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Co-worker first time

Our first but not last lunch together

True story:

It all started shortly after I started a new job. She was a tall blonde very outgoing and friendly. Quite attractive and athletic, big body but certainly not fat. It did not take us long to get to know each other pretty well; going on breaks together, having lunch together. Through our computer system at our work we could essentially send each other ‘instant messages’ to each other (although it was only for ‘work’ purposes) but we did it anyway. We did get very personal in our little messages and after a while we started to get down right risqué. Talking about what color underwear we had on, what type of underwear she was wearing on certain days. I found out what store she loved to shop at and what type of bra’s she enjoyed wearing. At some point it became unbearable to even talk about sometimes, although being distracted wasn’t a bad thing, just imagining what she would message me about just about threw me over the edge. Most of the time it would get so bad I couldn’t even stand up to walk around without the bulge in my pants being to noticeable. I would even share with her by describing my bulge and what she was messaging me was making me ‘real hard’. Than she would describe the moisture building in her silk thong hoping the wet spot would not seep thru to her jeans. On a few occasions I would just sneak off to the restroom and relieve myself in one of the stalls than come back to my desk and describe to her that she would get me so hot and what I just did in the rest room.

A few months later one of the few occasions occurred and she mentioned that instead of me relieving myself maybe she would help me with the bulge in my pants. I was absolutely shocked but on the other hand secretly looking forward to it. We planned our breaks for the next day and managed to get the same lunch time. We left the building and hopped in her car and drove thru our parking lot into an adjoining business’ parking lot and found an empty stall. We sat there and chatted for a few minutes but it certainly didn’t take long before we started to caress each other. The passion was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Her breasts were not very big but her nipples were very erect and became more reactive after caressing them thru her blouse. Our lips immediately met in a very wet passionate kiss. As each of our tongues was firmly imbedded in each others mouths the fondling continued. I immediately found that she was very hot and wet as she allowed me to reach into her pants and feel her moisture building thru her thong panties. It didn’t take long to find her clit and gently rubbing it; feeling her body react by spreading her legs more to allow easier access I could tell that what I was doing was very inviting and she definitely wanted more. I gently pulled her thong to one side to reveal her now swollen moist lips. The moaning increased as we continued to lock lips and tongue. I finally dipped my finger into her moist cunt sending shivers throughout her body, tensing as I continued to finger fuck this hot wet pussy. She reached over and was firmly stroking my cock through my pants, aching for release I spread my legs to let her know that my cock was straining to feel some fresh air. She had gotten my pants undone and down to my ankles in the passenger seat and my full inch wide 8” long cock was in full view and she continued stroking it as I had now 2 fingers fully inside her still sopping cunt. Our lips broke off and she rearranged herself in the drivers’ seat to get better position to take my cock in her mouth. She slowly kissed the moist tip of my cock before slowly taking all of it into her hot moist mouth. This completely sent me over the edge; no one had ever had their mouth around my cock before much less a blow job and the feeling was out of this world!! She kept stroking and sucking as hard as she could as I continued to drive my fingers into her pussy making her shudder with an incredible orgasm. I pulled my wet fingers out of her pussy and licked all of her sweet juices off of my fingers than just sat back to enjoy this wonderful ride. She would tease the tip of my cock before engulfing my entire shaft into her mouth. Did I mention the feeling was out of this world? I was so surprised that I lasted as long as I did. She would stroke and suck at the same time the entire length of my cock and the slurping sound of her mouth around my cock just added to the great sensation. After what seemed like an eternity I could finally feel my balls tighten with the impending orgasm of my own; I grabbed the back of her head and made sure that every drop of my cum would end up in the back of her throat. She moaned with pleasure as I began to buck my hips as she would go down further and further finally my body releasing load after load of cum into her waiting mouth. She kept stroking, sucking and squeezing my cock to get every drop of cum for her to savor. She re positioned herself back into the drivers seat smiling all the while. We both were able to get dressed before leaving the parking lot and back to work. I was hoping that would not be the only time we would have our own little ‘lunch’ break

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