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My need for you takes over
I couldn't make it off the couch.

You had a family matter to attend, so our chat was cut short after being filled with half-hidden expressions of desire and need. I did mange to slip in an, “I'm going to fuck myself tonight and think of you,” before signing off and I could tell it brought you a smile.

So here I sat and pondered my situation. My panties were wet, my tits hard. Damn, I wanted you. You always set my mind ablaze with lust and love. Most times, love is at the forefront but not tonight, tonight it's my lust for you.

I stretch out a leg. How I wish I was holding it up for your touch, your fingers or your lips. To look down and see your smoldering dark eyes, oh how that melts me.

Fuck it, I can't wait.

I lift up my hips and push my skirt and panties down to the floor. I want to see my cunt. I want to see how puffy my lips are, how wet my petals are, from just the little sudden thought of you. I pull my knees up and out to the sides, sitting very unladylike as I lean forward and gaze down at my cunt. My fingers spread my lips and I smile at the glistening pink flesh.

Fuck I wish I could lick myself.

Sliding fingers from my right hand along my slit, they're wet and shiny after just one pass. With a moan, I shove two inside me and start to fuck myself. I'm slamming my fingers in deep, my cunt making these liquid sounds that only make me want to fuck myself harder. I twist my digits inside me and lick the inside of my knee, my head pushed down as low as I can get it to watch.

Watch and smell.

Mmm I love how my cunt smells right now. Why oh why can't I be flexible enough to get at myself!

I suck at the soft skin on the inside of my thigh just below my knee. Salty, and while I like the sensation of my mouth, it's not the flavor I seek. That I need.

Moaning, I bring my fingers to my mouth. Sucking them wantonly with the passing thought of what a dirty bitch I can be when I'm horny like this. Keeping them in my mouth, I roll over onto my tummy. I start to reach for one of the throw pillows on the couch to hump but realize I need something more animate, or at least thinner and longer, that I can guide and manipulate to get at those itches deep inside my cunt.

My eyes wild, I glance about me. The TV remote? No, the damn thing hasn't worked properly since the last time I used it to fuck myself. My eyes dart left and right,, shit, why didn't I buy a bottle of soda instead of that can. I could go look for a toy but my need is too strong, I want to cum now.

Releasing my fingers from my mouth, I send both hands under me as I grind at the rough fabric of my sofa. Resorting to my ole reliables, I plant my cunt on them and finger madly. Fingering and humping. My movements frenzied now. I think of you, think of you watching me. Watching me and telling me I'd better cum like the little slut I am. That you won't let me touch you until I do.

I curl my fingers and find that spot. My eyes closed. Making little noises in my throat that almost drown out the squishy noise coming from my cunt. Yes cummmmmm.

After a few minutes, my breathing calms and I curl up on the couch. Smiling softly as I let my mind go back to you. Another minute passes, I sit up then stand. Leaving my clothing behind, I go to my bedroom. Imaging your voice in my ear, “That's right, you're not close to being done. Now get in that bed and show me more. Let me see what a horny little bitch you can be.”

In my mind I answer you. Promising not to let you down.

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