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Claire's Awakening 3: Anticipation

Claire tries to find a release while in anticipation for 'Lesson 2'

It was Tuesday night and Claire was in a state. Tomorrow was Wednesday, the alleged day of ‘Lesson 2’. She had thought about nothing but Scott all week. Her pussy ached; she was in a constant state of arousal. After her disappointment in the shower she was reluctant to masturbate again. It wasn’t fair – how dare Scott give her the most wonderful orgasm she had ever experienced? Before her first ‘lesson’ she had enjoyed her small tingly orgasms. Now she longed to feel the waves rushing through her, taking over every inch of her body and setting it on fire. It was all his fault.

For what seemed like the thousandth time that day Claire wondered what Scott had planned for her the next day. She guessed that it was her turn to pleasure him. Never having seen a penis, she began to wonder how it would feel in her hands. She imagined herself rubbing him up and down; Claire even began to think about what he would taste like in her mouth. She’d always wanted to suck dick. Imagining herself going down on him was making her feel rather horny.

Slowly Claire started to stroke her breasts. She was wearing a cute little nighty – deep pink and satin. Her mum had got it for her as a gift for her 16 th Birthday. Claire loved the way it clung sexily to her curves. Wearing it, she felt like a pure goddess. She began to tweak her nipples; the small pink buds became hard. She was so hot; it was everything she could do not to moan in delight. Her parents were asleep in the next room and the last thing she wanted was for them to be woken by the sound of their 17 year old daughter masturbating.

Her hand reached down towards her hips. Gently she caressed her thighs, slowly pushing her nighty upwards. Her hand grazed against her pussy. She was still silky smooth and beautifully innocent from her first shave the other day. Claire began to gently stroke around her hole; feeling her wetness increasing. She squeezed her breasts harder and dipped one finger into her silky pussy. A long soft moan escaped her lips. She began thrusting inside herself, like Scott had done. Her other hand traced down her body, then crept up her nighty to gently circle her clit. Her entire body began to shiver. “Nooo!” Thought Claire, “I’m not coming like this again...”

She stopped what she was doing and began searching around her room for something more fulfilling. She studied the various items she could find. A pen? No, the pen was only slightly bigger than her finger. A bottle? No, the bottle was definitely too big. Her hand reached out for her hairbrush. She stroked the handle up and down – how she’d imagined she would touch Scott’s penis. Perfect. It was about an inch thick, five inches long and made of smooth hard plastic. Tentatively she lay back on her bed and sunk into the soft pillows. “I’m still a virgin if I do this.” She consoled herself. “It’s training!” Claire figured that if she could enjoy the hair brush handle inside her, it would give her an idea what a real penis would feel like...

She had slipped out of her nighty and thrown it onto the floor. The brush was lay next to her thigh. Her hands began working down her body slowly, stroking every inch of flesh. Her fingertips grazed over her breasts, her nipples, moving downwards across her soft stomach. Her breathing was fast, she was burning with anticipation. Her hands reached her hot spot. Sweetly she licked one finger, then began circling her clitoris. She felt herself getting wetter. One finger was teasing the opening of her virgin hole. She was ready. Her hand reached out for the brush. She placed the handle at her opening - the cold plastic made her gasp. She took a deep breath and tried to relax, and then Claire began to push the hair brush handle into her vagina.

She felt some discomfort, but the pain felt quite nice. Claire gradually inched further and further into her pussy. Once it was all the way in, all 5 inches of it in her innocent little slit, she squeezed around it. Another deep moan escaped her lips. It felt amazing having something inside her. She started to pump the brush in and out slowly. It made a wonderful sound, as if it was being sucked into her again and again. As she got more and more aroused, she let her other hand to wander towards her pleasure button. She rubbed her engorged clit hard and fast and fucked herself faster. A burning fire started deep in her belly, spreading downwards and towards to her toes. This feeling of passion was consuming her. Claire bit her lip to stop herself screaming like an animal. Her entire body started to spasm. The fire of her desire was spreading upwards towards her head. Her breathing had become nothing but a series of hot sharp pants. Claire thought she would explode. Her hands quickened further still and she felt a release. Her head was light as air, she felt as if her body was being controlled by another being. Suddenly her pussy clamped down on the brush handle. A gigantic wave of orgasm washed over her. Even better than what Scott’s magical fingers had conjured up.

Claire fell back against her bed in a state of disbelief. She’d done it! Her pussy continued to pulse around the handle inside her. Gently she removed it and threw it under her bed. Claire closed her eyes and thought about Scott. She wondered about what was waiting for her tomorrow. As she drifted into an orgasm induced coma, she realised she’d just have to wait for ‘Lesson 2’ to find out...

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