alone at home and being able to lay there in the tub playing in the tub alone. She told herself that she’d miss that most of all if she went out to dinner after work.

“Live a little,” Sarah said, jokingly not that she would normally ever say that to anyone else she told herself but she did this time for whatever reason. “I don’t know about you but having, what I consider a new friend, like you is nice. It’s neat I guess. So having dinner with you and having something to eat sounds to me like it would be enjoyable. Don’t you think so too? What do you think?” she went on to say.

Catherine looked at Sarah. Surprised as ever she said “You consider me a friend, really? You mean that? You consider me a friend?” Sarah was smiling as Catherine went on to say “Uhhh wow Sarah, I mean I uhhh really don’t have any friends at all.” Now smiling as she looked at Sarah she finished with “Sure, I’d love to. Where and what time?”

Sarah suggested a place. Catherine agreed to it in spite of that she was giving up her personal time in her bathtub, alone. She told herself that she’d figure all that out later on and she smiled feeling full of excitement that she had a new friend with which to share thoughts, feelings, and life experiences with.

At dinner Sarah asked “So what do you think of the place? I’ve had dinner here a few times in the past. I like it. I sure hope you do too. I’ve come here with guys of course but nothing has ever come of them.” She frowned as she thought about her guy relationships and said “That stinks too. You know you get to know a guy. He wants this. He wants that. He wants to do things a lot faster then you do but I’m not ready. I’m not that type of girl.” She goes on to talk about all the intricacies of a relationship between a guy and a girl. The night moves along. “It really, you know, sucks,” Sarah says in the very end.

Catherine tried to relate. Yes, she’s had relationships like those she thought. The guys want to move to the next level a lot faster then she’s ready for it all. She already knows she’s not ready of course. And then boom! Seeing as she says I’m not sure about it he’s gone. She’s left there with nothing. She feels she’s left there holding an emotional bag with nothing to show for it.

“Yeah, I want to have sex with a man,” she eventually says to Sarah after looking around to make sure there aren’t any guys around “spying” on their conversation they are having. “I want a man. I want a man who I think loves me and adores me but I don’t want sex on the first or second date necessarily. I want to move, you know, slowly. I want to get to know the guy. I want to get to know him a lot better before anything happens between us.” Catherine closes her eyes and thinks about what she’s said. Sarah sits there watching her. She opens her eyes and tells Sarah “All I want is for a guy to love me and hold me. I want to be held closely. I want to feel his warm lips and his body all over me. I want him to hold me close as we make love, gently. That’s all.”

“Me too Catherine,” Sarah says. “Me too. I want to make out. I want to be held, fervently and I want to be touched all over my body. I want to feel him and his body as if he loves my body for what it is,” she goes on to say.

It turned out that these two were feeling pretty darn good that night and as time went by they never ordered dinner. That night all they did was simply open up to each other. All these two did was tell the other about deep seated feelings each had for a guy they didn’t have in life that they wanted. They each had a desire to be held and touched and shown loved like a woman should be loved.

“I have an idea,” Sarah said. “How would you feel if we went over to my house? We could hang out there and get something to eat at my place?” She went on to say “Maybe a glass of wine too?”

Catherine looked at her and considered the idea. “May I ride with you?” she said and Sarah said yes. They got in Sarah’s car and rode over.

That’s when Catherine told Sarah her secret. “I’m going to tell you something personal. Sarah asked what it was. “Okay here it is. Every night when I get home do you know I do? It’s the very first thing I love to do when I get home.”

“What’s that?” Sarah asked.

“Well when I get home I turn on the bathtub. I’ll let it fill up and as it does I take off my clothes. Once I’m in it guess what I do?”

“What?” said Sarah almost sounding anxious at this point.

For a moment Catherine was silent. Then she let Sarah know what she did. Sarah, once Catherine told her, turned in disbelief.

“Really, you do? You really do that to yourself?” Still unable to believe what she heard she said it again. “Every night you go and uhhh masturbate, honestly?”

The way Sarah answered her made Catherine feel guilty all over. It sounded to Catherine as if Catherine was a sinner. And as a result Catherine replied by saying “I don’t care. No one else is around my place. It’s only me, myself and these two or three fingers playing.”

“I mean yeah,” Sarah came back. “I know how masturbating works. I’ve done it. I know it’s been a long, long time. It’s just that,” and then she paused a moment, looking at Catherine as she did. “I don’t know. Were Christian women aren’t we? I just don’t know Catherine. I just don’t know.” She paused again as she thought about what it was Catherine did once she got home. Then she went on to say “Does it still feel good to you? Huh, does it?”

Catherine turned and looked at Sarah. Sarah was wearing a smile. To Catherine, the smile Sarah was wearing meant a lot of things. But manly it said she was approving of Catherine’s actions, her activity. Sarah was nodding her head too.

“I haven’t done that in like a million years. I wish someone would do it for me instead. I don’t know if I could do it all by myself,” Sarah said in a surprised voice.

Catherine looked at Sarah with a surprised expression on her face. Really, you don’t she wanted to say to Sarah but she didn’t as Sarah headed towards her house. They were both quiet as could be as Sarah turned this way and that way and into her subdivision. Sarah pulled up to her house and into her driveway, shutting off the engine, but she didn’t get out of the car. She turned and looked at Catherine. Catherine looked at her.

Before Catherine could say anything Sarah said “Would you uhhhhhh help me? Would you do it for me? Would you help me with doing it? You know help me masturbate?”

Catherine fumbled her words. “I don’t know. I’ve never uhhh touched another woman’s vagina or private parts before.” She stopped a moment and looked at Sarah and then said “But okay I uhhh guess I could.”

Sarah wasn’t smiling but her face showed that she felt a little better about doing it due to Catherine was there to help her. Initially she was nervous and got more nervous by the second. Knowing another person’s hand was about to do something to her was both exciting but scary at the same time.

They went into Sarah’s place. Sarah immediately wanted Catherine to feel comfortable in her house. First things first and that was to get Catherine, and herself a glass of wine. Once they were more comfortable they sat on the couch and became more comfy with one another’s “physical” presence.

“I don’t know how this works,” Catherine said.

“I don’t either,” Sarah added.

They took a sip of wine and put down the wine. From there each tried coming up with something to say but that wasn’t working either. All of a sudden Sarah jumped in by saying “I think you have a really nice body. I’ll bet you didn’t know that did you?”

“Me ohhhhhh come on,” Catherine said. “I do not.”

“Sure you do and I’ll prove it to you. “Come here. Let me show you, okay?”

Sarah took Catherine to a bedroom. In it was a nice size mirror. Both of them were wearing their works suits. Their works suits consisted of blouses, longer skirts, full length slips, and bras and panties as well.

Having those slips on made both of them feel soooo much better as they dashed here or there or wherever as they did their work at the office. That day was no different either. They stared into the mirror. Their eyes switched from looking at themselves to looking at the other’s eyes as they glared into the mirror.

Sarah stood behind Catherine and looked to be a number of inches taller then her. Sarah stood 5’ 7” and Catherine stood at 5’ 2” somewhat. Both appeared to have beautiful bodies. Starting with their shoulders each had nice sized breasts. To look at them you would easily see a set of wide and exotic hips. As well, there were their asses. They did not quit. They were shapely. They seemed perfectly shaped. And Sarah got the best view of the two asses. To Sarah, Catherine’s ass was rich. It was soft looking and like mentioned it was as shapely as could be. Her eyes appeared to not move off it.

“I love these,” Sarah said as her hands went from just beneath Catherine’s breasts, past her hips, and finally finishing near her ass. “I love and adore your hips and especially this” and her hands stopped at her ass, pressing against it lightly. “This is simply amazing and gorgeous.”

Catherine looked at her image. Sarah was smiling in the image as Catherine studied her own physique. “Really you like my ass?” Catherine said.

“Yes Catherine,” she exclaimed. “To me you are, if I can use the word, a very sexy woman!” Sarah came back. “You really are. Along with the rest of you your body is well it’s a man’s playhouse if I may say so.”

She quietly said thank you to Sarah and then added “You have a great figure too. I think you do too. I mean it Sarah.” She expressed to Sarah how along with her hair and eyes and lips she also had nice breasts, great looking hips as well and she had a beautiful heart shaped ass.

Once she did she surprised Sarah and the two froze. Before either knew it they were staring into the other’s eyes. They looked at one another, quietly, for a long time as if they were thinking about something else.

“Let’s sit down,” Catherine said and Catherine took Sarah’s hand and led her over to the bed. They sat down and started staring at one another again. Seeing as Catherine was originally holding Sarah’s hand, in her house too, Catherine looked at Sarah’s hand in hers. “I like this. I like holding your hand like this,” she said to Sarah.

Sarah looked at Catherine and replied. “Me too I guess. I like how it feels too.” They looked kept on staring at one another and then Sarah said “I do like you. “I mean as a friend and all.”

The admiration for one another went back and forth. “I like you too,” Catherine replied. But then Catherine said “Still want me to, you know, help you out?”

“Here…right here?” Sarah said. She looked at the bed they were sitting on and then at Catherine. Quietly, in a subdued tone of voice, she said “Yes but only if we don’t get too wild or anything, alright?”

“Okay, I’ll be as gentle and as sweet as I can,” Catherine told her.

The two looked at each other, immense passion growing in their veins, and an explosive like desire building up somewhere in the background as these two got ready to make a fascinating advance of whatever kind in the bedroom that night.

They stared some more at one another. They stared at the other’s body. They looked at one anothers’ legs and bodies. Without taking off any clothing, the only way into Sarah’s vagina was underneath her skirt, slip, and those underwear she was wearing that night.

It all happened slowly. It went by at a slow pace too. Catherine smiled as her hand advanced gradually down over Sarah’s lap. She got to the edge of Sarah’s skirt but she stopped. She wanted Sarah’s hand in hers and she wanted Sarah to do it for herself. She took hold of Sarah’s hand and brought it with her. She took it to the edge of her skirt and looked into Sarah’s eyes as Sarah looked back at her.

It was equally exciting for Catherine as it was for Sarah at the moment.

Catherine pushed up the skirt but as she did Sarah felt anxious and nervous and wasn’t at all sure about “feeling” her vagina in that fashion. Arousing herself for the sake of an orgasm was not something she ever did…ever. However, having Catherine there to do it for her helped her do it.

They were at the point of feeling Sarah’s skirt at this point, and with Sarah’s internal juices beginning to jell, something else was building up inside her body too. It didn’t matter. Sarah started to believe whatever was happening was the right thing to do, possibly, but she was not sure either seeing as it had been years since she last did any of this with herself or anyone for that matter.

The skirt and slip were pushed up almost all the way to Sarah’s waistline and their hands were getting closer and closer to Sarah’s underwear she had on. Sarah was too excited for words as she watched Catherine lead her hand to the point of doing it on her own. Sarah was swallowing and wishing hard for her very first orgasm in ages.

Her body tightened. She felt rigid and keyed up all over. Her pussy felt like it was doping somersaults of proportions she hadn’t ever experienced before as she watched Catherine lead her hand closer to her pussy which was even feeling odder then usual too.

“I can’t,” she barked. “Catherine, I can’t,” but she stopped as she looked at Catherine. “I can’t do this!” She was shaking her head as she said it.

She pulled her hand away from Catherine’s. They sat there and looked at one another. They stared at one another. Sarah’s skirt and slip were pushed all the way up to her waist. Sarah looked down at herself and then at Catherine.

“I want to but I don’t know why I can’t,” Sarah said.

“It’s okay. You’ll get there.” Catherine, while looking at Sarah, smiled softly. “I promise you if you want this to happen it will happen, alright?” She took Sarah’s hand in hers and squeezed it. “Don’t force it. Don’t rush it. It’ll come,” and she squeezed Sarah’s hand.

With that Sarah pushed down her skirt and the two smiled at one another and hugged. Sarah hoped the day would come where she could do all this on her own. She drove Catherine back to her car and just before Catherine got out of the car Sarah surprised her. Sarah leaned over and swiftly and smoothly placed a kiss on Catherine’s cheek. It was an affectionate kiss and after kissing her cheek she quietly thanked her for coming over.

Once Catherine got out of the car she smiled at Sarah and went home. But Catherine was as horny as could be. The very first thing Catherine did was go to the bathroom that early evening and draw a bath. She got naked and got into the tub.

Thinking about Sarah she lost herself in a world full of sexual pleasures involving a night of good times with her. Once Catherine did that, her fingers found their way down to the inside of her thighs.

Her sexual fantasies started again as soon as she got inside her apartment. Catherine could not wait to get to the bathroom and begin what she once in a while termed it the “tourist attraction.”

Involving her thighs and pussy, it only occurred when she felt so damn horny, and in her case it was due to Sarah and her body, she turned on the water in the bathtub, and she made sure it was nice and warm as well that once she was in it her fingers soon joined her pussy. She loved that feeling.

Ohhhhhhh how it felt when they soothed it. How it felt when she rubbed her pussy’s lips and as her eyes closed while laying there rubbing them Catherine felt the sensations as she rubbed those lips up and down. She’d tighten up a little more as her emotional state changed and as she came closer to wanting to orgasm

She whispered those words again. “Uh ohhhhhh ohhh oh God yes,” she cried out and she did it some more and some more as her body wouldn’t deny her the wild sensations as she buckled and came some more.

The fingers dove in.

Sarah was finally there too. Sarah had joined up with her as she fingered and rubbed away at her pussy. She came again, happily, and she “thanked” Sarah for being with her. Cum floated in the water. It did not matter to her whatsoever. Catherine was able to get home. Catherine was able to masturbate in her bathtub finally once she got home anyway.

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