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Classroom Dare

Teacher does a dare in her empty classroom
Denise pulled into her assigned spot in the faculty parking lot of the high school. She put the car into Park and turned it off. She opened the car door and turned her body to get out of the seat. As her legs split she felt the cold chill of the wind all the way to her bare pussy. It served as a reminder of what she had planned for today. She's been so horny lately and her online friend had taken full advantage of the situation.

"Wear a short skirt to school today and do not wear panties," he had told her in an email. "When you get to class, I want you thinking of what you're going to do this afternoon."

She had followed his directions as she knew she would. When she was this turned-on she would do just about anything. It was like she was drunk on desire.

So there she was, with the cold January wind whipping up her skirt and chilling her pussy. She stood up and then reached back in to grab her bags. She bent over at the waist and kept her legs straight. She knew the skirt would rise up in the back and imagined that anyone in the parking lot was getting a nice view of her thighs.

As she walked across the parking lot and into the building she felt her face flush. It was as if everyone just knew she wasn't wearing panties. It only got worse as she went inside. Students and teachers were everywhere. She actually had to stop for a few seconds and gather herself together before heading to her room.

When she reached her classroom, she closed the door and then leaned back against it and tried to slow her breathing down. She put her bag next to her desk and walked over to her small office. Sitting at her office desk, she felt more secure in this enclosed space.

She turned on her computer and opened her email. She read his email with the detailed instructions and quietly whispered, "Oh my!" She could feel the warmth rush through her body as she read.

"First," she read, "as you read this email, I want you to pull your skirt up around your waist so that your bare ass and pussy are touching the chair."

She looked quickly into her classroom. She knew the door was locked and that it would be twenty minutes before the students were there, but she was still nervous. She reached down and quickly pulled her skirt up, bunching it around her waist. She had only been sitting there for a minute, so the plastic chair was still cold. It caused her to take in a deep breath as her hot pussy lips pressed against the cold plastic.

"Oh, I can't believe I'm doing this." She told herself as she read the rest of the email.

"Next, I want you to touch your bare pussy. Slide your fingers gently across the lips. I want you to feel the heat coming from inside of you. Do not touch your clit. Feel the moistness, the steamy warmth. Let one finger glide between the lips. Once. Twice. Get it nice and wet. Then, quickly go into your classroom. Pick a spot on the blackboard and draw a small heart using the wetness from your pussy. Put it somewhere that won't affect your teaching, but where you will constantly see it. If your finger gets dry, slide it between your pussy lips again. Do not touch your clit."

"Oh wow!" she thought. "Can I do this? This is crazy."

She slid her hand down to her pussy. She was already wet and hot. She barely had to touch herself and her finger slid into the slickness. She worked her finger until she it was coated with her juices. Despite his instructions, she let it slip up against her clitoris once. It sent shivers throughout her body.

She got up and had to use her free hand to push the skirt down from above her hips. She walked into the room, her finger chilled from the air in the room. She found a spot in the top left corner of her blackboard, just above the assignments for the day. She quickly drew a heart about 3 inches in size. Her finger only completed half of the heart before the moisture was gone.

She moved to the side of her desk, keeping it between her and the door and squatted down. She hoped that it looked like she was picking something up as she slid her finger into her pussy again.

"Oh. Oh...," she whispered to herself as her finger brushed against her engorged clit. She stood up and quickly completed the drawing of the heart. This time, her finger was so wet that the new side was even darker than the first attempt. She was able to retrace the entire heart.

She went back to the office and read the next instructions in his email, "If you have accomplished what I've asked so far, you can now go and teach your classes. However, between each class, I want you to go back to your office and touch your pussy again. I want you wet as possible waiting for your conference period."

Denise suffered her way through her classes. "They have to notice how distracted I am." She thought to herself as her class worked on their assignments. "Oh no! What if they can smell me?" She brought her hand up to her mouth in shock as she thought this, only to be reminded immediately as her finger touched her lips. She could smell her scent on her finger. She felt her face flush hot and redness rushed to her neck and cleavage.

Finally, her classes left and she had a free conference period. She locked the door as the last student left and then rushed to her office. She opened her email account to read what he had left for her.

It was quickly to the point. "Get naked. Do it. I want it all off. Lay the clothes across your desk. Put the bra on top of everything. Write a note that says, "For Tabber" and put it on top. Take a picture of the clothes with the note. Then walk into your classroom and hold the camera to the side of your breast. I want a profile picture of your breast with the desks and blackboard in the back. Then tape your bra to the blackboard and write "For Tabber" next to it and take a picture. Then, and only then, you can go back to your office, sit in the chair, put your feet up on the desk, spread your legs wide and finger yourself to an orgasm."

"Okay, Denise..." she told herself. "You can do this. It's crazy, but you can do it."

She gave the door one last look and then took off her clothes. The coldness in the room drew her aroused nipples even more erect. She put the clothes on the desk and laid the bra on her top. She grabbed a sheet of paper from her printer and scribbled across it and laid it on her clothes. She took her digital camera and snapped a picture.

Then she boldly stepped into the classroom and awkwardly held the camera pointed to the side of her naked breast. She took the picture and looked on the screen. She was impressed at the quality of the picture. It showed the pale white side of her breast with her erect nipple. The classroom was a blur, but still visible in the background. She ran to do her next assignment.

As excited as she was, she didn't want to get caught, so she put her clothes back on minus the bra. She ripped a piece of tape from the dispenser and taped the bra to the blackboard. She wrote, "For Tabber" on the blackboard and drew an arrow pointing to it. Then she snapped a picture of it. She pulled the bra down and breathing heavily, she went back into her office.

She sat in her chair, bunched the skirt up around her waist and spread her legs wide. She put her feet up onto the desk and then unbuttoned her blouse. She pulled the blouse wide and reached in to tease her nipples.

"Now this would make a great picture," she thought to herself. She paused in thought. "I'm going to do it."

She set the camera on the side of the desk and set the timer for 15 seconds. She settled back into position and cupped her breasts. Flash! The camera took the picture. She set the timer again. This time she tugged on one nipple while letting her other finger slide deep into her pussy. Flash! The camera took the picture.

Now she couldn't stop touching herself. She imagined him looking at all of the pictures that she had taken. The thought of him touching himself while looking at her being so naughty brought her to the edge. She came hard, moaning loudly. Her spread legs trembled as the orgasm ripped through her body. She sat up quickly in the chair bringing her legs together, clamping her hand tightly between her thighs as she pressed hard against her throbbing clitoris. She sat there, shuddering through the tremors. It felt as if her whole body was feeling it. Her breasts shook as another ripple of pleasure shot through her.

When she finally recovered, she stood up on shaking legs to gather herself and get dressed. She slipped back into her bra, the material brushing against her sensitive nipples. She put her blouse back on, brushed her hair, and then went to the faculty bathroom to freshen up.

Looking in the mirror, she thought, "Wow! I cannot believe I just did that. Who knows what he'll have me doing next, and will I do it?"

Her next class was already filing into the room as she came back to class. Halfway through taking attendance, one of her favorite students asked her, "What does that mean?"

Not sure what she was asking, Denise replied, "What does what mean?"

The girl pointed at the blackboard, "It says 'For Tabber.' Is that part of our assignment?"

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