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Crystal Blue Eyes

Fantasy come true?
This is my first story so go easy on me, but any pointer for future are welcome;

She sits back into the hot water, surrounded by the bubbles and the sweet smells of lotus flower and orange filling her nose, she allows herself to relax back in to the water further and rest her head.

Her hands gently glide over her body, as she washes the stress of the day away, she hated her job in a delivery department of a manufacturing company, and she wasn’t sure why she was still there.

She shakes her head as the image of him comes into her head, trying to erase the sight of those crystal blue eyes staring into hers.

She continues to gently massage her body with the fragrant wash, sweeping over her arms, up her neck and down over her ample chest, surprised at how hard her nipples had become, in a flash his face comes back into her mind.

Why can’t she get him out her head? She had only seen him a few times as he worked as a courier, and her company didn’t often use the company he worked for.

Her mind drifts back to the last time she’d seen him, the imagine of his grinning face, and those gorgeous blue smiling eyes, the way his uniform a black t-shirt clung to his broad shoulders, and his trousers hanging off his hips, as he gracefully exits the cab of his van.

At that moment she wished she didn’t have to be wearing the hideous uniform, unisex polo top that did not show her tiny waist, or large breast, and the unisex trousers that made her look twice as big as she was.

The same warm, tingling feeling she felt deep down within herself begins as she pictures his face, as she relaxes more in the bath, her hand slips down her front and she circles her breast, tweaking her hard nipples, making the tingling down below increase. She imagined it was his hands slowly cupping her breast, sliding over her soft skin, her hand slips lower over her curvy body.

“Would he like touching my curvy body, the feel of my full breast in his manly hands?” she thinks as her hand continues it descent over her body.

Down past her navel, grazing over the tiny strip of hair, and between her legs, slowly she runs her slender fingers over her lips, allowing them to completely spread, allowing the hot water to make contact with all parts of her, very slowly dragging her finger back up, as a small groan exits her mouth and echo’s around the candle lit bathroom as the tip of her finger brushes over her clit.

Her mind drifts remembering there easy conversation about what he had been up to at the weekend, and what music they both liked.

In the back of her mind, her secret sexy goddess raised it head. Thoughts of how the conversation could have gone started to play out in her head, ultimately all of them ending up with her in the back of his van amongst all the boxes.

She had often caught herself staring his strong hands, as the masterfully carried the box’s from his van to her trolley. With her hands slipping sensually back and forward over her clit, what she would do to feel those fingers of his slip inside her, feeling her wetness, as her muscles clench around his fingers as she squirms around, and the pleasure course round her body.

The pace of her own hand increases, as the water starts a rhythmical sway that matches that of her hand.

Her breathing gets heavy as she imagines how soft his lips would feel against hers, as his fingers plough deep inside her.

These thoughts are enough to push her higher and higher, until her back arches out the water, and she lets out a loud moan, as the climax intensely shoots round her body, making her insides pulsate with pleasure.

She relaxes back down into the hot water, her breathing slowly coming back to normal, with a relaxed and contented smile on her face.


The next day at work, she is really busy and rushed off her feet all day, with a big order that had been dropped on her at the last minute by her sleazy boss. She was looking forward to getting home and having a large drink; perhaps she would take another long bubble bath, and then finish reading that book. That was the great thing about living alone; she could just make her own plans without worrying about what anyone else wanted.

She had just finished the last bit of paperwork and was switching everything off when the door buzzer sounded loudly, making her jump.

“Who the hell is that, at this time!” she snarled as she stomped towards the loading bay door.

She swung the door open with such force, prepared to be as shirty as she could with the arse that had waited until the end of the day to drop something off.

“What time do you……” she stopped mid-sentence as she came face to face with Mr Crystal Blue eyes.

He had a huge grin on his face, and obviously found it amusing seeing her in a melodramatic fury.

“Sorry, I got a flat tyre and had to change the wheel at the side of the road, otherwise I would have been her sooner” he holds up his black oily hands and wiggles his fingers, as if to prove his story.

She couldn’t help but melt and then flush red, as the image of those fingers deep inside her from last night’s fantasy spring into her mind.

He cocks his head to one side, and smiles wider, with a cheeky look in his eye.

For a second it seems like he can see the thoughts in her head, but she shakes her head quickly and moves to one side allowing him access through the door.

“Come, you can wash your hands in here” she quickly turns and walks away trying to compose herself, but ends up rambling on about how sorry she was to snap at him like that, and how her boss had dropped loads of work on her at the last minute.

“I have a private kitchen area with a sink in here,” she walks into the small room, that had never felt as small before; his body so close as he moves in closer to her so he can wash his hands in the sink. He brushes her arm with his as he reaches for the soap, the skin to skin contact sending a shock wave of desire through her body.

Once again she finds herself transfixed on his hands, as he lathers the soap round those fingers, again her cheeks redden as her thoughts flash, to what it would feel like to have is fingers deep inside her.

Her mind far away, she hasn’t noticed that he’s finished washing his hands, and is now closely watching her facial expression.

“What are you thinking about?” he asks startling her back from her fantasy and into the small kitchen area.

He is so close that she can smell his aftershave, mixed with soap and oil, and he has that cheeky look on his face again.

She flushes a darker shade of red and looks down at the floor hoping it would swallow her up.

Just at that moment he slowly takes those hands and tilts her chin up, leaving his fingers on her chin, he looks deeply into her hazel eyes, those crystal blue eyes locked into an intense gaze, that does something so strange yet nice to her insides.

For a second she thinks he might kiss her, and then suddenly there is a deep rumbling sound that breaks the moment, they both look down at her stomach, and begin to laugh.

“Sorry I haven’t eaten since breakfast, I just haven’t had time to stop,” she explains.

“Oh well this is my last drop off, if your finishing now, did you want to get a bite to eat” he asks.

It takes a second for what he has said to register; did he just ask her out?

“Erm yeah that would be great” she beams up at him, hoping she didn’t give away how excited she was.

A couple of minutes later, she has clocked out and ran to the toilets to try and make herself more attractive, which was really difficult in the nasty uniform.

She pushed open the staff door and was surprised to find him leaning up against the wall waiting for her.

“Where’s your van?” she looks to see if he’s parked it somewhere.

“I asked your boss if I could park it up here over night, I actually only live round the corner, and was wondering if you’d let me cook you something?” He seems the most unsure she has ever seen him.

She knew he lived alone, as he had mentioned it in one of their previous conversations.

“Oh my, alone in his flat,” she thinks her sexy goddess smiling like a Cheshire cat.

“Sure, if you don’t mind?” she shyly replies

The uncertainty in his face disappears and is replaced with what she thinks is relief, he swiftly grabs her tiny hand and takes it in his. The same electric bolt goes through her body, but she hasn’t got chance to think about it, as he starts to walk her towards the gate.

They soon arrive at his flat, and she can’t believe that all the time he has only lived a few streets away from where she worked every day.

He leads her into the small ground floor flat, and into his living room. She is just admiring how homely and clean the flat is, when she feels his present really close to her.

“Can I get you a drink?” he ask in a deep and sexy voice

“I could do with something quite strong after the day at work I’ve had” and to get over the shock of standing in the living room of Mr Crystal Blue eyes, she thinks to herself.

“Vodka and coke okay?” he shouts from the kitchen

“Yeah that’s my favourite” she calls through to him.

He strolls casually back into the room, carrying two glasses, he hands her one and invites her to sit with him on the large sofa.

As she sits and sips her drink, melting back into the most comfortable sofa, she enjoys the warmth of the drink, as it slips down her throat. It’s the first time she has really relaxed since her bath last night.

At that thought, her cheeks go crimson again.

“You know you never did tell me what you were thinking about earlier,” he smirks as if somehow being able to read her thoughts.

Just then a timer goes off in the kitchen.

“Saved by the bell!” he smirks “but I will find out what keeps making your cheeks go the same colour as my bed sheets” he says as he gets up and casually walks into the kitchen.

Oh my, what is she going to say to him? She swiftly downs the rest of her drink, and perhaps it was the fact that she hadn’t eaten since breakfast, or the fact that she now knew that his bed sheets where red, she felt her head spin slightly.

“I can do this,” her inner voice shouts up at her.

She walks into the kitchen, which like his living room is homely, and welcoming, and very tidy.

“You’re not a vegetarian are you?” he looks up from the pan of chicken he is cooking with a worried look on his face.

“No, there’s not a chance I could live without a nice bit of meat,” she hadn’t meant it to come out as an innuendo, and perhaps it was being in close proximity to this man that made the words come out that way.

Quickly she asked for another drink, for something to say to break the intense atmosphere that seemed to be building in the kitchen.

He poured her another drink, touching his hand against hers as he passed it to her, leaving it there just a second longer than he needed to.

“I’m cooking stir fry, hope you like it? Its quick and easy so should leave plenty of time for after.”

"For after what?” she thought taking a huge gulp of her drink, but he didn’t elaborate, he just went back to carefully chopping the vegetable for the stir fry, with a cheeky grin on his face.

While he concentrated on preparing her meal, it gave her chance to lean back against the worktop with her drink in hand, and really closely admire is beautiful face, which she had never looked at in close detail.

His broad, strong jaw line with a small amount of stubble, she wondered what it would feel like to run her tongue over that jaw line, and onto his full lips.

She had never really felt desire like it, it rose powerfully from deep within in her, and suddenly all her shyness evaporated, as she realised she really wanted him.

“So you wanted to know what I was thinking of earlier.” She was shocked at how low and sexy her voice sounded at the words left her lips.

He stops chopping, and looks up with his eyebrows raised, a little in shock she thinks, which makes her goddess punch the air.

“Yes I did,” his voice matching the huskiness of her own.

“I was admiring your fingers,” she says without breaking eye contact.

That extra cheeky smile appears on his face “What about my fingers?” he questions switching off the cooker and taking a step towards her.

There was no going back now, so she had to be bold.

“I was thinking about how those fingers would feel inside me,” she says mirroring him and taking a step closer.

With that he steps forward and strongly grabs her by the waist, pulling her into him and kissing her with a passion that neither of them had ever felt before. Slowly at first exploring each other with their tongues. His hands roaming from her hair, down to her lower back, the passion in their kiss increasing.

Suddenly he pulls away, leaving her wanting more.

“Where inside would you like my fingers?” he questions.

Slowly raising his hand to her face, and gently tucking a loose strand of hair from her face and placing behind her ear. His fingers brushing her ear lobes, down her jaw line, and over her lips.

“Here?” he asks as his finger slips into her warm wet mouth. She can taste the peppers he’d just been chopping, lightly on his fingers, as she closes her mouth around his finger and gently sucks.

As her mouth gently suck on his finger, his other hands roams over her breast, he inhales deeply with desire as his finger brush over her erect nipple.

Slowly she pulls back, sliding his finger slowly across her tongue as she does, until it’s completely out her mouth.

She looks up, with the desire burning in her eyes, she slowly shakes her head.

“No that’s not where I wanted to feel your fingers inside, but it’s a start” she smiles, and for the second time he looks pleasantly shocked at what had just come from her lips.

“Why don’t you show me your red bed sheets, and I’ll show you where I want your fingers,” she purrs

He takes her by the hand and leads her out the kitchen to another door, pausing briefly to look at her deep in the eyes, before moving in for another passionate kiss.

In the bedroom she didn’t stop to check the surrounds this time, she was to intent on getting off the hideous uniform, just pausing for a second to try and remember what under wear she was wearing that day, and was glad she had picked the pretty black lace set.

He too had now undressed and was just stood in front of her in his boxers, his massive erection being held back by the tight fabric.

His broad shoulders looked even better in the flesh, as her eyes greedily took in the site of this sexy man in front of her.

Seeing him standing there in front of her with desire in his eyes, she slowly reached behind her, unclasping her bra and letting her great big breast free from there restraints.

Dropping the bra on the floor, she slowly brings her hands up over her breast, finding her hard nipples, she gently twists and stokes them, her mouth opening slightly with the pleasure she was feeling.

One hand then drops down to her pants, as she slowly strokes her hand over her now slightly wet black lace.

It’s now his turn for his mouth to open as he stands in awe of this beautiful woman touching herself in front of him.

Slowly she removes the panties, and goes and lies down on his bed, beckoning for him to follow.

He doesn’t wait and jumps onto the bed next to her, eager to touch her curvy and super sexy body.

He kisses her softly on the lips then trails kisses down her long neck, and over her soft chest, reaching her breast her body convulse with pleasure and a gasp and moan escapes her lips.

“I don’t think I have ever heard a sweeter sound,” he says as he gently continues to suck on her breast.

She is lost as every twist of her nipples increase the intensity of the heat building between her legs, as she writhes around with the pleasure of his touch.

“Please!” she begs as his hands continue his assault down her body, skimming so close her wet lips, as her body bucks and she raises her pelvis to bring his hand closer.

“Please,” again she breathless moans.

With a huge smile on his face, he looks deep into her eyes, and watches the pleasure in her eyes, as his fingers caress her clitoris, and sweep down her lips.

“Oh you are ready aren’t you” he smiles.

“Yes, Please!” she begs again.

With that he slips his strong finger inside her, she screams out in pleasure “Oh yes” she pants.

He picks up his pace as he pushes his finger, then fingers deeper inside her.

She can feel it building deep inside her, taking over, every nerve in her body tingling, and on fire, the room fades away and all she can feel is the pleasure of his fingers as he brings her closer and closer.

When she think she can’t take any more, he lowers his head and gently blow on her clit, while still working his fingers deep inside her know very wet, tight insides.

He kisses her clit and licks at the same pace as his finger work deep inside her.

With that she can no longer hold back and with one almighty scream, her back arches off the bed, and for a second there is nothing in the world apart from the pleasure that pulsates through her body, he feels her tighten round him, and as she continues to moan, he slowly continues to slowly rub his wet fingers across her clit, making her grind her hips, as the pleasure from her orgasm finally sub sides, and the room slowly comes back into focus.

Tears begin to stream from her eyes as the feeling of pure happiness that washes over takes hold of her body.

As he lays down and takes her in his arms, and she cuddles up to his chest, he smiles into her hair and gently pulls her in tighter.

For a while they just clung to each other until he slowly pulled away from her.

“Shall we go eat then?” he ask

“What about you” she looks up puzzled .

He looks down and smiles back at her “There’s plenty of time for that after!”

To be continued........

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