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Coming Out to Play

A fun-sized young woman discovers the risks and rewards of masturbating outside of her comfort zone.
I was so horny that I was rubbing my pussy through my jeans the whole drive home. It was my first day as a freshman at South Florida Community College, and all the cute guys had me practically creaming in my pants. I couldn’t wait to get home and give my big, fat pussy a hardcore workout.

As soon as I was through the door I dropped my bag, kicked off my shoes and headed straight for the privacy of my bedroom. I was naked a few seconds after closing my door. I stood in front of my mirror and admired my body. I’m a big girl. There’s no two ways about it. I’m beyond where I could be politely described as curvy, but not so heavy that I need to sign up for “The Biggest Loser.”

I loved to run my hands over my soft roundness. I used to hate myself, and be totally ashamed of the way my body looked, but somewhere in my senior year of high school I began to develop a better relationship with myself. I learned to appreciate my sexy belly, and my full hips. I liked the way my thighs jiggled when I was naked, and I enjoyed the meaty curves of my big butt. Of course, the biggest benefit of being a girl my size is having huge breasts.

Girls like me don’t have tits; we have jugs! Gazongas. Melons. Knockers. Yes indeed, I had me a nice pair of big ol’ fun bags. I looked at my big beautiful boobs in the mirror, hefting them up to show them off even better. My areolas are so huge around that my nipples look like tiny little islands in a sea of pink flesh. I lightly slapped each of my boobs until my nips stood up nice and pointy. Fuck! I’m one hot bitch.

I was about to stretch out on my bed and go to town on myself, when I realized I was the only one in the house. Both my parents were at work, and my little brother wouldn’t be home from school for a couple hours. Sweet. I could make as much noise as I wanted when I made myself cum. Plus, I have this thing where I like to talk dirty to myself when I’m masturbating. It might be weird, but it makes me cum so much better. With the house to myself I didn’t have to whisper, I could say all the filthy stuff I wanted right out loud.

“Get ready pussy, we’re going to have some fun.”

I opened up my legs and the thick scent of my excitement quickly filled the room. I ran my fingers all over my hairy twat. I’d tried shaving once, but it was a pain in the ass. Not only that, but it wasn’t a good look for me. Besides, I liked my wild bush. I’m not saying that I look like bigfoot down there, but my secret garden does stray a bit beyond the traditional bikini line. Not that even own a bikini, or would ever consider wearing one in public. Yes, I’d learned to love my body just as it was, but I also knew that I was the only one who felt that way.

It’s not so easy to overcome years of cruel teasing. Even when they didn’t come right out and make fun of me, you could see it in their faces. Disgust, pity, or, most often, careless disregard. I did have a few friends, or maybe a few people who tolerated my company would be a better description. I worked hard at playing the part of the perpetually upbeat, funny one. That was me, the jolly fat girl. This was enough to get a few of the other oddball girls to hang out with me, but they were never more than superficial friends. I could sense their embarrassment when people from our school would see them with me out in public. I always suggested we stay at home and watch movies or listen to music – a suggestion that was often accepted with great relief.

I spread my plump pussy open and went right after my clit. Fuck them. Fuck all of them. I had everything I needed to be happy right here between my legs. I found my hard bud and gave it a lovingly rough rub. I’d go crazy if I couldn’t masturbate. I was practically obsessed with making myself cum and would do it at least once a day. Usually I’d jill off two or three times if I could. I pinched one of my nipples and gave it a ruthless tug.

“You like that, don’t you? You horny fucking bitch!”

Saying that out loud in a full voice caused a happy shiver to run up my back. I felt so naughty. And I wanted to feel even naughtier. That’s when I realized I didn’t need to confine myself to my bedroom.

I got off my bed and went to the door. I opened it and peeked out.

“Anyone home?” I yelled, knowing no one was, but wanting to make extra sure.

I opened the door and tiptoed out into the hallway. The effect was immediate. My skin suddenly felt more alive, there was a vague sense of danger, and the naughty factor was definitely taken up a notch. I snuck down the hallway toward the living room. I looked around the corner and found it empty, as expected. I had no idea why I felt the need to sneak.

I walked out into the middle of the room. A wicked sensation of freedom filled me up and got me even more turned on than I had been. I could see outside through our sheer curtains, but I was pretty sure no one could see in. I patted my pussy as I strolled around naked. This was the room my family watched TV in, where we played games, where mom did her craft projects. And there I was, completely nude, my big floppy boobs hanging out, my bare ass swinging loose.

“What are you going to do now, you horny slut?” I squatted down in the middle of my living room and stuck two fingers up into my snatch. “I’m going to fuck myself, bitches!”

With one hand holding my belly up out of the way, I worked my fingers in and out of my pussy hard and fast. I was so wet I was probably dripping on the carpet. I didn’t even care. I actually thought it would be cool if later that night we were all sitting around watching TV and nobody but me would know that my pussy juices were soaked into the rug.

“Yeah, fuck that pussy!” I said to no one but myself. Then louder, “Fuck that big, hairy pussy hole, you fucking whore!”

And just like that I came. I usually make it last at least ten minutes or more, but being out of my normal comfort zone made it too thrilling to hold back.

I suddenly felt overly exposed, and a bit silly. I hurried back to the familiar privacy of my bedroom and closed the door. I fell back onto my bed laughing. I thought about what I’d just done and wondered why I’d never tried it before. For one thing, there was almost always someone else home when I was. And I guess it just never occurred to me before.

I smelled my fingers. My intimate aroma was strong on them. I sniffed again, and sucked them one at a time. I loved my own taste. I fingered my wet pussy hole and enjoyed a fresh sample from the source. I know it’s nasty, but having an oral fixation kind of goes along with being a plus-sized girl like me. As I lay there naked and fiddling with my pussy, I began to get horny all over again. I had homework to do, but I wanted to take advantage of having the house to myself.

Once again, I was roaming around from room to room naked. I went to the living room and got up close to the window. Maybe the driver of a passing car would at least be able to see my silhouette through the curtain and get a hard-on. I wanted to be brave enough to fling the curtains open and stand there nude for anyone to see. Maybe if I was one of those skinny bitches with a body that anyone would be happy to see. If some guy saw me naked in the window he would probably be just as likely to call the cops and have me locked up for crimes against humanity.

I wandered into the kitchen. I walked around not knowing what to do. The floor tiles were cool against my bare feet. Looking out the small window over the sink, I noticed that the rounded edge of the counter was at just about the right height to rub against my clit area. I went up on my toes and pressed my twat against the counter. Very nice. I stood there for a little while lightly humping myself against the hard edge. I thought about how later that evening my mom would be standing in that very spot cleaning the dishes without any clue of what I’d been doing there earlier in the day. I don’t know why that gave me such a naughty jolt of pleasure. I could have made myself cum that way, but I wanted to play some more before I did.

I went to the fridge and got myself a can of soda. I popped the top and felt a little spray hit the underside of my boob. Everything seemed to feel better when you did it naked. I took a sip and noticed a bag of carrots in the vegetable crisper. I immediately knew what I had to do.

Sorting through the bag, I pulled out the largest one of the bunch. After rinsing it off at the sink I squatted right there in the middle of the kitchen and slid the carrot into my pussy. It was cold and rough, but that only made it all the more exciting. Damn, it felt nice to have something hard inside me. I was so wet that the carrot moved in and out of my hole with ease. But as good as that was, I needed something bigger.

Back at the fridge, I rummaged around until I found a zucchini. Perfect! It had a rounded tip at one end, a long neck that narrowed slightly, then a bulbous body that would give me the kind of fulfilment I was looking for.

“How would you like to fuck a skanky pussy today, big fella?”

I rinsed it off, then boosted myself up onto the counter in the corner of the kitchen. I put my feet up and spread my legs. If anyone walked in at that moment they would have gotten a real eyeful. I touched the tip of the vegetable to my heated pussy hole and gently worked it in. Shit, it felt good to have something bigger than my finger up there. I pushed it deeper until the widening bulb began to spread my vagina in all directions at once. I was completely aware of how pathetic it was that I had to resort to a piece of food to satisfy my need to be penetrated, but it felt so fucking good I didn’t care. I forced it slowly into myself and my fat pussy took it all in. I would have loved for it to have been a cock instead.

I’d only had one real cock. I was seventeen and he was working at my high school as a custodian. I would see the way he looked at me and eventually got up the courage to talk to him. His name was Richie. Tall, skinny but with muscles, a droopy mustache and a tooth that was crooked in a roguishly handsome sort of way. He was nice to me, always telling funny stories and saying what he liked about me.

I’d wait by a back door and Richie’d let me into the school after everyone else had gone home. It started with him kissing me and feeling me up. He smelled like cigarettes and disinfectant, but somehow that turned me on once we began fooling around. I started sucking his cock soon after that. It was something I’d never done before, but Richie told me I was a natural at it. He’d shoot in my mouth, then say “Eat it up, girl.” in the sexiest voice I ever heard. I didn’t like it at first, but by the third or fourth time I couldn’t wait to eat his cum.

It wasn’t long after I started blowing him that we fucked. I gave up my virginity on Mrs. Grandon’s desk. She was my English teacher at the time, and I loved sitting in class and thinking about getting fucked on the spot where she was correcting our papers.

The other nice thing about fucking Richie was that we always had to be careful about one of the other night janitors catching us. That meant it was quick and usually in the dark. I didn’t have to get undressed in front of him. He’d just lift my skirt and bend me over a desk, or sit in a chair and let me ride him. It hurt some the first time, and it was always over quicker than I wanted it to be, but I loved getting fucked and went to see Richie as much as I could. It was just my luck that about a month after we started boning he violated his parole and had to go away. I haven’t managed to find anyone willing to fuck me since.

The zucchini disappeared all the way inside me and I was afraid I might not be able to get it back out. I tried to relax, then squeezed my pussy muscles. I had to bear down, but after a few seconds it popped out of me. It felt weird, but I did it again a few more times before I couldn’t take it anymore and just started pounding myself with it until I came.

I sat there on the kitchen counter catching my breath and feeling silly all over again. I resisted the urge to flee back to my room this time and tried to enjoy the sensation of my fading orgasm while my pussy dripped warm juices down along my ass crack and formed a puddle on the countertop. I briefly entertained the thought of putting the veggies back in the fridge, but decided to throw them away instead. I might be a freak, but watching my dad eat a carrot that had been in my cooch would have been a bit much even for me.

This quickly became my new routine. I’d get home from school, get naked, and play with myself all over the house. After doing it a few more times in the living room and kitchen, I tried rubbing one out in my parents’ bed, then in my little brother’s room. It felt so wrong, but I loved every second of it. I did it in the basement, out in the garage, on our fancy dining room table, and even once in the attic. Most of the time, after I made myself cum, I’d stay naked and just hang out or do chores. Doing the laundry or vacuuming was so much better in the nude. It was also nice to be able to finger myself or play with my nips whenever I wanted without anything getting in the way.

I loved finding new things around the house to put in my pussy. The handle of our ice cream scoop made for an excellent fuck toy, as did my brother’s wiffle ball bat. One of my dad’s shovels had a perfectly sized handle, and his golf clubs made for an interesting afternoon. I also got into the habit of humping stuff all over the place. The corner of our coffee table was a good spot, as was rail on the footboard of my parents’ bed. It made it even better than no one in my family had any clue what I was doing all day by myself in their bedrooms or with their stuff.

One day I came home and found my dad was back from work early. I resorted to rubbing myself off in my room, but it wasn’t the same anymore. That night I was restless and couldn’t fall asleep. It was about 2:00 a.m. when I got up and opened my bedroom door. Everyone was asleep. I went out into the hallway and listened. I could hear my dad snoring, but otherwise it was quiet. I snuck to the living room as silently as I could. I listened to make sure I hadn’t woken anyone up, then I slipped my hand down into my PJ bottoms.

My pussy was hot and ready. I began fingering myself as I grabbed at my boobs through my night-shirt. After a few seconds I started feeling bolder. I dropped my bottoms and panties down to my ankles. My family was sleeping just around the corner. I set my feet wider apart and started finger fucking myself like crazy. I pulled my top off with my free hand, leaving me naked in my dark living room. There’d be no way for me to cover up in time if someone woke up and came in. This got me even hotter than I already was.

“Look at me,” I whispered. “I’m right here playing with my pussy. Come and look at what your slutty daughter is doing.”

I would have died if my parents actually did see me like that, but I couldn’t stop myself from saying those things as I worked my juicy twat harder. Next thing I knew I was lying down on the floor and spreading my legs wide. I faced the hallway. If anyone came into the living room then, not only wouldn’t I have been able to cover up in time, but there would be no way to pretend I was doing anything other than what I was doing with myself. I hornier I got, the stupider I became.

“You want to see that? You want to see me masturbating? Yeah, look at that big, fat pussy.” I was losing my mind. “Look at me masturbating my nasty pussy.”

I put my feet up in the air so my legs were spread good and wide. I held my pussy open in reckless defiance, challenging my sleeping family to catch me in the act. I gave my erect clit a few hard smacks and just like that I was cumming. My whole body jerked and jiggled for a good ten seconds before I came to my senses. I quickly gathered up my stuff and hurried back to my room.

What the fuck was I thinking? There would be no end to the humiliation if I had been caught. Granted, it was the best cum I’d had in months, but that had to be the last time I pulled an idiotic stunt like that.

The next night I was naked in the living room once again and grinding my cunt shamelessly against the corner of the coffee table. My PJs were in a pile on the sofa within easy reach, but they wouldn’t have done me any good in an emergency. The risk was intoxicating. The deathly fear of getting caught put every one of my nerve endings on high alert. Everything was more intense. I couldn’t believe I was being so foolish, but as I came against the hard wooden edge of the coffee table I didn’t care about anything else in the world.

I was still playing all my naked games after school, but I tried to hold a little something back for at night. I visited all my favorite spots under the cover of darkness – the dining room, the basement, even the garage. One night I went so far as to turn the lights on in the kitchen and got myself off while on all fours. I’d even started stripping down before venturing out of my bedroom so I wouldn’t have anything at all handy to cover up with if I needed to, upping the risk factor to a ridiculous degree.

When the thrill began to wane ever so slightly, I would find a way to kick it back up. One night I stood right outside my parents’ bedroom door and made myself cum. Later, I even went so far as to lie on the floor and put my feet up on the frame at either side of their door. If my dad ever came out he’d find his perverted whore of a daughter lying at his feet with her pussy wide open and sucking one of her huge boobs like a depraved freak. One night I almost went so far as to think about actually going into my parents’ bedroom and doing myself in there while they slept. That’s when I decided I needed to find a new way to up the ante.

I started with the back yard. First I went out in my robe. The night was warm and the moon was just a sliver. I walked around and checked out if it was “safe.” It was possible for a couple neighbors to see over our fence, but they weren’t that close and the chances of someone seeing me at three in the morning was slim. My parents had a window into the back yard, but the shade was always drawn at night.

There was a good shadowy spot in the back corner and that’s where I dropped my robe. The humid air hit my naked body and it felt awesome. I’d never been outside in a bikini before, and suddenly there I was completely nude. I started feeling myself all over. My boobs, my belly, my thighs and my ass. I wanted to scream and laugh out loud into the night.

“How do you like this everybody?” I said quietly in the shadows. “Who wants to suck on these for me.” I brandished my big rack to the sleeping world beyond my backyard fence, then hefted one of my boobs up and sucked my own nipple. “Who wants to come and suck this big pussy of mine?”

I spanked myself between the legs and started going at it. It seemed crazy to be doing this outside, but it was exactly the kind of extra thrill I was looking for. I dropped to my knees. The grass tickled my legs, and if I leaned back I could feel it teasing against my butt. I beat off like a wild woman and was having my first outdoor cum in no time. I couldn’t make as much noise as I wanted to, but holding it in made it seem like my orgasm lasted a few seconds longer.

My instinct to run back inside and hide in my room came upon me quickly, but I stayed put and waited for it to pass. I picked up my robe and strolled around our back yard. My heart was still beating fast, and I was constantly checking the neighbors’ houses to make sure there were no lights on. Out in the middle of the yard sat my brother’s soccer ball.

“This is your lucky night,” I said to the ball as I stood over it.

I squatted down and pressed my pussy against the dew-covered ball. Electric pulses shot through me as soon as I made contact. I pressed my weight down and began rocking back and forth. The pressure against my clit was heavenly, and the way my fat pussy lips spread over the slick surface was unlike anything I’d felt before. I rocked and giggled like a little girl with a new toy.

On top of everything, I was doing this in the light of the moon and stars in the middle of my yard. If anyone could see me, what would they think? A big, fat girl squatting butt naked in the grass humping a soccer ball like it was the best cock she’d ever had. I didn’t even give a shit how gross or disgusting someone would think I looked. It felt fucking fantastic. I was getting sweaty, and this made my rolls slide together in a special kind of way that I liked. I could slip my fingers into the creases of my body and feel the sensual allure of my extra flesh. I was able to grab handfuls of myself. I could jiggle and wobble and shake. I had ways to enjoy my body that no skinny girl would ever know.

“Fuck that pussy, Mr. Soccer Ball,” I grunted. “Fuck that dirty pussy and make it cum.”

My legs were burning from the strain, but that only made me hump faster. The ball was all slick with my juices as it rolled against my stiff clitty again and again. I pulled and twisted my nipples cruelly until I felt it happening, then I pulled even harder. My orgasm crashed over me and I pressed down as hard as I could on the ball. I’m surprised it didn’t explode under my weight.

After I’d caught my breath, I gathered up my robe, made one more lazy circuit around my yard and snuck back into the house. I was half convinced I’d find one of my parents waiting for me with their arms crossed looking pissed. But everyone was sound asleep as I slipped quietly back into my bedroom and got myself off one more time before going back to sleep.

I began going outside just about every night after that. I always brought my robe with me, but I started just leaving it by the back door instead of carrying it around with me. I loved the hot nights the best. I would run and jump until I got all hot and sweaty. Sometimes I’d just dance around, letting everything flop and bounce without a care in the world. I’d masturbate myself standing, lying on my back, on all fours, or squatting. A couple times I stretched out on my tummy in the grass and basically humped the ground. Sometimes I’d bring things out with me to fuck myself with – maybe a thick banana, or my mom’s hairbrush with the nice broad handle.

Some nights I would hear a noise, or think I saw something moving. I’d get scared and freeze in place, all my senses straining to detect what it was. It was always just a cat or the wind, but that dread fear of being caught only seemed to make what I was doing all the more thrilling. Those were the nights that I came the best. But, it wasn’t long before I felt the need to increase the danger.

I crept along the side of our house, past my brother’s bedroom window, and to the front corner. I was totally naked; my robe in a forgotten pile on our back steps. The sweat trickled down my back. My pussy was hot and wet. I peeked out into our small front yard. A single scrubby bush set a few yards back from the road provided the only possible hiding place. The neighbor’s houses across the street were all dark. A streetlight glowed dully two houses down. I told myself I should be smart and stick to the back yard, but my body had other ideas.

I tiptoed out onto the open virgin ground. I felt more exposed than ever. My head quickly swiveled this way and that. What if someone was up to let their dog out? What if a car came by? What if someone was awake and happened to look out their window? The more possibilities I imagined the wetter I got.

Once next to the scrubby bush I crouched down and surveyed the neighborhood. All was still and silent. I dipped my fingers into my sopping wet hole. I licked the pungent juices from my fingers and the flavor of my own sex emboldened me even more. I stood and took a few steps toward the street. I was really out there!

I stood with my toes at the edge of the pavement and leaned back slightly. I thrust my hips forward, brandishing my naked pussy toward the sleeping neighborhood. I joggled my boobs provocatively, then turned, bent over and displayed my chunky ass to the neighborhood. I reached around and spread my cheeks, feeling the air against my sweaty asshole.

There was a strange sense of power that came with what I was doing. There was fear, and excitement, but there was a unique feeling of superiority to getting away with being naked in such a public place. It gave me something that no one else had. They had no idea what was going on right outside their front doors. It was my own secret, and I’d always have that over them.

Standing at the side of the street I watched left and right for cars and proceeded to work my cunt with serious intent.

“How do you like that, bitches? Fat chick jerking off in the middle of the street.” I took a few steps forward so I would actually be in the road. I was ten feet tall and invulnerable. “Check out this fucking pussy, everyone. Watch me masturbate this fat pussy till I cum, fuckers.”

I went at myself with both hands like a girl possessed. It was as if I was on a stage and all eyes were on me. I was completely vulnerable and yet totally in charge. My pussy felt better than it ever had. I couldn’t get enough of it. I thought of all the guys at school who treated me like I was nothing. What would they think if they knew what a horny slut I was? I’d be willing to bet that none of their scrawny little stuck-up girlfriends had the balls to go out into the street naked and frig herself like a sex-crazed animal. None of them could suck a cock as good as me, or could swallow a big load without gagging. Those guys had no idea what they were missing.

The sloppy wet sounds of my fingers pumping in and out of my pussy seemed loud in the quietness of the night.

“Hear that, everyone? That’s my pussy. That’s the sound of my fat, hairy pussy getting ready to cum.” I set my feet wider apart, went into a half-squat and abused my pussy even more intensely. “I’m fucking cumming. Look at my pussy cum. Look at me masturbating and cuuuuuuming!”

My legs nearly buckled as my orgasm ripped through me. I felt an incredible release both physically and emotionally. What I was doing was so insanely wrong and stupid. My worst fear was for people to see my body, and there I was out in the open risking total exposure. And it wasn’t even like it was to a group of total strangers that I’d never see again. If anyone happened to catch me, it would be someone who I’d have to live with in my neighborhood for who knows how long. And not just someone – it would only take a day or two for word to get to all the neighbors that the Marshall girl was running around the street naked and doing unspeakable things to herself.

Even as these thoughts raced through my brain I continued to finger fuck myself, prolonging the shuddering orgasm that was slowly winding down. As soon as I got my wits back I dashed for the cover of my side yard. My belly and boobs flopped everywhere as I ran for safety. I dropped to my knees and gave myself another quick cum under my brother’s window before going back inside.

The next day I sat in Pre-Calc and thought about what I had done. It was an immature and foolhardy thing to be doing. I had been perfectly happy all these years playing with myself in the privacy of my bedroom, and I needed to get back to that. I was lucky no one had caught me. It was completely irresponsible to risk that much embarrassment for me and my family just for the sake of an orgasm. Was a few seconds of mind-blowing pleasure really worth years of potential humiliation? Definitely not. I resolved that it would be okay to sneak out into the back yard once in a while for a little fun, but that was it. From then on it would be the sanity of the bedroom for me.

That night I was standing in my front yard, naked except for a pair of flip-flops. I was nervous and excited and hornier than ever. I looked around, then crossed the street into a neighbor’s yard. I hurried across the open grass to their front porch. I sat on the steps and listened. After a long minute of silence, I opened my legs and began touching myself. I had a dreaded expectation that their front light would pop on any second. But that only made me want to cum more.

I surveyed the dark neighborhood from my perch. With both hands I lifted one of my large breasts up so I could lick and suck my own nipple. I took my time, languishing all the attention I wanted to on my fleshy areola. I let my boob drop and it fell with a heavy slap, then lifted the other one and gave it the same oral loving. When I was done I went back to fiddling with my stiff clitty. What next?

Clouds covered the moon and stars. The only illumination came from the streetlight a few houses down. I contemplated the yellow pool of light. If someone looked out and saw me sitting there on my neighbor’s front steps they wouldn’t be able to really see anything from a distance. Even though I’d been running around outside naked, I’d been relying on the shadows for cover. I hadn’t truly been risking full exposure.

I was crossing another front yard before I knew it, on my way to get a closer look at the streetlight. I barely gave the fact that I was naked and dangerously far from the safety of my own house a thought. There’s something about being in a high state of arousal that dampens your inhibitions to a dangerous degree.

Standing by Mrs. Tate’s mailbox, I tickled my fingers through my pussy hair and checked out the situation. Several houses were within sight of the streetlight; one of them had a dim light on over a garage door. Everything was still and quiet. I checked to make sure no cars were coming, then I hurried across the street before I lost my nerve.

The glow hit my naked skin and I felt like I was under a spotlight. Every bulge and roll was suddenly visible to anyone who might have been able to see me. It was horrifying and invigorating all at the same time. Without slowing down I hurried through into the relative privacy of the darkness beyond. I held my breath and checked to see if I had stirred any attention. There was nothing but the chirp of a few crickets. I told myself that I had wandered too far from home and I needed to get back, but I wanted to feel the terror of the light one more time.

I dashed out into the light, stopped in the middle and did a little shimmy. I shook my boobs, flinging them back and forth, then I bent over and wiggled my big butt before running for cover. I must have looked like a demented moron, but my heart was racing with the excitement of it all. I stood by the edge of a fence, once again listening and watching to see if I’d been detected. I felt between my legs and discovered that my inner thighs were soaked. My pussy was wetter than ever. Just one more time.

I got to the spot, squatted down, then leaned back so I was propping myself up on one hand. I lifted my hips and opened my legs as wide as I could. I jammed two fingers into my cunt and gave myself a dozen hard pumps before pulling them out and spreading my fat pussy lips so all the world could get a look at my slutty cunt hole.

“I know you want to fuck that,” I said to no one. “Look at that nice fat pussy just begging to be fucked.” I smacked my clit a few times, then felt a sense of panic rising. I’d been under the light too long. I was pushing my luck. I jumped up and rushed back to my hiding place by the fence. It was stupid to be taking such a huge risk, but it felt amazing. I needed to cum really bad at that point, and I didn’t trust myself near the light anymore.

Mr. Givend’s yard looked like the perfect place to get myself off. I had the sudden urge to lie spread-eagle in the grass in front of his house and fuck myself to a mind-melting orgasm. I began heading that way when I saw something.

Headlights appeared at the far end of my road. The panic was real. I ran to the nearest bush and crouched behind it. The car approached and I held my breath. It was going slow. I pressed myself closer into the shrub. Sharp points of the spindly branches dug into my bare skin, but I pushed in further praying I couldn’t be seen. The car drifted past and when it drove under the streetlight I could see it was a police cruiser. I nearly screamed.

All I had to do was stay perfectly still and he would just keep going, then I could run home. The cruiser stopped. I could hear the muffled sound of a woman’s voice coming from the radio. The car backed up a little and stopped. Please go away, please, please, please. I heard the door open and sound of shoes on the road. I crouched as low to the ground as I could and closed my eyes. This couldn’t be happening.

There was a noise in the grass close to me. I opened my eyes and the beam of a flashlight was playing through the bush I was hiding in. I thought about running, then the light hit me and pinned me to the spot.

“Let me see your hands.” His voice had a calm authority to it that I didn’t dare defy.

I held my hands up for him to see.

“Is there anyone else out here with you, young lady?”

I could barely force myself to answer. “No, just me.” I wanted to die right there. How was I going to explain this to my parents? Would this be in the newspaper? I’d have to drop out of school and probably move to another state.

“What’re you doin’ out here like this?” He moved around the bush keeping the light trained on me the whole time.

“Nothing, sir,” I said in a pathetic squeak. “Can I just go home? I live right over there.”

“You been drinking?” He asked and I shook my head as I crouched there on my knees keeping my eyes focused on the tips of his black shoes. “You on anything? Look up here.”

I looked up. He checked my tear-filled eyes and seemed to confirm that I wasn’t high on drugs. I clenched my arms over my breasts as best as I could and clamped my legs together tight. I’d never felt as humiliated as I did at that moment. Looking up, all I could see was the vague silhouette behind the bright shine of the flashlight.

“How old’re you?”


“You wanna tell me what a nineteen-year-old girl is doin’ out here naked at three in the mornin’?”

“I don’t know,” I whimpered, wishing I’d never been such a stupid idiot.

“Well, I suppose I have a pretty good idea what you was up to.” There was a pause like he was making up his mind about something. “I’m feeling kindly tonight so I’ll give you a choice, young lady. I can take you along with me down to the station and we can write you up for public indecency. You’ll probably get probation if this is your first time, but it’ll get you on the list for sex offenders.”

All I could do was shake my head and try not to throw up.

“Elsewise, since I’m in a good mood, I’ll let you go ahead and finish what you were doin’. If you make sure I stay in a good mood, you can get on home and sleep in your own bed tonight. How’s that sound?”

I nodded, not really sure what I was agreeing to. My head was swimming. Police, jail, probation, sex offender. My life would be ruined just for the sake of a childish cheap thrill.

“All right, then. Let’s see what we got here.” He flicked his light to the side a couple times, indicating that he wanted me to move.

I crawled back away from the shrub into the open. The police officer kept his light trained on me the whole time.

“That’s good. Now take them arms out of the way.”

I uncovered my breasts.

“Hoo-ee, you are a healthy hunk of woman, aren’t you?”

He walked around me as I sat there on the grass feeling like a disgusting piece of meat. No one had ever seen me completely naked before, and to make it worse I was being examined in the most unflattering position possible. The indignity of it all was beyond description.

“I know what you was doin’ out here, missy.” The officer was standing in front of me again. “Go on and spread those legs and show me how you do.”

I knew what he was doing wasn’t right, but I couldn’t bear to deal with the other option he’d given me. This is what I deserved for being a dumb slut and going around the neighborhood like a stupid bitch in heat. I took a deep breath and opened my legs.

“Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.” His voice was deep and firm. If I wasn’t scared shitless I’d probably admit that it was sexy. “Tell me what you were doin’, girl.”

“Just…walking around.”

“And what else? No point lyin’ to me. I already know. Go ahead and say what else.”

“I…I was masturbating.” It sounded bizarre hearing myself say that out loud to someone. Yes, I know everyone does it, but I’d never actually come right out and told someone that I do it. It was intensely embarrassing, but it was also strangely liberating. “I was walking around outside naked and playing with myself.”

“Show me.” His gravelly voice sent a shiver up my back. I hated him for taking advantage of me the way he was, but he really did want to see me. That held a sick appeal to me that I didn’t want to acknowledge.

I squeezed one of my boobs and gave it a little shake. I heard him make a humming noise that sounded like approval. I pinched and pulled on one of my nipples. My hand was shaking. It was bad enough that I was under the unblinking gaze of a cop, but it suddenly came to me that I was still out in the open in a neighbor’s yard. Nothing seemed real, and yet I couldn’t deny what was happening to me.

“Now how ‘bout that big ol’ pussy you got there.”

I moved my hand down to my hairy crotch. I heard his zipper come down. I didn’t know what he was planning to do to me, but I knew whatever it was I’d have to take it. I found my clit and rubbed it. Despite being more scared than ever in my life, my clitty was still hard. It seemed impossible, but it felt really good. In the midst of all the panic, fear and shame, I was still feeling horny. There was something seriously wrong with me.

I lay back and spread my pussy lips like I did earlier when no one was looking. Only this time someone was looking. For the first time in my life I was exposing my cunt to a real person. Sure, Richie stuck his dick in me, but it was always with my clothes on in the back of a dark classroom or storage closet. Even though it was a stranger, someone was actually seeing my pussy for the first time. It was despicable how much this excited me given the circumstances.

“That’s right,” he said, his voice thick with lust. “Show me what you got, girl.”

I rubbed my fingers up and down my slit. I was still dripping wet, and I used my pussy juices to make my lips all slick. I could hear a jingling sound coming from the officer. His light wasn’t as steady as it had been before. I was certain that he had his cock out and was jerking off as he watched me. I was disappointed that I couldn’t see his dick with the light shining in my eyes, then I immediately felt guilty for thinking like that.

All I needed to do was give him what he wanted and then this whole thing could be over. I slid a finger into my hole and began fucking myself. The jingling sped up, so I figured he liked seeing that. I added another finger and fucked myself harder. I let out a little moan. I didn’t mean to, but then I didn’t bother holding back another. Maybe he had all the power, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t still get something out of it, too.

“I’m so fucking wet right now,” I said as if I were in my bedroom alone. “My pussy feels so fucking good.”

“I bet it does,” he rasped. The sound of him beating his cock was becoming more obvious. It was unbelievable that anyone would actually want to jerk off to me.

“I love masturbating my pussy so much.” I lifted my butt up off the grass. “I’m going to cum. I’m fucking going to cum.”

“Do it. Make that pussy cum, girl.”

Maybe I was hyperventilating, or maybe I was just losing my mind, but the world started spinning and next thing I knew I was cumming like a wild cat. I didn’t think I could have an orgasm that strong, much less cum at all in front of a police officer threatening to take me to jail. Everything all crashed together at once and my mind, body and soul were convulsing in one connected blast of pure joy. It was all I could do not to scream out like a mad banshee. I bit my lip, worked my pussy relentlessly, and squealed until I’d milked every last pulse of pleasure from between my legs. I fell back and gasped for air.

The cop had dropped his flashlight on the ground and was kneeling next to my head.

“What a sweet dirty slut you are,” he hissed between gritted teeth.

I still couldn’t see him as anything but a dark shadow against the grey clouds, but I could tell he was jacking his cock just above me. He grabbed my hair and turned my face toward his dick.

“Take it you fat, fucking whore.”

With that I felt warm spurts of cum hitting my face. Three, four, then a fifth. It was on my forehead, my cheeks, in my hair, across my nose, and running into my eyes. I was repulsed and gratified all at once. He was cumming for me. Seeing my pussy made him cum like that. It felt like some kind of accomplishment and in a sick way I was proud of it.

He let out a final grunt, then I felt the head of his cock press against my lips. I opened up and he shoved his cock into my mouth. The salty tang of his semen hit my tongue, and I obediently sucked him clean. After a few moments, he pulled out and slapped his dick against my chin a few times. The police officer gave one of my big boobs a grope before he stood and zipped his pants. He picked up his flashlight and shined it in my eyes.

“Don’t let me catch you out here again.” He took a few steps back. “Now get your fat ass home.”

The police officer turned and went to his car. I lay frozen on the ground, afraid to move. Thick trickles of cum ran down my face and dripped onto my neck. My left eye was stinging. I ran my tongue over my jizz-covered lips as the police car slowly pulled away.

Everything was still and silent again.

I wanted to cry, but I didn’t know why. I had clearly been violated, but had unquestionably taken pleasure from it. I couldn’t even deal with myself right then. I felt like there were people were watching me from every darkened window. I should have ran back to my house, but instead I stood, brushed myself off, and walked to my back yard as calmly as I could. Once I was safely behind my house I should have wiped my face clean and gone straight to bed. Instead, I dropped down to my knees and went at myself one more time. I replayed the whole incident in my mind and fingered myself like there was no tomorrow. I came twice more, reveling in the crude delight of a stranger’s sperm seeping down my face and dripping onto my out-stretched tongue.

By the time I got myself cleaned up and safely in bed I was more sober in my thinking about what had happened. It was a frightening experience, but I had been very lucky. The fact that I was tucked into my own bed instead of sitting in a police station was only due to fortunate chance of that cop being a sleazy pervert. Otherwise, my life would be in complete turmoil all because of my juvenile behavior. What was I even thinking? Yes, running around outside and playing with myself was fun, but it certainly wasn’t worth risking everything for.

I wasn’t going to take this second chance for granted. I resolved to never step out of my room naked again…or, at least, never outside the house. Never. The flavor of the officer’s cum was still thick in mouth. I had to get myself off one more time before I was able to relax enough to fall asleep.

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