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College A's-Chapter 5


As Megan got dressed she made small talk with Katherine. She asked when her first job would be and whom it might be with. Katherine was almost taken back by Megan’s eagerness to start working for the club. She promised Megan that she would have her hands full sooner rather than later.

As Katherine walked Megan to the door and said goodbye, Megan turned to her and said, “And if YOU ever want me to do anything special for you, please let me know.” And Megan smiled and walked out the door.

As soon as Megan reached the street she looked up and saw Shelly sitting in her car waiting for her. Megan practically ran to her car and got in. Shelly had a wicked smile on her face and asked, “So, how did you do?”

“I think I did great. Katherine and the guy really seamed to like me.”

As Shelly drove them back to campus they talked about what Megan had done and what was to be expected over the next year. Shelly finally told Megan about her interview and some of the things she had been asked to do during her freshman year. By the time Shelly pulled up to Megan’s dorm, Megan was soaking wet again. After hearing about Shelly’s exploits and imagining herself doing some of the same things, Megan’s cunt was dripping. Megan asked Shelly, “Do we have time for a quick go in the back seat? I’m so wet right now I need to cum again.”

Shelly just smiled and said, “Sorry I can't, I have a sorority meeting in a little while.”

Megan looked upset but understood, “That’s cool, I just hope Erin isn’t home so I can get myself off.”

Shelly replied, “Well, since you are the newest member of the club I got you something.”

Shelly reached behind the seat and pulled out a black bag and handed it to Megan. Megan gave a surprised, but excited look as she took the bag and opened it in front of Shelly. When Megan realized what it was she let out a girlish scream.

“Oh my god. You got me a vibrator.”

“Yea. I know how horny you always are and sometimes the guys you are going to be with won't let you cum or don’t care if you do, so this way you always have a nice cock to come home to.”

Megan couldn’t contain her excitement. She took the silver looking cock out of the bag and studied it. She found the switch and turned it on and could feel the vibrations in her hand. She could hardly wait to get up to her room and try it out, “Shelly, thank you so much, this is the best present anyone has ever given me.”

Shelly just smiled, remembering the time when she got her first toy, “Well go upstairs and try it out and I’ll call you tomorrow.”

With that Megan got out of the car and practically ran up the stairs to her building and made her way to her room. As she approached the door to her room she prayed to herself that her roommate Erin would not be home. When she opened the door and looked in, she was in luck, no one was home. She quickly shut the door and locked it. She threw herself on the bed and took out her new toy.

Megan knew she only had time for a quick cum but still didn’t want to rush her first time. She laid on her bed and examined her new silver fuck toy. She looked at it from every angle and as she did this her pussy began to ooze her juices out. She could literally feel her juices start to run down the inside of her legs.

Megan brought the toy to her mouth and began sucking on it, remembering what it was like when only hours ago a man she didn’t even know had his real cock in her mouth. She slipped the fake cock past her lips and began to force as much as she could down her throat. She worked as much as she could into her little mouth, feeling her cunt throb the further the fake cock went into her mouth.

When she finally pulled it out of her mouth and looked at it, it was glistening with her spit. She smiled, only wishing that it was a real cock made of flesh and blood rather than this fake one made of plastic. She badly needed to cum and do it quickly before Erin came home. She spread her legs and pulled up her skirt and ran the spit covered dick up and down her slit. She finally let the toy rest on her clit and turned it on. The vibrations immediately send a thrill throughout her body causing her to moan out.

She had never felt anything quite like it before, the vibrations on her clit were bringing her to a quick orgasm. She left the pulsating toy on her clit and with her other hand pinched her erect nipple through her shirt. She could feel her orgasm coming on and let it take her over. Megan bit her tongue as she came so she wouldn’t scream out in ecstasy. Her whole body shook, the toy falling from her body as she moaned into her own mouth.

When her climax had finally worn off she reached in between her legs and picked up the still vibrating toy. She turned the toy off and thought quickly if she had enough time for round 2. She decided she did and ran the fake cock up and down her cunt, coating the head with her juices. She slowly inserted the vibrator into her pussy until the whole 6 inches were inside her. She reached for the switch and turned it on.

The initial shock of having something inside her cunt and vibrating caused her to moan out, “Fuck yes!” She didn’t care of anyone heard her, this feeling was something new and amazing. She pushed the toy in and out of her twat, each time sending shivers up her spine. She closed her eyes and for an unknown reason imagined Erin was sitting on her bed across the room watching her masturbate. The thought of her new, sexy red headed roommate watching her fuck herself with a silver cock send her over the edge quickly.


After her orgasm Megan realized that this would be an everyday occurrence, if she could find the alone time. She pulled the fuck toy from her cunt and was amazed at the amount of pussy juice that covered it. She brought the toy to her mouth and began sucking it, cleaning her own juices off of it. She wondered what Erin would say if she walked in, how big of a slut her roommate was, licking her own cunt cream from a fake dick. For a quick second she thought that Erin might like to watch it, but that thought quickly went away, there was no way she was as big a slut as Megan was.

When Megan felt she had cleaned the silver toy good enough she got up and hid it in her underwear drawer. She wrapped the toy in a pair of boy shorts and shut the drawer. She freshened up and decided that she would walk around campus as she needed some fresh air and she knew that if she didn’t leave the room she would fuck her self crazy with her new toy.

When Megan walked out of her room she made a left down the hall which unknown to her took her the opposite direction from where Erin was standing watching the door.

Erin had shown up only minutes before and as she was getting her key out to open the door thought she heard a moan from inside. She quietly put her ear to the door and listened and what she heard was Megan in the throws of her orgasm, screaming obscenities out. Erin couldn’t move, she listened for a few more minutes until it was clear that Megan was done doing what ever inside. Erin walked down the hall and waited. She wanted to see the guy that Megan had brought home. So when Megan left the room alone, Erin knew that Megan was only in there by herself.

As Erin walked into her room, the smell of pussy was in the air. It was the same smell as in her room at home after a long session of fucking her self to climax. For some strange reason Erin began to become aroused at the thought of her new roommate playing with herself. Erin could feel her panties becoming moist. She walked over to Megan’s bed and for no reason she could fathom, inhaled the odor coming from Megan’s bed.

Erin had never been with a woman, she had never really thought about it. But the smell of Megan’s fresh pussy juice emanating throughout the room turned her on. Erin wondered how Megan got her self off, by her fingers, maybe a marker or something else. Erin had no idea where these thoughts were coming from. She was now picturing Megan naked on her bed fingering her self and it turned her on. Erin could feel her nipples press against her bra and her pussy start to saturate her panties.

Erin felt like she was in a trance. She walked around the room looking for anything that Megan might have used to fuck her self. Erin saw many things that looked like they may be able to work. She picked up a marker off Megan’s desk and smelled it, nothing. She even sniffed the remote control to the TV and nothing. She finally sat on her bed cursing her self, what was she doing, looking for items that her new roommate might have used to fuck her self. Erin felt sick to her stomach, why was she doing this. She had never had a serious sexual thought about a girl before in her life. She liked boys and dick and she liked them a lot.

Erin laid down on her bed and thought about what she had done. At first it discussed her, she thought her self a pervert, only a slut would search for another girl’s fuck toy. Then without warning the same thoughts began to turn her on. She felt her self becoming aroused again. She quickly stood up and walked around the room, trying to get the dirty thoughts out of her head. She didn’t know how long she had been pacing the small room but when she stopped she was standing in front of Megan’s dresser. She almost instinctively opened the top drawer. When it was all the way open she saw all of Megan’s panties laying there. There were thongs, g-strings and boy shorts. Erin her self had the same selection, for the most part, she was even wearing a thong that moment.

Erin for some reason rifled threw the drawer and reached to the back and felt something solid wrapped around a pair of panties. When she pulled it out she could make out the shape of a penis wrapped around a pair of green boy shorts. When she unwrapped the object she knew what Megan had used to get her self off. Erin stood there holding her roommate’s vibrator.

Erin brought the toy to her nose and sniffed for any lingering smell. There was only the faint smell of pussy left on the toy. She thought that Megan must have wiped it clean before putting it away. For some odd reason this disappointed her. Did she really want to smell her roommate’s juices? She was about to put the toy back when instead she made her way to her bed. She sat down and grabbed her phone and dialed a number and listened to it ring.

“Hello, Megan, its Erin.”

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Nothing much. I just got back to the room and was wondering where you were?”

“I’m just walking around campus, getting to know the place. Why, do you need anything?”

Erin responded, “No. But I was going to go to dinner in about an hour and wanted to know if you wanted to come?”

“Sure. I will be back to the room in 45 minutes, is that ok?”

Erin thought that was plenty of time and said, “Yea, that’s cool, take your time, I’m just hanging out. When ever you get here will be cool and we can go grab something to eat.”

Megan said, “Sounds good” and the conversation ended.

Erin knew she had at least 30 minutes and couldn’t help herself as she peeled off her shirt and bra. She undid her shorts and kicked them off. She ran her hand down to her panties and could believe how wet they were. She peeled the soaking material down her legs and tossed the thong on the bed next to her. Erin was in a trance, not understanding why she was doing what she was. She felt like such as nasty slut…and she liked it.

She let her fingers run and up and down her wet lips, putting a little more pressure with each pass. She took the silver toy in her hand and brought it up to her nose. She tried smelling the sent but only the faint odor was left, although it was still intoxicating. It was like her mind was somewhere else, why was she doing these dirty things?

She had watched porn on the internet many times and the things the girls in the video did turned her on, but she never thought she would do them. Now here she was sliding her roommates fuck toy into her mouth, sucking on it, trying to savor any taste she could. After she felt like she had cleaned any remaining juice Megan may have left on the toy off, she brought it down to her cunt. She turned the toy on and let the vibrating cock run up and down her slit.

She played with her young tits with her left hand as her right hand guided the cock slowly along her lips. Once she felt that her cunt was wet enough she shoved the fake dick hard into her pussy. She didn’t need any fore play and wanted nothing more than to fuck her self silly. Erin fucked her self with her roommate’s silver cock, the combination of the hard penetration and the vibrating was bringing her closer and closer to cumming.

Erin had never felt anything like this. The sheer wrongness of using her roommate’s fuck toy, knowing that Megan her self had used it only minutes ago was shooting threw her mind. For some unknown reason this caused Erin buck her hips, trying to force as much of the fake cock into her young tight cunt as possible. She took her hand off her nipples and shoved it into her mouth and bit down on it as her orgasm flooded over her.

The only sounds that came form her were muffled, “AH AH AH” and not understandable. She laid there for a few minutes, the only sound was the humming of the vibrator still in her wet cunt. She slowly pulled it from her hole and it shined with her juices. She brought the cock to her mouth and slid it deep inside her throat. She could taste her self and wished it was Megan’s juices she was cleaning from the tool. Once again she couldn’t believe how dirty she was acting, but it turned her on.

Once she cleaned the toy and wiped it down not wanting to leave any evidence of her use. She carefully wrapped the shining object back into the panties she had found them in and placed it back in Megan’s drawer. She looked at herself in the mirror, naked, sweating and a mess. She quickly got dressed, knowing Megan was on her way back to the room. Erin had finished dressing and cleaning her self up minutes before Megan entered the room.

Megan entered and said, “You ready to go eat?”

“Yes, I’m starving.”

Both girls left the room and started walking down the hall when Megan realized she left her phone in the room, “Oh, I left my phone in the room, I’m going to run and get it and I’ll meet you down stairs.”

Erin who could barely look Megan in the eyes after what she had just done, said, “Ok, I’ll meet you on the front steps.”

Megan made her way back into her room and went to her dresser. The real reason she had to come back was to put on a pair of panties since she hadn’t done that after her quick masturbation session. Megan opened her drawer and grabbed a pair of white thongs and put them on. As she was closing the drawer she looked and saw that the pair of panties that she had wrapped her new toy in was on the opposite side of the drawer she had left them on.

Megan thought for a second and knew she had left them on the right side of the drawer. She stood there trying to put the pieces together and the only thing she could come up with was that Erin had moved it. The possibility that Erin, her hot red headed roommate, had used her vibrator send a chill threw her body. This was what she had imagined while fucking her self not an hour ago. Megan left the toy in its place and walked out the door with a big smile on her face.

As both girls walked to get something to eat they each had different thoughts. Erin was discussed with her self at what she had done. Megan on the other hand could not stop thinking about Erin using her new toy. Megan could only think of how to get her new friend to admit that she had used her toy and could only hope it would lead to other things. Megan was in the club and now might have a fuck buddy in her own room, either way she knew it was going to be a fun freshman year.

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