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Cumeekend 2 - Time on your hand

After a night of passion, the lovers have an early start
The morning after....

(continuation to "Starting our cumeekend)

I come into our room and I see you there standing, waiting for me. You are wearing nothing but your pajamas pants. The morning sun washing over you and giving you a warm embrace.

You look at me intently, reaching out with your hand beckoning me. I walk up to you, our eyes never breaking contact and you take my hand in yours. With your other hand you caress my cheek, my hair, my lips; then you move your hand lower and running your finger down my neck you play with the strap of my bra, you bring your lips to my ear and whisper that you want to make love to me and make me cum.

Your whole body is pressed up against me and feeling you grow hard makes me tremble with anticipation. You take a step back and I let my arms fall down at my sides. You are staring at my breasts with such heat in your eyes. “Big, round, soft, tender, suckable, juicy breasts,” you smile at me as you say that. “I want them,” with that you ask me to close my eyes and move closer.

I feel your warm breath next to my neck and you kiss it before you take my shirt off. “Baby, open your eyes.” I open my eyes and find you caressing my bra covered breasts with your eyes, and dropping my eyes I find your cock pushing your pants up.

With both hands you slowly squeeze my breasts, pushing them up and pressing them together. You circle your fingers around my nipples through my bra and then gently you push me on the bed.

You climb up beside me, moving your hand on my stomach, reaching down my thighs you want to make me feel the touch of your hand. We are both so excited; I can see your hard-on through your pants. You slowly brush your fingers to my panty through my pijama, kissing my neck and caressing my breast at the same time.

You climb over me, placing your legs on either side; you start to kiss my lips with yours, then going down to my breasts you start sucking them without removing my bra. You feel my nipples are erect and I start to moan. “Baby I want to satisfy you, just enjoy, don’t do anything in return. This is my treat for you, love. I want to see you cum, I want to masturbate you with my fingers until you cum on them," you whisper, looking up at me as you slip your hand inside my pijama, feeling the wetness of my panty.

You start to rub my cunt with your 4 fingers... slowly in place, without hurting and rushing. You keep squeezing my breasts with your other hand and sucking on my lips, mixing my saliva with yours. You lick my face and leave traces of dribbles. Our faces smell from those dribbles, and it’s making us horny. I want you to masturbate me, I tell you as you rub my cunt.

You slide down my pijama, “Oh my you’re so wet!” you exclaim when you see the juices flowing around the tracks of my pink panty. You run your fingers on them. With two fingers you check the stickiness of my juices and you put your fingers in my mouth which I eagerly suck on. “Do they taste nice baby? Give me more saliva; I want to shove those fingers in your pussy again.”

Loving the feeling of slippery wet cunt you play with my pubic hair. You get so turned on looking at the thin layer of hair. You sit beside me now, placing your one hand on my pussy lips spreading them, and with the other you start to rub me with pace, little faster this time. I moan and start to move my hips up and down, pressing against your fingers; you see in my eyes the lust and need for ejaculation. “Yes baby please cum for me, let me watch you enjoy me masturbating your pussy.”

You insert two fingers deep inside my wet cunt now, and start to fuck it. Fingers are going in and out, and you love it when you feel me squirming on your fingers. My pussy is pulling your fingers inside. I moan out loud, my hands hold the bed sheet tight, pulling the sheet from the bed; I move my head side ways as I get these intese feelings. You tell me, “Baby take your time; take as much time as you want, I don’t want you to rush, we have lot of time to make you cum.”

My body is starting to get tense, I push my hips up and stiffen my legs, digging the heels in the matress I bend my knees, “Aahhhh, aaahhh” words come out of my mouth, I am shaking as you feel my pussy twitching. You feel the warm juice starting to flow from my sweet cherry, and I jerk again and again as I ejaculate honey from my pussy.

“Baby, it’s so sweet to watch you cum hard like this.” I tremble once more and my muscles relax as I gather my breath again. “I love you baby,” I whisper as I gather you in my arms and hold you close. You sleep beside me and kiss my cheeks. You tell me that I’m your eternal lover. “I love u so much.” And we snuggle in each other’s arms drifting off to sleep peacefully.

Thank you so much baby for this. Mwwaaaah!

Feedback is welcome =) Thank you all!
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