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Courting Danger

Horny daughter, oblivious mom.
NOTE: This is one of the first stories I ever wrote. I don't think it's very good, but a friend asked me to post it here.

When I met Chrissy, she was a fairly innocent 19-year-old. I was 24, in my first job as a low-level political hack who thought he had the world by the balls. Hey, I was drinking free liquor three nights a week courtesy of lobbyists and flirting with pages all day, so I was pretty happy.

Chrissy was a sophomore at the college I'd recently graduated from, and we'd hooked up in one of the college bars I still frequented on the weekends. We hit off pretty well, and we were dating steady within a couple of weeks. She had the first futon I'd ever seen in my life, and while she lived in a pretty cool two-bedroom apartment, she was still sharing it with three other girls. That meant she had a roomie sleeping just a few feet away.

My place was a serious dump, so I was sleeping there most nights. We were both full of hormones - especially Chrissy, who was just learning the joys of recreational sex - so we'd usually end up fooling around a bit despite the girl on the other bed, trying our best to be quiet, but not usually succeeding.

Fortunately, the roomie was cool, and one night out of nowhere she just pipes up with, "As long as you two are gonna fuck with me in the room, I'm gonna finger myself." That was fine by me, and Chrissy just giggled, so I assumed they had discussed it before hand. Even though my fevered dreams didn't preclude just having her hop right up on the ol' futon with us, it never happened - although we did end up a few times with her screwing a guy in the room while Chrissy and I did the same.

Little did I know then that this little bit of exhibitionism would unleash a whole lot of daring in sweet young Chrissy. But I found out soon enough the first time I was invited to make the "meet the parents" trek.

It was only about a two-hour drive, and we had a bit of fun along the way. By "fun" of course, I mean she fondled me a bit as I drove, and she had pretty much just popped my cock out of her mouth as I pulled into her parents' driveway. This left me with a serious case of blue-balls as I began my attempts to seek parental approval.

Dinner went well, though, and dad and I had a couple of beers together. Dad was one of these "early to bed, early to rise" types though, so he called it a night pretty early, and Chrissy, her mom and I settled down in the family room to watch a little television.

Mom was across the way in a recliner, angled slightly to face the television, so she didn't have a direct view of us. Now I was a good Catholic boy - and a sweet little southerner to boot - so I knew the importance of sucking up to mom and dad if I was going to to get the chance to continue corrupting their daughter. So I wasn't about to try and repeat the little bit of semipublic sexual escapades Chrissy and were engaged in back in her apartment.

But it seemed my budding vixen had other ideas.

Chrissy had already changed into these cute little babydoll jammies, and we had a blanket covering our laps (cliche alert! and why her mother didn't notice this, I don't know). We were, of course, holding hands under the blanket, and when Mom was sufficiently entranced in the movie on the screen, Chrissy moved my hand to her warm thigh. While tempted, I was still determined to remain pure, but then my little darling took my hand again and moved it higher. High enough, in fact, for me to realize she'd decided to forgo panties for the duration of the evening.

Apparently Chrissy had been planning - and anticipating - this for a little while, because she was already damp. I ran my fingers lightly over her slit, and she spread her legs wider to give me better access.

Now this is not an easy thing to accomplish, and I'm not necessarily even talking about fingering a horny 19-year-old girl under a blanket with her mother not more than 12 feet away. I'm talking just physically. She's not laying down, not really even reclining, so I'm reaching between her legs with my wrist bent awkwardly and my fingers just sort of curled and grazing her. We're not talking deep penetration here, but it did give me lots and lots of time to really work my way up and down her slit and pay the proper amount of attention to her slit. Before long, my fingers are really slick with her juices - but my goddamn wrist is starting to ache.

But leave it to this budding young slut to solve this problem for me.

"Move your hand," she whispers.

"I am moving it," I say.

"No, move it out of the way a second."


I comply, and Chrissy deftly raises her hips and slips those lose pajama bottoms down her thighs.

"I'm going to sit on your hand now...stick your thumb up."

Christ on a popsicle stick, what have I stumbled into?

But I'm no dumbass. I do what she tells me.

She eases her way down. so now, I'm not only going to hell for fingering a girl with her mother in the room, I've become a thumbfucker.

Chrissy is giving me the full show. She's got her head thrown back on the couch, and she's doing all the work, rocking her hips up and down, reaching up and pinching her nipples through her top, really getting into it. I'm casting nervous glances toward the recliner, but Mom remains oblivious, and Chrissy is doing a marvelous job of silently riding my thumb.

My cock is throbbing like mad. I need a hand on it, even if it's mine, and I unsnap my shorts. I give the head a couple of quick rubs before Chrissy spies this and reaches over to grasp me. Now this hot girl is riding my hand while simultaneously using hers on me. This ain't gentle rubbing either, she's pulling and tugging on this fucker like it's got the last drop of water in the world in it and she's dying of thirst. She stops long enough to lick her hand lasciousvly, and then uses the spit to really work her hand up and down my shaft.

Hours of teasing without cumming is working on me. Chrissy is doing her best to ride me without making a sound, and I'm doing the same thing, but I feel my cum start to build, and I know there's no holding back. Chrissy, god bless her, leans over and whispers right in my ear.

"Do it...cum, baby...I'll get mine soon."

Why didn't I marry this girl?

She releases my thumb from her slick cunt, and I put my arm around her, stroking the side of her face. She turns her head and takes my thumb in her mouth, sucking it, savoring her own taste. Her right hand is still working my cock, and when the first spurt comes, she covers the head with her hand (musn't soil Mommy's blanket!) and keeps rubbing it back down my shaft as I shoot hot jizz. She's stroking my cock with my own cum, I feel it leaking between my balls, and still she's milking me. When I finally stop jerking, she continues to stroke me softly, swirling her thumb around the head, smearing the cum all over. Finally she releases me, brings her hand up and smears my cum on her mouth like lips gloss. After sucking her thumb for a second, she pulls it out of her mouth with a little pop, and then plants her mouth on mine. I taste our mingled cum and enjoy the kiss - but I can't help glancing over to make sure mom hasn't turned around to give me the death stare.

No, she didn't wink at me (that's too much of a cliche.) Instead, she appears to be snoring gently. We gather ourselves and Chrissy wakes her mom. We say a quick goodnight, and head upstairs.

As Chrissy's mom closes her own door behind her, I pause outside the room I'm supposed to sleep in. Right there in the hallway, Chrissy goes to her knees and releases my semi-conscious cock yet again.

Looking up at me, she cleans the last bit of cum off the head, smiles and says, "Get this ready again - I'm sneaking into your room in 20 minutes, and I expect to have it inside me."
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