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Coed in the Corner Part One

Cute coed enjoys a chat session
She had been going to the corner of the General Education building to study for a few weeks now. It was a little area near the stairwell with a few comfy sofas and a small coffee table. It was crowded during the day with students studying or just chatting with friends between classes. In the evening, however, it became quiet as a tomb. No one wanted to hang out in an empty classroom building, but Joni found it to be just perfect.

Joni had tried the library, but it was just too stuffy. The smell of musty old books was almost overpowering. In addition, you couldn't count on it being quiet enough to study. The library was just too small for such a large campus. Every available table and chair was being used by people trying to escape the confinement of their dorms.

So every evening, Joni would walk past the library and enter the General Education building and make her way upstairs to her corner. She found the sofas extremely comfortable. She had even dozed off a few times.

Today she just had to get out of her room for awhile. Her roommate was nice, but Joni needed a little time alone sometimes. She grabbed a bottle of water and her laptop and headed off for her little corner of the world. The university had wired all of the buildings for wireless internet, so you could go just about anywhere you wanted and still use your computer.

She settled in on her favorite sofa and booted up her laptop. She was in her comfy clothes today. She had on a warm pair of sweats and a loose sweater. Her long brown hair was pulled up in a ponytail. She kicked off her shoes and tucked her feet underneath her.

Joni fired up her instant messenger and immediately got a reply from her online friend, Tabber. "What's up?" he asked. "Studying for a test, or just taking it easy?" She smiled and typed back a reply, "No studying tonight. I'm just relaxing for a bit."

"So let's get right down to it then," Tabber responded, "have you been a good girl today?" Joni giggled to herself. Of course she had been a good girl. She'd been in classes all morning and Lisa had been in their room all afternoon. Tabber, for some reason, had always been able to get her talking about sex. The fact that he was an anonymous guy from across the country helped to ease her guard just a bit. Plus, he always seemed to say just the right things.

"I've been so good for so long, I think I need to be bad for awhile," she typed back. His response was imediate. "Perfect," Tabber responded, "so let's get you naked."

"I don't think so, "she wrote back, "I'm not in my room. I'm in a corner of a building on campus."
"So?" he responded. "What's that got to do with anything?"

"Soooo, I don't think so," she wrote back. "Back in my dorm is one thing, here in a building is another situation." "Joni, Joni, Joni..." he typed, "and here I thought you wanted to be bad."

"Well, I do, but I'm not getting naked in this building," she wrote back. "Anyone could walk in."
"All I'm asking is for a little exposed skin," he typed. "Look around and see if you feel safe." Joni looked around the corner. There were doors to the stairwell and they were both closed. The hallway was empty. The only sound was the gentle hum of the heating system. She smiled to herself as she felt herself getting in the mood.

"Okay, Tabber," she replied, "just what do you want me to do?" She waited for his reply and noted that her heart was beating fast. She could feel a flush as blood rushed to her neck and face. He quickly replied with her instructions, "First, slowly slide your shirt up until just the bottom curve of your breasts is visible," he ordered.

"How did he know I wasn't wearing a bra?" she giggled to herself. She slowly pulled her sweater upwards until just the lower half of her breasts were showing. She always did exactly what he told her. She fought it at first, and even just pretended to follow his instructions when they first started, but now she knew it was all worth it. She wrote back that she had done the deed.

"Now, tell me honestly," he asked, "are your nipples hard? Are you feeling a little tingle between your legs?" Damn him. He knows women too well. "Yes." She responded, glad that he couldn't hear her heavy breathing.

"Close your eyes. Pull your shirt all the way up to your neck. Let your breasts out into the open," he told her. She looked around once more, then closed her eyes. She slowly pulled her sweater up to her neck. Her nipples grew hard immediately. They ached to be touched. She sat there for a full minute before replying to him. "Ok," she typed back, "I'm doing it."

"So you're sitting there with your breasts fully exposed. How do you feel right now?" he asked.
"I can't believe I'm doing this," she typed back, "When I type back to you, my arms push my breasts together. You should see how they look so full when I do that. I'm getting turned on. I can feel my pussy getting hot."

"That's my girl," he replied. "Now, I want you to take your top completely off. I want you to walk to the nearest classroom and push your breasts against the door. Come back here and report back to me." "Ok," she responded.

She sat fully up and put the laptop on the coffee table. She gave a quick look around, and then, grabbing the bottom of the sweater where it had risen above her breasts, she quickly pulled it over her head. For good measure, she tossed the sweater over onto another sofa. Topless, wearing only sweatpants and socks, she stood up. Her nipples were hard, standing up like thimbles from her breasts. She slowly walked across the floor.

The nearest classroom was about 35 feet from where she had been sitting. Joni walked proudly. She had a nice body and at that moment, she wouldn't have cared if anyone had seen her. She made it all the way to the classroom door. The light was off inside, but she put her face into the window as she pressed her breasts up against the door. The door was cold to the touch, but she forcer herself to press her body closer.

She stepped back and walked quickly back to the sofa. She thought about the students going into that room tomorrow. If they only knew what had touched that door the night before!

Knowing what Tabber would want her to do next; she went ahead and slipped her sweatpants off. Lying back on the couch wearing only a pair of soft blue thong panties, she picked up her laptop to reply to him.

"Mission accomplished," she wrote, "and I should tell you that I'm so excited that I went ahead and took off my pants. I'm only wearing thong panties right now." His response was predictable. "Well, aren't you the bad girl tonight?" he responded. "So, do we feel like touching ourselves now?"

She slid her hand down between her legs. Her pussy was steaming hot as she pressed her fingers against herself. "I'm very wet right now," she told him. "I'm going to have to do this right now."
"Go ahead," she read on the screen as he typed, "I want you to strip naked and finger yourself. Just keep reading the screen and I'll guide you through it."

Joni typed, "Ok." She set the laptop on the coffee table. Rising her ass up off of the sofa, she slipped her panties down her legs until she was completely naked except for her socks. She threw the panties across the room.

Spreading her legs wide, she reached down with her fingers and slid them through her pussy lips, getting them soaked from the steaming moisture. She read the screen as Tabber talked her through, telling her how to touch herself. In seconds, however, she closed her eyes as the moment took over. Her fingers were rapidly working at her clit. She could smell her arousal and it only increased her excitement. Her free hand found her breasts and she began to tug and pull on her nipple.

"Unngggggghhh," she moaned as she felt her muscles tighten up. Her body began arching upward, and with one quick rapid flick of her fingers against her clit, she came hard. "Ummmphhhh! Ummm! Ohhhhhhh..." she came hard and loud. Her moans echoed in the empty corridor. She pressed her fingers hard against her clit as the spasms shook through her body, finally collapsing back onto the sofa, exhausted and spent.

Looking over at the screen, she had to laugh as Tabber was still typing in commands, telling her to cum. "Ok," she wrote, letting him off the hook, "I just came. It was awesome."

She sat up and collected her clothes. She left her panties off. They had been so wet that now they were too cold to slide up against her. She pulled her sweatpants and sweater back on and sat back, still catching her breath.

"That was very good," she wrote to Tabber, "I can't believe I did that." He wrote back a note of encouragement, "Well, you are a bad girl from time to time," he replied, "now, what about me?"

"Let me go see if Lisa is still in the room," she typed back, "If she's gone, I'll take a few pictures to send you." She knew the response that would bring. Sure enough, he replied, "That would be exactly what I need to get me through the night."

She signed off and powered down her laptop. She gathered her things and stood up and walked to the stairwell doors. Just as she opened the door a group of four guys and three girls came up the stairs. "Is anyone studying in the corner sofas?" one of the girls asked. She was a very cute redhead, with long hair pulled back in a ponytail.

"Uhh, no," she responded, feeling her face turn red, "no one else is in there. It's all yours." The girl thanked her and called down to her friends to come on up. Before she went inside, she asked Joni, "Hey, are you okay? You seem out of breath." There was something in the way she said it that froze Joni in her tracks.

Joni stammered, "Uh, no...I mean, yes, I'm fine." She quickly went down the stairs past the group and headed toward the exit doors. Just as she gathered herself together to push on the door,
she heard a loud whispered, "Hey!"

Joni looked up the stairwell. It was the girl that had asked her if the
room was empty. "You forgot something," the girl said quietly. She was
holding Joni's panties, twirling them around her finger. Joni could have died right there, but the girl just blew her a kiss and let the panties fall. She disappeared back over the railing as Joni's
panties fell to a heap at her feet.

Joni bent over quickly and grabbed them, stuffing them in her bag. Back at her room, she pulled them out of the bag and tossed them into her clothes hamper. They landed with most of the fabric on top, and there, smack dab in the middle of the back of her panties, was a faint, pink, lipstick kiss.

"Had she been watching me?" Joni asked herself. The idea of it made her
heart race.

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